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Found 1 result

  1. Smokestack


    Good morning, I have been planning a Council of Wyrms game for a while. I will be using the old D&D box set of the same name, as the setting and using the Pathfinder compatible rules from "In the Company of Dragons" as rules for playing dragons. For those not familiar, Council of Wyrms lets you play a dragon PC as well as some minions of your dragon. My game will be set up sort of like the Starwars Clone Wars cartoon. The players are Dragons that are part of the Council, a governing body that is composed of all the dragon types both good and Evil. The players will be primarily dragons but will have servants and slaves that they can send on missions that are beneath them or are too dangerous and will likely result in death. Again the set up is like the clone wars where they are Jedi and have clone troopers... but in this case Dragons and Slaves/servants. The game will take place in the far past of my current custom game world. So armor and weapons will be limited to bronze age or earlier, with some iron age stuff as rare and powerful items. The overall theme will be very Greek based and I will be using Mythic battles Pantheon minis as minions and bad guys. So... the point of this post is to ask for some help. Dragon Miniatures. Bones has some great Dragons. But they all seem to be very big. I need Small, Medium, Large and Huge for the scope of this game. I have the bones hatchlings covering small. And I have enough "Huge" dragons. Medium and Large is the issue. The Bones pathfinder Red is too small for Huge and on the big side for large. But is useable. Also the Temple Dragons and the D&d deep cuts silver are great large, Are there any other bones dragons that would fit "Large"? The Bones shadow dragon and Young fire dragon, are they suitable for "large"? And Medium dragons? Are there any? I have seen a few prepainted ones in D&D ppm and Pathfinder ppm, but are there any bones ones? I am asking my players to buy 4 dragons and a "human form mini" each so I would rather not use the PPM ones as they seem pretty expensive. So to some up. I am looking for help finding Medium and Large size Dragons. Medium being able to fit on a 25mm or 30mm base and Large on a 50mm base. Thank you, Bill