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Found 95 results

  1. Gathering place for all topics related to Semi-monthly updates, discussion of fulfillment, clarifications, etc. Important links will be appended to this post. NOTE REGARDING PLEDGE MANAGER: Our Pledge manager will not reflect your Paid Pledge for 14-21 days (minimum - it has taken longer in the past!). so until then you may continue to add and subtract items. We will make an announcement when this changes, via the Kickstarter Update System. For more information, see Kickstarter Update #50. Link to Official List of models included in Bones 3.
  2. <<<MOD>>> Link to the kickstarter: <<<>>> It's happening! Dark Elves Sisters
  3. BABES III September on Kickstarter by Bombshell Miniatures Bombshell Miniatures is very excited to announce Babes III coming to Kickstarter September 19th 2016. We have made special arrangements with artist Chris Walton to reproduce a selection of his fantastic designs for fantasy women. In addition to these, we have several existing designs in the Bombshell archives that may also be produced if we exceed our funding goal. Sculpts are in the works now and over the next several weeks we will be posting progress pictures of them. Join our Facebook Group or sign up on our mailing list for all of the updates leading up to the launch. Save Save
  4. A small range of 28mm pewter miniatures and rule supplement for Mutants and Death Ray Guns, a science/fantasy miniature skirmish game.
  5. Guessing this will be in GBP since Guild Ball was.. STEAMFORGED GAMES TO DEVELOP DARK SOULS BOARD GAME Steamforged Games is proud to announce we will be working with Bandai Namco Entertainment, developing an exciting board game for the Dark Souls universe. As Dark Souls fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game that embraces everything that makes Dark Souls the deep, compelling game experience that it is. The Dark Souls board game will be launched on Kickstarter during April 2016.
  6. April 4th sees the launch of the new Minion Miniatures Kickstarter: The Monsters of Underdeep 2. Since the success of our last KS we have been finalising the design of our Zombie Hulk miniature that will form the basis of the new Kickstarter. The Zombie Hulk is one of the larger denizens of the Underdeep and will be double if not three times the size of our earlier offerings. He stands an impressive 85mm to eye line, however with his shoulder spikes and vestigial wings he will stand approximately 130mm tall! As well as the Zombie Hulk all of the previous Monsters will be available this time round including the formidable Bugbear Ironshield, the primordial Lizardkin Deathscale and the grotesque Flesh Golem. These miniatures average at roughly 60mm to eye line and all come on 60mm round bases. The last of the miniatures available from the start will be the Troll Patriarch. This miniature is also huge, twice the size of our Bugbear Ironshield miniature he stands at a whopping 70mm to eye line and comes with a 90mm round base. As last time there will lots of unlockable stretch goals including new monsters such as the Minotaur Guardian, the Hook Beast and the Underhulk as well as a multitude of parts for the new monsters and course the Zombie Hulk. Finally, as last time, some of the stretch goal parts will be free to backers of a certain level. We have truly gained valuable experience from our first KS and we will make sure all of this knowledge is put to good use to make this KS even more successful than the first.
  7. <<<MOD Edit>>> link to live kickstarter: (The images below are hosted in imgur, if you want to see them at the original size copy their URL and remove the "m" before the period.)
  8. Fulfilling

    Link: Pledge Levels: NO STRETCH GOALS: $6 = 2nd Edition Printing of rules and cards (Heroes, items, traps) $60 = Shores of Kanis $60 = Blackwall Warrens Stretch goal pledges begin here: $120 = 1 copy of Shores of Kanis, 1 copy of Blackwall Warrens, 1 set of 2nd Ed Printings, and 1 Exclusive Promo miniature. $220 = Same as above + Base game, + Bones Expansion + 2 Soulless Expansion + 2 Shamblers Shipping = NOT INCLUDED.
  9. Sandy Petersen's discussing the next Cthulhu Wars KS on BoardGameGeek, but the information's buried. Richard Long is no longer the concept artist, but Fenris is still sculpting. OS2 covers some parts of the Cthulhu Mythos Green Eye Games was not able to obtain the license to during the first campaign. (Multiple authors contributed to the mythos so own their own rights to these contributions.) You will also be able to pledge for the base game and expansions from the first KS, though not the KS exclusives from the first KS. EDIT: KS link: Teaser pic and trailer from Facebook:
  10. Kickstarter link - Minis by Impact MIniatures.
  11. Fulfilling

    First post in the KS Thread.... Saw this while pledging for something else, did a quick search and did not see it so.... GOB'Z'HEROES - The Game Not sure how to post the video etc, perhaps a mod could help me out? 2 player Board game, the pieces are: 28mm scale Resin Goblins- spoofs on lots of common characters: 7 HD resin Miniatures : Gob'Capone, Gob'Zombi, Gob'Joker, Gob'Jones, Double'Gob'7, Gob'inator Gob'Monkey (All miniatures are coming with clear plexiglass bases) The minis look well sculpted! George
  12. Live link
  13. tribute to Lovecraft, second part of the previous campaign presented last year : HP Lovecrfat; Cthulhu mythos great old ones idols
  14. We wanted to share the Incantris Kickstarter project image with you and see what you think! The project will be launching on September 7th, and it is only going to run for about 14 days! Do you think this project image will make people pause and see what it's all about? Let us know; we can't wait to get it started. = )
  15. After many sleepless nights... this is now live on Kickstarter. Thanks for having a look!
  16. Captain Templeton and Amzi Goodenough are the first 2 miniatures from our upcoming game, Topexx Dominions.
  17. <<<MOD>>> Edited to add link to relaunched kickstarter: https://www.kickstar...ror-and-cool-mi <<<MOD>>> LINK: Fireteam Zero is a fast and furious cooperative boardgame of brutal squad tactics versus a relentless onslaught of horrifying foes. Over 40 Miniatures Hero and Specialist Figures - 40mm x 6 Children of Typhon: Corrupted Animals - 40mm x 8 Children of Typhon: Corrupted Humans - 50mm x 3 Children of Typhon: The Cupbearer - 60mm x 1 Infested: Baitbag - 40mm x 8 Infested: Consumed Baitbag - 50mm x 3 Infested: Mother of Worms - 60mm x 1 The Fetch: Bone Fetch - 40mm x 8 The Fetch: Skin Fetch - 50mm x 3 The Fetch: Harvester - 60mm x 1
  18. Fulfilling

    Sorry Beagle, another Kickstarter with dwarves. While I have already a number of dwarves, I feel somewhat drawn to a couple of them here ...
  19. Fulfilling

    SnarfQuest Tales is a point-and-click adventure video game featuring Larry Elmore's endearing Snarf comic character. One of the upper tiers ($100, limited to 200) includes the old Ral Partha Snarf miniatures from long ago. The force of nostalgia is strong in this one. I may try the demo.
  20. GT Studio Creations needs your help to create the most amazing orc fantasy miniatures you have ever seen!!!
  21. Lunesdargent Workshop is proud to introduce its first tabletop gaming tiles environment : Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles. (D&D compatible)
  22. <<<MOD>>> Link: <<<>>> Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we have a new Kickstarter project beginning on the 26th of December... we're looking to fund some more anthro animal miniatures, and a terrain set... and we're doing it a little differently this time, as we are only going to be live for 24 hours! Here's a link to the KS video if you want to hear me and Jo randomly waffling at a camera, and below that are a few pics of the type of thing we're hoping to fund... cheers Michael
  23. I'm in for 4 packs of 4.. About this project I may be the creator of Gaming Paper, but my gaming groups use all kinds of mapping and terrain products when we play. Huge miniature on a Gaming Paper Tile During a typical game sessions, we will use Gaming Paper, some 3D bits to add to the coolness, and a set of Erasable Game Tiles. But after several years, my erasable tiles are getting pretty scratched and gummed up from transport and use ... so, it is time to retire them. Shopping for replacements I've found some thin knock-offs, some really large tiles, and some extremely expensive sets ... but nothing that fit both my needs and my budget. This reminded me of the predicament that led to the initial development of Gaming Paper back in 2009. So I began to wonder if, with everything I've learned over the years, I could make a quality, affordable gaming tile product to fill the niche I'd found in the market? Hello, I am Gaming Paper Tiles! We interviewed GMs who used erasable tiles to find out what other folks thought was important, and then we started designing. What we've come up with is pretty amazing and I am proud of the design and the functionality. The tiles are 8.5"x11". The same size as a standard hardcover game book.By matching the size of your books we make it easier for you to transport the tiles in your stack and store them easily on your shelf. The tiles are double sided. The tabs and slots with which the tiles fit together are sized for strength and longevity. The tiles are made extra thick to add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage from bending. Same size as your books! Easier to transport and store! Over 3.5 millimeters thick! Made to last! In order to be part of Kickstarter's One Week Project event during the One Hit Wonder Week, we are running this Kickstarter for just a single week and with only one pledge level! As always, thank you for your consideration ... and even more for your support! Thank you!
  24. Fulfilling Launches Oct 24! I'm very excited, and if you aren't a Commie Mutant Traitor, you will be too! I do have a lot of questions, card based what and frantic action what? Still, since I Paranoia BLOG for goodness sakes, I will be checking this out, and will probably get it regardless of whether I ditch my old books for the new ones. EDIT: Live Now.