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  1. Fulfilling

    <<<MOD>>> Link to the Kickstarter: <<<>>> Anyone else following this? Its from CMON, and uses similar system to Zombicide. Its a dungeon crawl with characters that level and get skills. Kickstarter coming end of this month. Some pics of minis and what not have popped up today from CMON expo. I dont want to repost from other news sites but if you search there are some nice pictures of the models. I really like the evil gnome/dwarf looking guys.
  2. This is an informational only thread. Chatter will be culled. US Zone Shipping Complete! Questions, Help, Europe and Pacific Status! 0 Comments Like Like the title says, we're done shipping US Zone rewards! (well, there's a few that had problems that needed resolving, but less than a dozen out of 10,000). Now that US Zone fulfillment is concluded, it’s important for us to address a few things. First and foremost, THANK YOU from all of us at Reaper for your patience while we worked through the delays and tribulations of fulfillment. We know that it wasn’t always easy, and sometimes there was a great deal of frustration, but we made it! We truly could not have accomplished all of this without your support. Pacific Zone and Europe Zone Fulfillment Status and Timelines Before we pulled ANY US Zone orders, we made sure that all Pacific Zone and Europe Zone rewards were loaded onto containers to ship to their respective hubs. We have 2 containers heading for ports in the UK and Australia. We cannot predict with certainty how long these will take to clear their respective Customs centers, so it is difficult to give a precise timeline. Aetherworks of Sydney, Australia will be handling our to the Pacific Zone, and they are currently expecting to be able to begin shipping sometime in July. RHQ Zombie Co Ltd of Nottingham, UK will be handling our to the Europe Zone and they are also expecting to be able to begin shipping sometime in July. In both cases, you will be notified via email by the shipper with a tracking number. We will keep you informed of any changes. And now, we're going to talk about the most common questions and problems you've been emailing us about, and how to help us help you out. My Shipment was Lost or Stolen Your tracking information says that the package was delivered, but you do not have it. You must open a claim (sometimes called a Trace Process) with the carrier for a stolen or mis-delivered package. Once you have done so, contact us at with your order number , name, tracking number as shown on your pledge manager, and any claim # or confirmation # provided, and we will follow up. You can Open such a claim at the link below - simply provide the information requested and follow all necessary steps. If it becomes necessary to send a second shipment, we may request a new delivery address for your replacement shipment, to help ensure proper delivery. I have no Shipping/Tracking e-mail You can find your tracking number on the Pledge Manager. Simply log in, and it will be in the right hand column above your itemized list of rewards. If no tracking number shows up, please contact us at and we will try to get it sorted out as fast as we can. Be sure to include: Your Order Number as shown in the Pledge Manager (Not your backer number) Your full name as shown in the Pledge Manager Your shipping address as shown in the Pledge Manager Do not include any attachments or screenshots unless we ask for them. Attachments are incredibly insecure, and we do not open attachments from untrusted and unknown sources. Emails with unsolicited attachments will be deleted without being read. My Tracking Information has stopped Updating Your package has been sitting in Chicago, IL for days/weeks with a status of "Package departed international carrier facility" or similar. (This is common for International Backers.) Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the "status" of your package, and it is especially well known that some National Postal Systems do not integrate their data well with the US Post. So for some customers Tracking will end once it leaves the US (or reaches Chicago), and you may not even receive an update that it has arrived in your country. The notice you have "Departed for International Carrier Facility" means it has been handed over to your National Postal Service, (or at least was loaded on a plane to go to your country's post) and in many cases, tracking simply stops there. You may ask of your National Post if they can locate the parcel for you, but not all tracking numbers provided by the US Postal System are considered valid numbers by all international carriers. Be aware that we have access to the same data that you do, and as we no longer have the packages we have no more data than you have. I Ordered the Fat Dragon PDFs and there are none in my box We had a set of 4 FREE downloadable Dungeon Tile PDFs, provided by Fat Dragon Games, available through the Pledge Manager. To receive these items, backers needed to click the download links in the descriptions within the Pledge Manager. We also made these links available in Update #74 On June 10, 2016. EZ Tiles: Dungeons 1 FREE PDF EZ Tiles: Village Streets 1 FREE PDF EZ Tiles: Wilderness Ruins FREE PDF Ravenfell Core Set FREE PDF These links will not be shared again. My Pledge Level was called “Core Set Wave #” But I did not receive a Core Set In almost every case, this is because in the Pledge Manager, you selected rewards that spent your pledged amount, but did not select a Core Set among your rewards. We are not responsible for shipping items that you did not order. This is a common enough problem that in the Project FAQ we mention that you had to select a Core Set to receive one. There is a Missing Part From my Order OR a Missing "Bit" from a Model If you are missing one or more models, or one or more parts from a model (whether an entire model or simply an arm/head/weapon/etc.) please contact us to receive a replacement. We will not "replace" parts which are not listed on your Invoice or were not locked in on your Pledge Manager. Send your email to Be sure to include: Your Order Number as shown in the Pledge Manager (Not your backer number) Your full name as shown in the Pledge Manager Your shipping address as shown in the Pledge Manager The part number of the item in question as shown on the large graphics of the Home Page of the Kickstarter Project. A brief description of the problem - “Model xxx is missing her left wing”, “model is damaged or mis-cast”, etc. Please remember to refer to the model’s left and right sides as if you were the model in question. This is the most common mistake of this kind, misidentifying the left and right sides. Please help us to get the correct parts to you. Please DO NOT include screenshots or attachments of photographs of the miniatures or boxes when you email us unless we request it. Attachments are incredibly insecure, and we do not open attachments from untrusted and unknown sources. Emails with unsolicited attachments will be deleted without being read. Likewise, emails that are exasperatingly long and complex, or which contain vulgar and abusive language will be moved to the end of the queue, and in extreme cases will be deleted without resolution. If we cannot determine your problem and the appropriate resolution quickly, we will not take hours to do so, nor will we wade through paragraphs of profanity and insults to our heritage to help you. Please send only one email of this kind. Sending a new email each day with “Oh I just noticed this” will not help. If you have already sent an email, reply once to the first email with the required information. We will not begin the replacement process for missing or damaged items for several weeks. It will take us some time to reset and be able to process these emails. The Address My Rewards Were Shipped to is Incorrect Sadly the package has already been shipped. We are unable to change the address in transit. If your package shipped via UPS, you might be able to make a MyUPS account and update the address. If the package is returned to us and we must reship, you will have to pay for the second shipment as well as provide a new address Customs wants a printed Invoice You can print your invoice from the Pledge Manager, under Completed Orders. This is significantly faster than waiting for us to mail you a printout of that same page. Customs is billing me for import fees/duties/VAT While the majority of Canadian, EU, and AU backers are being shipped with methods that mean this will not be a problem, a small number of shipments may still come with such fees due. This was discussed in our Project FAQ you are responsible for any such fees. My Pledge Manager shows no Orders, or I have no Pledge Manager Account A created and complete Pledge Manager account is required for us to be able to fulfill your rewards. It is required for two reasons: 1) It supplies us with all of your contact and shipping information and 2) It details to us your list of rewards. If you have this problem it is because you either never created a Pledge Manager account or you never updated and completed your existing Pledge Manager account. The occurrence of either of these events has created a problem for you. So before you contact us and tell us how bad and irresponsible we are in how we conduct a Kickstarter please review the following. To remind you and encourage you to complete your Pledge Manager account we have: Included a large graphic link to create your Pledge Manager account right after the Stretch Goal Map in the body of the Kickstarter campaign. Included step-by-step screen shot instruction on how to setup and use the Pledge Manager in the body of the Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter FAQ contained several entries of important Pledge Manager information. Since August 2015, 19 separate Kickstarter updates requested you complete and/or update your Pledge Manager. Kickstarter is considered the official channel of all updates. Not social media or direct emails. In June of 2016, we sent emails to everyone with an incomplete Pledge Manager account requesting that they please take the time to complete their Pledge Manager. We kept our Pledge Manager open for 10 months and a further 9 months we helped anyone who contacted us by opening up their Pledge Manager for them so they could complete their rewards order. We have provided a reasonable amount of time for you to complete your part of this equation. Kickstarter Terms of Use state: The creator may need to send you questions about your reward: To deliver rewards, the creator might need information from you, like your mailing address or t-shirt size. They’ll request that information after the campaign has succeeded. To receive the reward, you’ll need to provide the information in a reasonable amount of time. Link: So what can you do? Please contact and we will attempt to work with you to find a solution. In your initial contact, please detail your extenuating circumstances, such as active military service and deployment to an Internet-restricted region. (If at all possible please do not start your contact with us by telling us how stupid we are. Believe it or not it will help you a great deal. Just sayin') Anything Else If you have any other questions, or a problem not discussed above, please contact us at with: your order number as found in your pledge manager, (Not your backer number) your full name, your shipping address, the email address associated with your pledge, a brief description of your issue. We will do everything we can to help you. It is very likely we may need additional information from you after the initial contact, but this at least helps us get started. Please DO NOT include screenshots or attachments of photographs of the miniatures or boxes when you email us unless we request it. Attachments are incredibly insecure, and we do not open attachments from untrusted and unknown sources. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read. Please remember that we have received over 4,000 emails in the last 3 weeks and we are going through them as fast as we can. If you are rude or abusive in your e-mail to us, or if your email is many paragraphs in length, we will move your e-mail to the end of the queue. Upcoming Convention Schedule We will be attending Origins Game Fair June 13th through June 18th. Because we are a small company, our customer service Team is also our Convention Crew, and we will be unable to process emails until we return. Thank you for everything! ~Reaper
  3. Link they gave was broken. Waiting on proper link Hello Everybody! We would like to inform you that we have started a new life project: Legacy Vault. In poor words it consist to create limited edition miniatures for the major Holidays, starting from this Easter 2017 What do you think about? Help us and share if you like! As always your support it's important :) Happy eastern to all, best wishes!
  4. Hi Everyone, After many trials and tribulations the Legend of Cleopatra Indiegogo campaign has finally been launched! There are 12 new sets of miniatures on offer, some really cool stretch goal rewards and the entire Dark Fable range is available as Add-ons. The perks offer some great deals and there is even two EARLY BIRD specials which are even more of a bargain. I am very excited about this campaign and think that you will really be pleased with the miniatures. The campaign will run for 6 weeks until 29 May 2017. I really hope you can all join in on this latest campaign - which is the 6th Indiegogo project Dark Fable miniatures has run. Please check out the link below! All the best Mike Legend of Cleopatra Indiegogo link: Warning: nudity
  5. 17 wacky creatures for $100. $200 for those, non add-on stretch goals (7 shown so far), a t-shirt, and a pdf of 800 monsters. Its certainly structured with a lot more initial firepower then the Torn one, so with any luck this could turn out well. And hey, some of the creatures in Tome of Horrors (including a few of the ones they are starting with) are bizarre enough that you'll likely never get them elsewhere. :) -----------------------------
  6. Live link
  7. In the most distant reaches of the world, magic still exists, embodied by spirits of the land, of the sky, and of every natural thing. As the great powers of Europe stretch their colonial empires further and further, they will inevitably lay claim to a place where spirits still hold power - and when they do, the land itself will fight back alongside the islanders who live there. Spirit Island is a cooperative, settler-destruction strategy game for 1 to 4 players designed by R. Eric Reuss and set in an alternate-history world around A.D. 1700. Players are different spirits of the land, each with their own unique elemental powers, forced to defend their island home from colonizing Invaders spreading blight and destruction. Work with your fellow spirits and the native islanders to increase your power and drive the invading colonists from your island in this strategic area-control game. This game was playtested at some of my Fourth of July parties, and though I haven't had a chance to play it yet myself, the game comes highly recommended. The interesting bit here is that you play neither the Invaders nor the Inhabitants of the island, but the spirits trying to alter the balance of power in defense of the Inhabitants themselves.
  8. From a new sculptor. The Kickstarter is now live!
  9. Fulfilling

    Link: Pledge Levels: NO STRETCH GOALS: $6 = 2nd Edition Printing of rules and cards (Heroes, items, traps) $60 = Shores of Kanis $60 = Blackwall Warrens Stretch goal pledges begin here: $120 = 1 copy of Shores of Kanis, 1 copy of Blackwall Warrens, 1 set of 2nd Ed Printings, and 1 Exclusive Promo miniature. $220 = Same as above + Base game, + Bones Expansion + 2 Soulless Expansion + 2 Shamblers Shipping = NOT INCLUDED.
  10. Fulfilling Some interesting players in this one. "Don't Panic Games is a fresh and innovative international game publisher (with a mainly french team) dedicated to creating high quality boardgames in rich universes conceived with many upcoming developments. While Drakerys is our first project, we aim to develop cultures of the imaginary as a whole, and not only in the tabletop world. To achieve this goals, we gathered seasoned actors of the publishing and gaming industries. However, we will remain before anything a team of gamers developing products for gamers. Mohamed Ait-Mehdi, aka Mohand, initiator of the Drakerys project, has been a sculptor and a painter since 2005. First hired at Rackham Entertainment, he then worked as a freelancer for Mantic, Privateer Press and other miniature game companies. In 2009, Mohamed starts Eden, a post-apocalyptic miniature game. In early 2013, his first attempt on Kickstarter met with great success with Escape, a boardgame set in the Eden universe. Pierre Joanne is Drakerys' game designer. He's already the joyful developer of a post-apocalyptic child: Eden (Taban Miniatures), a game he has been developping during years. A boardgames afficionado, Pierre wants to merge the specific gameplay of eurogames with the tactical potential of the best miniature games. Nicolas Raoult is a freelance author and game designer. After a ten years experience with Rackham Entertainment, working on products such as Confrontation & AT-43, his latest works include videogames, IP design and recently Zombicide, the boardgame (Guillotine Games). Cedric Littardi is a French entrepreneur and pioneer of the geek sub-culturerelated industries. He brought Japanese anime in France, founded Animelandmagazine and the Kaze label. A player of every kind of game, he has been a journalist, a publisher and a Producer. He recently founded the central parisian hot spot for geek and gaming communities, the "Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde" (The Bar at the End of the Universe) in central Paris. Alicia Marie Boisbelaud lives in Ohio. She already worked with Taban Miniatures on the Escape boardgame project as a proofreader and voice actor. You can hear her in Drakerys' main videos, and read her writings in the punchiest lines of this very page. Alicia is also the proud mother of three and a gamer's wife. She brings a fresh and feminine point of view to our works! John Prat is an american RPG and boardgame player living in California. As Cedric's childhood friend with which they played RPGs and boardgames for years, he decided to join the project several months ago and will help with all the translations, adaptations and international testing - we told you we were an international team. Having a perfectly bilingual member is a clear key to the quality of the game and he was very welcome in the team. "
  11. <<<MOD Edit>>> link to live kickstarter: (The images below are hosted in imgur, if you want to see them at the original size copy their URL and remove the "m" before the period.)
  12. Fulfilling

    First post in the KS Thread.... Saw this while pledging for something else, did a quick search and did not see it so.... GOB'Z'HEROES - The Game Not sure how to post the video etc, perhaps a mod could help me out? 2 player Board game, the pieces are: 28mm scale Resin Goblins- spoofs on lots of common characters: 7 HD resin Miniatures : Gob'Capone, Gob'Zombi, Gob'Joker, Gob'Jones, Double'Gob'7, Gob'inator Gob'Monkey (All miniatures are coming with clear plexiglass bases) The minis look well sculpted! George
  13. Fulfilling

    After the success of the first campaign for 16th century Knights I'm now expanding my 28mm Renaissance range with charging mounted Knights! These new Knights will have couched lances or be using hand weapons on galloping horses. Further I have reworked the figures from the first Knights campaign to make them easier to assemble, they now have sockets to attach the hands and heads. There are also some revised poses and new heads. Sets one-three painted so you can get a feel for how these figures can look. Please note these sets are being revised and pictures of the new ones will be added as the campaign continues. These figures are in the popular 28mm scale and will fit well with figures such as Perry miniatures, they can be used for many periods and settings in the 16th century but also for fantasy collections. Please note that the figures are unpainted and require assembly they are not toys for children. Also the figures shown still have minor refinements to be made before casting. My figures have been highly researched and are packed with details, I have tried to give many of them an explosive sense of movement. Every mounted knight figure comes with a choice of two heads and two plumes the horses are all separate from the riders and all nessesary weapons are included. This means you can customise your figures to create a very unique collection. if you back the campaign you will receive you figures at a 25% discount of normal website prices, which means that for the campaign a pack of two mounted Knights cost £15 Also if the main campaign is a succes as a stretch goal the first pikemen figures will be released...these figures will be in full forward motion with levelled pikes. They can be used for either Landsknechts or Swiss pike.
  14. Hi Folks.. I would like to thank Reaper Minis for allowing me to advertise my fourth Kickstarter from Dragon Bait Miniatures called Venus 1888 Woman at war..Andy Pieper has supplied three incredible Terror Birds for this campaign. Thanks again.. Joe
  15. <<<MOD>>> Link to the kickstarter: <<<>>> It's happening! Dark Elves Sisters
  16. Some nice stuff here (interesting stretch goals and add-ons). Now if - I had more money - this was Euro-friendly or at least shipping was not $20 (I totally understand that there are costs shipping to Europe, but our customs officials calculate the fees we have to pay on the worth of the shipment - including shipping costs) I'd probably not make my will-roll (especially as Johnny as far as I know delivers fast). Even as things stand, if I find $50 somewhere, I'll be in ...
  17. If you only buy one T-shirt this year... Fair warning: There may or may not be IP issues with this one.
  18. for borderline conflict with forum nudity rules. About this project 1 CHF = 0.92 EUR = 1.09 USD Through this project we want to launch a new series of collectibles miniatures inspired by The Divine Comedy, the Dante Alighieri's poem, the book that recounts about the mystical and fabulous journey that the italian poet Dante Alighieri accomplished through the three realms of the afterlife: INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO. At Aradia Miniatures we are all estimators of the great poet Dante so we have decided to dedicate a series of miniatures to his masterpiece. The first figures of this special series are ready thanks to the help of extremely talented sculptors of our team: Roberto de Meo, Ali Jalali, Joaquin Palacios, Pedro Fernandez Ramos and Alfonso Prieto. All the figures have been designed by our concept artist Stefano Moroni. Kickstarter is the best place where you can get these new fabulous miniatures at a special price!
  19. Fulfilling

    About this project Most people move through their day ignorant of their surroundings. Foolishly, humans believe they are alone in their struggles… but there are worlds out there, different from our own, where the struggle of good vs evil is real. Welcome to Hedgerows and Heroes! Badger Lord Hedgerows and Heroes is a fast paced, easy to learn fantasy strategy game based on the Mighty Armies game engine. Featuring 28mm scale fantasy animals, designed by Bob Olley, players wage the ultimate battle for good and evil. Which side will you choose? Cover to Hedgerows and Heroes Game Contents and $75 Pledge Rulebook- Each game comes with a rulebook that describes gameplay as well as illustrations depicting movement and army lists for both armies. Miniatures- Each game contains 60 (That’s Right 60!) 28mm Scale woodland creatures in a variety of poses and uniforms in metal, supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Bob Olley! Bases- Each game contains 20 bases to mount your armies on. Rulers and Dice- Each game contains 2 Rulers and 2 Dice. Pledges and Goals A Peek into the HedgerowsYou just want to support this project! Thank you! Neutral Party $5 You will receive a PDF of Hedgerows and Heroes. Look at you being all tech-savvy! Enter the War $75 The Game. With this pledge you get the Hedgerows and Heroes ruleset, 1 Evil Army, 1 Good Army, dice, and rulers. This pledge level is also eligible for all stretch goals! Huzzah! Shipping is free in the US. ALL In Pledge!- $300 With this pledge you get 206 Heroes and Villains of the Hedgerow! 206 unpainted metal animal warriors with bases. This pledge level is also eligible for all stretch goals! The All In Pledge gives you all of the woodland creatures we create in one massive army. Besides the Basic army in the $75 Game Pledge, you get Foxes, Raccoons. Mice, Shrews, Squirrels, Foxes and More! The set contains multiples of each type of creature, so it will be easy to build additional units. You get a total of 206 Minis Supplied unpainted and 60 bases. Below are some of the minis you will get. What a deal! Shipping is free in the US. 206 Metal Minis!
  20. <<<MOD Edit>>> Link to the Live Kickstarter: <<<>>> Dear friends, we are ready to announce that our Kickstarter campaign "The Quest" will be relaunched in september! Everything is almost ready, and we are now in colaboration with our friends of Figure Painter Magazine Everything has been enhanced and we are sure you´re going to love it. Keep in contact! FB Pre video:
  21. Dark Swords new project. The one they cancelled recently relaunched.
  22. Fulfilling After almost a year of preparation, we are ready. Shoguns made their decision and army of Dragon Empire starts their march. The War Campaign will start soon, really soon …
  23. We have finished awesome models to start our new line MYTHEXPLORES and we need your helpt to you can enjoy them fast !, Because of this, we need your help to make these miniatures reality. If you help in this proyect, you will get the best price you can dream, FREE character sheets for your favourite games, exclusive items and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. * Gw miniatures are shown only for size comparison purpose
  24. RBJ Games most recently had the Infestor Kickstarter, which was delivered on time already. I participated in that one and was happy with the minis I went in for. I like the halfling farmhands best from this current KS.
  25. I'm in for 4 packs of 4.. About this project I may be the creator of Gaming Paper, but my gaming groups use all kinds of mapping and terrain products when we play. Huge miniature on a Gaming Paper Tile During a typical game sessions, we will use Gaming Paper, some 3D bits to add to the coolness, and a set of Erasable Game Tiles. But after several years, my erasable tiles are getting pretty scratched and gummed up from transport and use ... so, it is time to retire them. Shopping for replacements I've found some thin knock-offs, some really large tiles, and some extremely expensive sets ... but nothing that fit both my needs and my budget. This reminded me of the predicament that led to the initial development of Gaming Paper back in 2009. So I began to wonder if, with everything I've learned over the years, I could make a quality, affordable gaming tile product to fill the niche I'd found in the market? Hello, I am Gaming Paper Tiles! We interviewed GMs who used erasable tiles to find out what other folks thought was important, and then we started designing. What we've come up with is pretty amazing and I am proud of the design and the functionality. The tiles are 8.5"x11". The same size as a standard hardcover game book.By matching the size of your books we make it easier for you to transport the tiles in your stack and store them easily on your shelf. The tiles are double sided. The tabs and slots with which the tiles fit together are sized for strength and longevity. The tiles are made extra thick to add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage from bending. Same size as your books! Easier to transport and store! Over 3.5 millimeters thick! Made to last! In order to be part of Kickstarter's One Week Project event during the One Hit Wonder Week, we are running this Kickstarter for just a single week and with only one pledge level! As always, thank you for your consideration ... and even more for your support! Thank you!