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Found 499 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2097161002/the-efreet-a-sci-fi-dropship/description Looks interesting but out of my price range. Available as a resin model or as 3D print files.
  2. I've backed a previous Blackwater Gulch kickstarter and been pleased with what I received.
  3. It is time to set a course for adventure in your 5th Edition and Pathfinder RPG games with a spectacular set of pirate plunder and aquatic adventure on the seven seas and exotic ports of call with the Pirate Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games! Whether you want to run interludes across the ocean or along the coastal plain or to undertake a full-on nautical campaign, from pure aquatic fantasy to historical high seas adventure, from sea serpents to booming broadsides, you'll find a wealth of amazing accessories in the Pirate Campaign Compendium! The base version of the book comprises a compilation of Legendary Games' full line of Pirate-Plug-Ins for Pathfinder and 5E. You'll find FIVE complete adventures ranging from 4th level to 14th level, including the smuggling run gone wrong in Spices and Flesh, the mad captain's hidden harbor in Tarin's Crown, the fast-paced high-seas heist of Raid on the Emperor's Hand, the seething rage of an ancient mystic secret of the seas in Scourge of the Steaming Isle, and an all-out assault on the stronghold of the pirate king in Fort Scurvy! Dozens of maritime magical items in Treasury of the Fleet, including personal items like the hurricane harpoon and sea lord's tricorne as well as magic items for your ship. A selection of sinister sea monsters in an ever-growing bestiary of the briny blue! A Pirate Codex of 30 nautical stock NPCs from 1st to 16th level, ready to drop into any encounter at a moment's notice. A pair of fully developed ship crews to use as allies or adversaries in Cutthroats and Crew. Eight richly detailed and ready-to-play pregenerated PCs in Nautical Heroes, each with detailed histories and backgrounds and advancement notes, perfect as followers, rivals, or even replacement PCs! That's already over 200 pages of piratical delights for you, but that's just the beginning! With stretch goals, we'll be adding new nautical class options like aquatic archetypes, feats, and spells, more monsters, and even more surprises as we collect stretch goals along the way, where you get to help decide what goes in the final book! With your support, this book easily could pass 300 pages and beyond! Plus, we'll have a Pirates and Plunder chapter where YOU have the chance to bring a whole pirate world to life with characters and pirate captains and crews of your own, even designing a personal pirate flag, figurehead, or even a treasure map! Click here to download Chapter Ten Sample Pages: PCC 10p3 and PCC 10p9 Click here to download Chapter Seven Sample Pages: PCC 7p14 Link:
  4. About Over a year ago we started looking at beginning a High-Seas Adventure D&D campaign. However, we wanted to kick it up a notch (or five). So, we began looking for a great set of 3d Dungeon tiles to help bring the adventures to life for our players. We wanted something that was customizable, beautiful to look at, and was playable terrain. We also didn't want to spend $100 per ship. We realized that customizable didn’t really exist- we had to *choose* if we wanted beauty, or a slim amount of customization. Not to mention that the costs were extreme per ship.. We couldn’t put together a fleet of different ships if we wanted to without breaking the bank. Being an Indy designer- Chris decided to start working on something better, and finally- after seeing friends and family reactions to the initial prototype- ShipWorks began becoming a reality. Shipworks is modular. What this means is that from the hull to the masts and everywhere in between- you have the freedom to design and print the sailing ship that you want. Not just another generic template, but your minds eye brought to life. The ships seen table time ;-) Details and customization is also inside.. ShipWorks is also fully usable terrain- to scale with miniatures common to some of the oldest and greatest table top roleplaying games. Your miniatures can traverse the rigging shrouds and masts, climb ladders and stairs, and explore above or even below decks. Captain checking the rigging as a swab runs up to the wheel Even our yard-arms are functional terrain- 25mm miniatures bases slide in with ease, and stay there- even when turned upside down! Upside down can be right side up- depending on perspective. With ShipWorks you get to choose: The length of your ship. Adjust the width of the ship. Your prows appearance, and even the figurehead that adorns it! Add more (or less) masts and their length! No messy shaping of wood dowels (unless you’re into that). Add a crows nest or viewing platform. A host of customizations to change your hull. From the number of weapons ports to fight off enemies, to creature comforts like windows for passenger cabins. Even sleek flat hull panels for showing off your more merchant elite! How you want your sails, from classic square to sharp looking lateen triangles. If you change your mind- change them on the fly! Your stern-castle and fore-castle (or have neither Captain!)
  5. Dice Coins 3D d20

    Thinking of backing this, though the shipping to Canada is a bit silly.
  6. Yeah I know. Another dice case/dice kickstarter. I like this one though. Small size. Unique design.
  7. This is rolling along well and has a nice amount of goodies available. My wallet is starting to protest, and there are still 10 days worth of incentives to reveal GEM BTW Vol. 1 is available to backers of Vol.2 through the Kickstarter
  8. <<<MOD>>> The kickstarter has launched. Link to the project: New KickStarter coming from Scale 75. I know they lost some rep during their last campaign, be this teaser looks cool.
  9. About My name is Cosimo Auricchio, I have been both a sculptor and a producer in the miniature world for the past 30 years. I have sculpted models raging from 10 to 35mm for many companies in the past. If you play Blood Bowl or similar games and bought a third party team for it, probably you already own one of my sculpts. In the past year while producing, casting and sculpting these models I had the idea of creating my own line of models and always wanted to differentiate my work from the other adding some of my own into them. This is why this team is coming to life. The following pages will show you my idea. Here you can see my original concepts that slowly will be replaced by the actual sculptures as we proceed in this adventure, some of them are already sculpted and will replace the designs as they take life.
  10. CP_New Skin Kickstarter is live!

    The Kickstarter campaign for our very first bust is now live! You can check it out here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/cp-new-skin
  11. We Launched our First Kickstarter and it was funded within 33 hours. We're incredibly excited to share it with you here. It could be an incredible extension to any game night. We've teamed up with Norse Foundry who have been designing and manufacturing coins for years; who have a proven track record for not only making an exceptional product but also delivering reasonable and transparent expectations to us AND their own customers. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20collective/metal-gaming-coins-the-fantasy-series-by-d20-colle Exclusive Metal Gaming Coins. Designed and minted like real coins, our exclusive full-metal gaming coins are an essential extension to enhancing your live or tabletop Role-playing Game experience. Our team of expert designers create these premium metal gaming coins with your maximum satisfaction in mind and with expert craftsmanship. On one side of the coin - we have the hooded thief. On the other side, we have specific tools of the trade. Ranging from daggers and keys to coin pouches and lock picks. Unique Options To Match Your Style. Our metal gaming coins will come in sets of 10, that contain two pieces of each coin in the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100. And be on the lookout for our stretch goals - we have a few ideas up our sleeves that are certainly aimed at whetting your appetite! The Power of Choice: All but one of our stretch goals gives YOU the power of choice. You heard us... ANYONE who pledges ANYTHING has a voice in what they'd like to see next! So if you're interested in having a voice in the decision making process...mosey on over to the poll we made for our second tier stretch goal. If the pledge level you selected includes more than one set of coins, you can pick which coin series you want. ADDITIONALLY - you'll also have the option to choose the denominations of the sets you want in the series' you've selected. For example - If you pledged at the Baroness/Baron level, and you selected the Thieves Collection, Board Game Collection and another collection achieved by stretch goals; you'd be able to select if you wanted the Variety Pack (two of each coin), 10 One Coins. 10 Five Coins, 10 Ten Coins, etc. We are super darn excited to see where this project takes us and it's only the beginning. We hope to see you on the other side!
  12. Bunny girls

    Bunny Girls, modeled by Brother vinnie. Need I say more? There's also a set of bunnies to choose for those who need a familiar or just to add to a diorama.
  13. Annie Norman of "Dicebag Lady" fame is running another Kicksarter, but only for 14 days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1512506318/freyjas-wrath-dark-age-and-fantasy-28mm-shieldmaid?ref=section_games_popular
  14. Polyhero Dice - Rogue Dice

    Just launched a tiny bit ago: The Lock & Pick is pretty intriguing.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heavygearblitz/heavy-gear-blitz-utopia-armed-forces-plastic-minia New plastic mechs and support bots. It looks like this project has a smaller funding goal than the previous attempt.
  16. 32mm Fantasy miniatures

    or a single miniature for $15 (early bird $12)
  17. Digital Dungeon Bytz Kickstarter

    Digital Dungeon Bytz - my fifteenth and largest digital Kickstarter yet is now live and features over a thousand new tiles and a giant 7x4ft Borderland Ravine map. There are thousands of other tiles available as add-ons you can also pick up inc content from my past successful kickstarters, with delivery in February 2018. Start the year with 100's of Terrain Maps in Fantasy/Sci-fi, Sewer & Catacombs / Dungeon Rooms, a huge Terrain Tilepack in 10x10", City Buildings/Rooftops, Effects Tokens compatible for Pathfinder, D&D5e and Savage Worlds, 100's of 8x8" Dungeon Planner Layout Tiles, Digital Coin Forge and a limited number of Commercial Licenses. - and if you're a Return Backer, you can choose any single add-on to be added free to any pledge of $25 or more. 14 day campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/digital-dungeon-bytz-tiles-for-rpg Kind Regards, Kris
  18. Dear Friends, Thank you so much for making the "Dawnstar" music albums possible! I am so excited and happy to share with you a new project in the series, "Dawnstar: Ennea" - it is live on Kickstarter now and will be running until January 6th at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/okrusko/dawnstar-ennea. This album, featuring music for violin and MIDI instruments, is inspired by my explorations of mythology and cosmos, and I wanted to invite you to join me and become a part of it. Thank you for being here, thank you for making my music possible, and thank you for your thoughts and ideas! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3 Julia
  19. Mighty Dwarves - IGG

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mighty-dwarves Mighty Dwarves Immerse Yourself in the Magic World of Mighty Dwarves. Get these beautifully crafted dwarf miniatures and paint them the way you want! Mighty Dwarves includes eight (8) 120mm resin miniatures, designed by M. Molovtsev: Grymaad Empty-Head Un unlucky dwarf, Grymaad Empty-Head has a tendency of getting into trouble. Yet it is his seemingly ill-fated steps that lead the dwarf princes into the most daring of adventures. Uttmaar the Hooded A simple dwarf and a skilled miner, Uttmaar the Hooded is devoted to little besides the pleasures of shimmering stones and gold. Yet he is a hearty dwarf, eager to partake in adventure. Thinnghaar Silver-Arrow A warrior through and through, Thinnghaar Silver-Arrow mostly wears a scowl on his face and never travels without his crossbow and piercing arrows. He is the youngest of the dwarf brothers and mighty cunning. Thryggstyr the Knowing Unlike most of his bretheren Thryggstyr the Knowing is a learned and powerful dwarf. He has a knack for weaving potent spells, and is the oldest of the dwarf brothers, perhaps the wisest too. Styggma'ar Hammer-Hand Weilding his tools with mountainous strength, the black smith Styggma'ar Hammer-Hand is a real force of the underground kingdom. Little does he know that soon his skill and brawn will wreak havoc in the world above. Zygma'ar the Simple Like his name suggests, Zygma'ar the Simple is usually slow to catch on with happenings in the kingdom. But sometimes it is his very aimlessness that reveals to him necessary treasures and secrets. Bryddba'ard the Tamer A friend of beasts and wolves, Bryddba'ard the Tamer is a more thoughtful dwarf. His power often goes unnoticed, but when the time comes he can fight and scheme like a fearless dwarf prince. Krynnruud Iron-Brow Having walked through the City of the Dead all by himself, Krynnruud Iron-Brow is the most fearless of the dwarves. Nothing can shake his steadfastness, and few even dare to face him in battle.
  20. The Halfknechts

    Backed a number of Kawe's Kickstarters - always satisfied. I only post the add-ons here as they show a better picture of the miniatures in the pledge levels.
  21. Not sure if I'm pledging for it, but here're the greens from the sculptor from their previous Wizards Conclave project, and current WW project. "The idea for this kickstarter struck us during our previous wizards project when our excellent sculptor produced a fantastic ice golem, rather than have yet another add-on in a kickstarter that had already gotten big enough we decided to start another project. As the previous kickstarter is well underway and this idea wouldn't have made sense any other time of year we decided to launch it as a Christmas special. " On the offchance you're an HPL fan, there is a giant penguin you can paint albino...
  22. Chronicle X by Archon Studios

    MOD: project now Live. Link below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1915792245/chronicle-x-by-archon-studio?ref=video Basically what we appear to have here is an ... Xcom Board Game (or at least a "not" XCOM boardgame). Preview page link The board looks very Heroquest for now. Central crossroads, four surrounding complexes of rooms.
  23. About Through this project we want to launch a new diorama available in two different scales: 32mm and 75mm. All the figures will be casted in high quality resin as always. Our brand explores uncommon fantasy themes, nature and myths. This time we decided to dedicate a diorama to the WINTER season and in particular to the suggestive and fascinating natural spectacle of Northern Lights. The Penguin King has traveled from Antarctica to the Arctic lands in search of the entrance of the legendary kingdom of Agarthi.... PLAY As every miniatures collector know, miniatures aren't simple toys, they are pieces of art. For this reason, we have carefully taken care of all the development of this scene sculpted by Andrey Loktionov and based on a digital painting of Stefano Moroni. The sculpt is done, ready to be casted. If the project will be funded, the diorama will be painted by Aleksandra Cvetanovski (32mm version) and Mirko Cavalloni (75mm version).
  24. Help colorize Gold Digger #3

    About Help us colorize the original Black and White Gold Digger series by creator Fred Perry. If you're not familiar with us, my name is Joeming Dunn, and I run Antarctic Press, a small, independent comic company started in 1984. I have personally collected comics of almost every type and genre since 1974, and I can say that during the past 30 years, we have published some of the greatest and best independent comics out there. Our publishing history includes titles like Gold Digger and Ninja High School. The comic industry has changed over the years, so we have started this Kickstarter program to help introduce new projects from our talented group of creators. You may have seen some of other successful and fulfilled campaigns. Over the years, we have published a number of series. Prominent among these is Fred Perry's ingenious title, Gold Digger, which Fred describes as a mixture of Indiana Jones and Final Fantasy. The idea for Gold Digger was first conceived during Fred's tour of duty in the first Gulf War, and it debuted in Antarctic Press's anthology comic, Mangazine, in 1991. A four-issue miniseries followed in 1992, and a regular monthly black-and-white series followed starting in 1993. The current color series began in 1999 and has continued since then. It is the second-longest-running solo-created title in the industry. In 2013, Fred was honored at Comic Con International in San Diego, where he received an Inkpot Award for his work on Gold Digger. One of our most frequently received fan requests over the years is, "When can I see the original black-and-white series of Gold Digger in color?" Getting a book colored is not an easy proposition due to the cost and time involved, and both of those commodities are scarce in the independent publishing world. But with Kickstarter, it is now possible to achieve that goal. We experimented with a previous Kickstarter (Gold Brick #7), and due to its success, we were able to color the first two issues of the black-and-white series. So back in June of 2016 we ran the first part of this campaign and we were able to COLORIZE 5 ISSUES. So out of the 50 Black and White issues that have been released in the past, a total of 12 have been colorized thus far. Here is a small sample of what was done. Below are original and colored pages from Gold Digger #6 (which was colorized in some of our previous Kickstarter). What we would like to do is to continue this process with issue #13 of the series, since the first 12 issues are already funded. Here is a PDF link for Gold Digger #13... http://antarcticpresslibrary.com/gdbw/gdbw13.pdf The money collected will go to paying the colorist to perform the task of coloring. And for each $1200 we collect beyond the first, we will color the next issue. For instance, if we collect a total of $2300 with this campaign, we will then proceed to color issue #14; if we collect at least $3400, we'll have issue #15 colored, and so forth and so on. Supporters will receive the PDFs of each completed issue that is colored plus the issues that have already been colored. Wouldn't you like to see the many great Gold Digger moments in color? Theo versus the Lich King, the first appearance of the Leprechaun mecha, Ace's 747 battle against Dark Bird, Gina and Penny's wedgie war, the first appearance of Ryan, and the epic Time Warp saga are but a few of stories that can be eventually colorized.