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Found 4 results

  1. Now that our new house is done and we are unpacking, living in it for 11 days as of the time of this posting. I wanted to go ahead and start up a WIP thread showing my hobby/game room and the WIP as the last few days I've been setting it up so that I can paint. My OCD won't allow me to actually paint (even though I have an area for it now) until I have the rest of the room cleaned up and organized! Let's start up with the original plans - And here it is after it was done, a blank slate!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nordicbynature/gaming-table-the-draken-from-nordic-by-nature?ref=category_newest Do you need a gaming table to play games? Once you play on one you will love the enhancement and functionality it provides!
  3. Hey folks! While on the train, I saw someone had posted pics of their Gaming Table. So I thought I would share mine! I work in a 50 story office building in NYC, and the amounts of stuff these corporations throw away is mind boggling! One Law Firm was throwing out an old 10'x4' conference table, so I grabbed the 2 pieces and stashed them until I could bring in our mini van to bring them home. There was no room for them in the house we owned at that time, but I held on to them hoping for someday... Well that someday came with the new house! Now I am a reader that goes back and re-reads books that I like, so free bookshelves are always welcome. I managed to get 4 bookshelves that are about 30" tall, and thought to myself, Here is your pedestal! I trimmed 1' from the unfinished side of each piece, being careful to not damage the Veneer. I put the 4 bookshelves into pairs back to back and screwed a piece of 1/2" plywood to the tops. I then turned them all over and screwed another piece of 1/2" plywood to the bottom. I then added castors to each corner, a pair halfway down each side and 1 dead center. I then carefully laid the table top upside down on the floor, butted the 2 pieces together and screwed 3/8" strips of plywood on each long side to hold them together. I then put the upside down pedestal centered on the table top, and put about 6 screws through the top of each bookshelf unit to secure them together. Later I did something I now really regret, I used my plunge router to carve a rectangle in the center of the table, painted it white, put a piece of paper with a 1 inch grid on it, covered it with a piece of plexiglass, and caulked it with clear silicon. Anyone EVER see a game table that hasn't had liquid spilled on it? I thought not, hence the caulk. I had also collected a dozen Matching(!) swivel office chairs from a different company, and had brought them home as well! The pedestal holds Game books, pads of paper, people dice and other supplies etc... Pics! I also play Flames of War, a 15mm scale WWII miniatures game, and have enough terrain to cover a 6'x4' battle mat on the table with no problem... My son sometimes sets up his HO scale train set on it as well. So there you have the table story! 8) George All of the bookshelves you see in the pics were salvaged by me over time... Edited to fix pics....
  4. DIY Game table

    So I have a new vacant room in the house that I'm taking over for painting and game playing... as much as i wanted too i could not fit a 4x6 table in there comfortably so i opted for a 4x4. I had a long piece of 1" thick MDF laying around that was still in decent shape so i cut it down here Then I laid them out and using some steel brackets, reinforced the join, i'm not too worried about the table failing but this MDF is pretty heavy, best to err on the side of safe tootsies I hit up JoAnns fabric store in order to get some felt. What i found in the way of felt wasnt really what i had in mind, not sure why though so i ended up with some wool stuff... seemed to be identical to felt just about double the thickness though... I opted to use staples agains advice to use adhesive only because my 6 year old was helping me with the table and we would be working inside. stretched and stapled, went through close to half a box of staples tomorrow I'll cut and stain the framing and legs and possible the surround... either way.. see ya later...