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Found 25 results

  1. Lt. Coldfire

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard

  2. Bane Of Humanity

    Damian, Tiefling Wizard

    Damian Hell born Tiefling Wizard. This is a NPC/Character that I use when another of my players guest DMs. He is a Wizard specialized in divination.
  3. While in the painting swing, I painted 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard from the Bones Kickstarter. While doing that, I had an old figure from a friend. The figure is worn; all the edges have been smoothed. His only distinguishing feature is that he is carrying a lot of baggage. I would be curious to know where he is from if anyone can identify him. I used a strong tone on both figures. I fear that it made Damien a little muddy. I also did not wait long enough for the tone to dry before I flocked the base, so you can see static grass in the crevices of the figure. I noticed this after I took the picture. I think I got all the grass off.
  4. This was the last of the Tieflings (aka Hellborn) in my set. I could probably use more, since my campaign is full of Tieflings. This particular familiar set is also done. Yay! Of the other familiar set, I only have the winged-snake left.There is nothing special about the cat. He was just too small for me to do much with. He just got a dry-brushing in gray. The faerie dragon I wanted to give brilliant blue wings, but I imagined that if he folded his wings they would be more camoflage, so I went with browns.The paladin was fun to paint. I should have done something with his shield. I imagined some kind of flame motif, but just did not have any good ideas.
  5. Dilvish the Deliverer

    77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    So, I've been painting (or hobbying) every day so far this year. I'm finally getting around to posting figures as I've finished some bases and am calling them done. First up is Damien, who I painted up a while back to represent my Tiefling Warlock for 5th Edition. I modified the staff into a rod (a more Warlock type item) and kept him simple. The game I painted him for never really went anywhere and when we decided to try to get a New England area Frostgrave campaign going, I dusted him off (literally as he sat on my desk for months) and based him up to represent a Summoner. Just a basic tabletop job. I like how his silver eyes look. Give him that otherworldly sinister look.
  6. eldamir

    WIP - Twyla 03548

    This is what I decided to do today while the football game was on.. The issue I'm having right now is threefold: First, I mixed Pearl White and Bloodless skin for the horns, but just don't think that looks right.. Any suggestions (my white(ish) color palette is pretty limited) would be awesome.. Second, I have no idea what color to use for the haft of the mace - it doesn't seem like it should be wood, but there's already a lot of iron and blacks in the mini.. Third, the hooves.. what sort of color mix do people use for replicating hooves.. Colors used: skin - a concoction of clotted red, black, tanned skin and a bit of flame red that I'll never be able to replicate again. armor - shadowed steel mace ball - adamantium black bace chain - blackened steel hair and pants (i converted the thong to skintight leggings with a bit of liquid green - my little kids see enough crack on TV without it being on my desk too) - black
  7. Hey guys been away for a long while doing this amazing diorama! Dragons don't share 2! What an awesome time I had doing this the scenery is beautiful the dragon is majestic! I also decided to switch out the team in the box for a group of treasure seeking wizards and sorcerers. As always comments are wanted and appreciated!!! I Have taken many pics to capture every aspect of the model!
  8. dunker79

    03419: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin

    Hi guys, first mini after a 6 month lay off. Just saw the X-men and decided to give my take on Nightcrawler. Any comments to help me improve would be much appreciated.
  9. Doug Sundseth

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    Painted for the Skull & Shackles campaign I'm playing in. He's a transmuter who is actually best at necromancy spells and has been optimized for crafting. Not really competition quality, but it had some interesting bits. For the skin, I was trying for something that read mostly as black, but ended up with a bit too much purple; reasonably happy, though. The base was intended to evoke a ship's deck, with, I think, some success. ps. I have been painting a bit more recently, but some of the figures I'm posting now have been close to done for quite a while. I finally decided to buckle down and do some basing so I could call them abandoned. Edit: Fixed some missed bits, reshot, and uploaded the new images.
  10. evilcoatrack

    77118: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue (Bones)

    I was commissioned to paint this figure for a D&D player and finished her up today. Enjoy!
  11. Arutema

    As yet unnamed tiefling

    So I hit upon a new PF character concept; a tiefling wielding a ginormous axe, and decide it's high time I got back into conversion and painting. Left: Sinessa (77119) provides the main body. Right: An orc warboss (77064) not-so-generously gives up his axe for the project. Center: Sinessa has an unfortunately bare posterior. A gentelmanly IMEF officer (80016) offers belt pouches that will keep her decent and carry her stuff. Wish me luck. I hope my already shaky skills haven't deteriorated too much in the months since I last painted.
  12. Orion2010

    77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    Here is the first model done for the year. I hope it looks alright. I was having a hard time trying to adjust the base and the colors for the belt, but I think it turned out okay for the most part. I do need to get a dedicated area for taking photos though. might work on that a bit this upcoming weekend if i can.
  13. Orion2010

    77118 Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue

    Here is the second one for the month. I created her to work well with Damien. Hope it looks decent enough. Those metal bits on her were a bit tricky to get to work right and the belt kept giving me fits. such a tiny brush was needed that my eyes were starting to ache, but it is done and I am happy with the way it turned out.
  14. So, I promised to show off my Current Projects in the Fall Exchange Thread, so here goes nothing! So, first off, I have been having troubles with my Camera. It cannot seem to take non-fuzzy pics of minis consistently, even in macro mode. I took about 30 pictures of my current project minis...11 of those pics came out okay-ish. But at least one of every mini was included in those pics, so here are most of those. Project #1: Dragonborn Barbarian! Been playing Wednesday Night D&D stuff and have become friends with a couple of regulars. Both have been impressed with my painting "Skills", so I'm making minis for them. The First is playing a Dragonborn Barbarian with a fire/Volcanic flare. So, I took to my Plasticrack Chop-Shop, and created the Abomination above. And there he is with a coat of Primer and the first red Base coat on his scales. Project #2: The other Player at the Wed. Game Is fairly young, about 14-15 ish. He has come a long way though, especially since he decided to try playing a Dwarf Paladin. So, I'm making him a custom Mini. Again, I went to the Chop-Shop, but was a little more reserved this time. I chopped off the original Axe, added an Icy Warhammer from a D&D Mini and a Beer Stein I got at GenCon a few years ago at a Mini Class. Project #3: Diversify my Tieflings! And Finish old projects while I'm at it :P This Lady has been half finished for months. And Yes, the pink hair IS intentional. Project #4: Mari the Sniper Ranger. This one is for a PC in my F2F 4E D&D Campaign that I run on Saturdays. This mini is apparently Admiral Thrune from some Pathfinder Adventure done up for their Pre-Painted Minis. All I care about though is that this is a Female Human with a Crossbow! You would not think that would be something difficult to find, but you would be wrong. Original Paint job was in a kind of bright red. Looks very different in these colors. Anywho, Please comment. I live on Kind Words and Good Advice:) GF
  15. pdubyah

    more hellborn...

    more teifling, ahem, hellborn, for my upcoming Wrath of the Righteous campaign. I am working on the two Bones I females next, then onto the Marilith. I also bought the Reaper metal Vulture demon. Then waiting on Bones II for ALL THE DEMONS!!!
  16. Teifling fighter for my upcoming worldwound campaign. Also, my griffin was pretty bent when I got him so he's more swooping than rearing.
  17. Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin Winter Exchange mini for RobinH Vaeloth was chosen to be my Winter Exchange piece for ... certain person yet to be revealed ... and when I decided on him, I spent a little time working out what I wanted to do for a scheme for him. Firstly, I knew I didn't want a classic tiefling saturated red for a skin tone and I also didn't want to do a shining knight look for his armor and such. Especially since he had a more rustic wolf pelt on his back for a cape. With that in mind I did decide that I wanted him to have a purplish, regal, cast to him to give him a look of royalty. The shield was such a blank canvas and all that space cried out for some form of heraldry but when I got the red on it I couldn't bring myself to mar it. I also decided he needed layering colors in his armor and went with red for the primary pieces to match his shield, purple for his undercoat and the scale sleeves and then a light blue mixed with some purple to get a less saturated blue for the lower scales. This is the first time I've used cork to make a rock base. I felt it wouldn't stand up to holding Vaeloth to the base if I didn't pin something together so I added a pin on his left foot/leg and that connects to the plastic base beneath the cork. And then glued it all into one piece. There's a bit of ballast in the crevices to makes some smaller rocks. I like the overall effect of the cork but am unsure if I will use the technique much. Here's an detail look at the black rune on the ground in front of Vaeloth. A remnant of his integral base. View the WIP Posts: WIP: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin WIP 2: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin Posted to the Inspiration Gallery.
  18. SGHawkins09

    77120: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin

    This was supposed to be a fun and fast paint job that took longer then I wanted. Tabletop quality was what I wanted and was what I got. Any input would be appreciated.
  19. ShadowRaven

    Damien Eldritch Rockstar

    It was a great show. The crowd was really into it, just what he wanted, what he needed. Tomorrow most of them would be feeling a little drained, but he would be riding the high of their emotions. It was almost a shame theses humans couldn't feel the raw magic that such a show like this pumped out. "Thank you Edmonton!!" He called out, flashing the rock horns, to the scream of the crowd just before the stage lights went to black. well,I missed a couple of mold lines that really show up in pictures, and even with the matte varnish he's a tad glossy still, but the contest ends tomorrow, so it's too late to fix the errors I see. Still it was a fun conversion and a fun mini to paint up.
  20. Here is bad boy Damien and his adventuring companions, all bones: Damien (77149), painted for the bad boy contest: Sinessa (77119), here modified to be less evil looking, I will paint my second copy as the evil Sinessa. Vaeloth (77120) Tiviel (77118) They were a fun group to paint up
  21. CashWiley

    77149: Damien, Hellborn Gunslinger

    It's my first conversion! I lopped the hands and top of the head off Damien and added the hands and hat from the Black Mist, with a bit of green stuff to make the top of the hat a bit wider for Damien's big hair/horns. Painted up as a Gunslinger. Still trying to get my camera setup right and struggling with glossiness on the mini. Some of the subtlety is killed by the gloss, the pants are more of an olive and the straps stand out against them a bit more, for instance. WIP starts here but it's a while until I start painting it. Hope you guys enjoy it! I had a lot of fun coming up with the conversion and painting it.
  22. Dai-Mongar

    T'Quan, Skoli Warrior (02434)

    This guy was WIP for a long time, but I finally got around to finishing him up. I'm happy with the red skin on him, it came out pretty well. His eyes are almost impossible to actually paint, though, they're so deep in the sockets. I ended up just shading the socket and calling it done, which I think looks alright. The metallics are a little disappointing in retrospect, but not worth redoing at this point. T'Quan is a really nice figure, and one that you don't see painted up all that often. One of the highlights of the Dungeon Adventurers boxed set.
  23. MamaGeek

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    Here's my next Reaper Bones gaming figure, for my friend's Tiefling Beguiler, Thorne In-Yo-Cide (Yeah, that's really his name). The figure is Damien, Hellborn Wizard (03321) by Derek Schubert. It's a beautiful sculpt!
  24. Here's the basecoat of Tiviel. First off, her casting was the worst I've seen so far (almost exclusive Reaper minis). The two mold halves were probably .5mm off all the way around. I eventually gave up trying to fix it all and just tried to address the worst of it. She also had a huge crack in her back. I picked up some liquid greenstuff, but not before I had done the base coat of skin. (I might try to paint it up like a scar). I decided to go with the dark purple skin color because I wanted a chance to use my Dark Elf Skin triad on more than just a face. I then had an awful time getting a decent color scheme. I wanted to do something besides black, but I tried blue and brown and they looked terrible. So I just went with black. After painting her irises yellow, I decided that yellow/gold would be the accent color throughout. The grey on the armor and knives is metallic, as is the gold. (I see from the pictures I got some gold on her thumbs). The white thing at her side will turn into a potion. She's wearing two layers of pants, so I'm going to give one of them a slightly different color. I like the red that Derek used on his paint job, so I might try to do something like that. Next steps are to clean up the paint job in a few spots and add shadows to the non-black areas.
  25. ObsidianCrane

    03373: Sindolise, Hellborn Sorceress

    This model has been slowly working its way around my Shelf of Shame since she arrived, the biggest problem was that the tip of her actual wand broke off and disappeared into my floor. It took me a good while just to get putty to attempt to do anything about that, and you see the sad results below. Then came the problem of deciding on a colour scheme for her, eventually I settled on the golden hair and pale skin with the black captain's coat but still didn't have a colour for anything else except her horns. Eventually I saw one of the female pirates in the inspiration gallery with white pants and that sorted her clothes and someone else posted their version of her here and that sorted her sickle (or whatever it is) in her left hand. Then I just went "ah stuff it" and made her boots black,because I couldn't think of another colour other than brown and that wouldn't work well. She has such a fun expression on her face in the sculpt and I'm pretty happy with how she turned out - except for the wand. :( (There are a few minor spots I noticed in taking the pictures that I need to go back and fix like on her tail in the rear shot, I'll do that before I post her to the Inspiration Gallery.)