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Found 22 results

  1. Layer Up

    So, I'm doing the Layer Up learn to paint kit from reaper. Hopefully, I'm not missing any of the basics from core skills (I did the AP learn to paint process). So, all washed and boiled...
  2. 77134: Hajad the Pirate

    Hello everyone! The last entry from my Learn To Paint Kit: Layer Up! I am very pleased with this mini. It's not perfect, and there are some parts which didn't come out like I had hoped, but I learned a lot and I think some parts came out very well. I tried to focus a lot of attention on the little details. I would really like to hear what you all think, I am trying to improve with each mini. The parts of this mini which I think I struggled with the most were the True Metallic Metals. I don't like them. I really want to try to learn how to do NMM, as I think those look so much nicer. Thank you for your advice!
  3. 77148: Mangu Timur

    I painted my last figure from the Learn to Paint Kit: Core Skills. I'm thinking i'll order the next kit to work on layering. I found this figure a little tricky because I used so much of the metallic paint. I'm happy overall with how it turned out. My favorite spots are the blue fabric in the back and the shield. Can't wait for the next set of figures to come in. It's exciting to already see how far I've come and how much I've learned from painting my first mini. C&C welcome, I'm always looking for ways to improve! Thanks for checking him out. ~WhatsEcstacy
  4. 3rd Mini Ever: Anirion from LTPK

    Hello all, This is the 3rd mini I have ever painted. It is from the Learn To Paint Kit: Layer Up! I am pleased with how it came out, though once again I think the pictures do not do it justice. I followed the directions in almost all regards, however I used a flesh wash instead of what the booklet called for, and I tried out a Gemstone colour from GW on the gemstone. The number one thing I learned from this kit was glazing. WOW! Its so simple but it helped smooth the transitions between highlights so well that I will never not glaze again. Please let me know what you all think! I really want critiques too! Help me get better at this hobby that I love so much!
  5. L2PK: 2 Hajad

    Tonight I started spending some time with Hajad (middle figure) from the Learn To Paint Kit: 2 Layer Up... not much to see yet. I think I'm gonna give him some facial hair though... Much work yet to be done. For those following along at home, I'm still doing the base coat layer.
  6. Layer Up! Bones LTPK2

    So with the new year I finally got back to painting after an overlong hiatus. Started off with the Bones LTPK2 focusing on layering. I have to say that I really like this kit all in all. The minis are pretty good, the selection of paints are nice, and the instructions are great. While I in theory, knew much of what was being instructed, it didn't really "click" for me until I was going through the instructions in the kit. Now, that's not to say that I suddenly became amazing (its Learn to Paint after all, not Mastering Painting), but I definitely feel as though this will help me out a lot going forward. Unfortunately I really need to get a better setup for taking pictures, but been trying to save money for things like paint and minis. :P Hopefully next set of pictures will be better as I forgot to shine the light directly at these since I was in a hurry. First up was the wizard Anirion: There are parts here that I feel really happy about, and others that are obviously not as good. I am still struggling with the tight spaces and small areas and one thing that I am definitely finding out is I still tend to have too much paint in some places, especially when highlighting or shading. In particular this can be seen in the skin and on the hem of the robe on the bottom, but definitely improving from where I was. Next was Ingrid: Again, I like the cloak on her, but the rest was a bit of a struggle. Eventually I kind of went "good enough" (and it does look better on the table top which is really all I'm going for at this point). I will say though that these were, by far, the best eyes I had done up to this point, so there is that! Thank heavens for new, quality brushes from Mrs. Gargs for XMas (who got an amazing deal on them too!) Finally, it was time to paint up Hajad the Pirate: This guy was pretty fun to paint, even if it was annoying at times (due to my own incompetence). Got the eyes on the first try which really made me happy, but then I think I over shaded his skin a bit, still though pretty happy overall. I also want to give props to Reaper for including a female figure and a figure with African skin. This has nothing to do with PC or anything, just that I've always been nervous trying to do those because I didn't feel comfortable with things like the skin tone or the faces. This was a perfect way to get started. All in all, I highly recommend this kit for new painters! I certainly feel as though I'll be able to take what I learned and apply on pretty much every mini from here on out. Now if only I could figure out how to keep from being clutzy and knocking random parts of my mini with the wrong color paint as I'm going in to the target area. I'm sure its a matter of practice, practice, practice, just still annoying! :)
  7. So I ordered the new LTPK last week and the Post Office foiled me by actually delivering it really quickly, on Saturday, when I was out of town, when the temps dropped to about 3 degrees overnight. Anyway, got home yesterday and it looks as though two of the paints froze (based on a quick shake test -- the others could be heard shaking but two of them didn't). I haven't had a chance to actually test them out yet though with all the unpacking and everything. My question is, assuming that they have now thawed out while sitting inside the warm house, is there likely to be any long-term effects on the two colors that did freeze?
  8. So I was browsing over at FRP Games and saw that they had a second Bones LTPK called Layer Up(#08907) listed as a preorder. I've got a coworker who I'm just introducing to painting, and who bought the first Bones LTPK already but is now looking for more. Is this coming soon, or has it been shelved for later due to some reason or another? If it's coming soon, I'll tell him to buy it when it pops up, but otherwise I may just send him over here to buy some of the minis and paints that came with the old LTPKs and lend him my copies of the booklets that came with them.
  9. My daughter who turns 6 in a week and a half has been bothering me to paint her skeleton in the extra LTPK I gave her last year. I agreed last week and we started it up. I grabbed another skeleton from my Vampire set and went along since it had been a while since I painted mine. Tonight we finished up and based them. Can you pick out which is her skeleton and which one is mine?
  10. Hi everyone, I've been lurking over recent weeks on these forums, after hearing about the Bones 3 kickstarter reignited my interest in painting miniatures. I did a bit of miniature painting about 15-20 years ago, largely for D&D games (painting Ral Partha figures), and still have a pile of leftover unpainted figures. So after I came across the Reaper Learn To Paint Kit, I decided to dive back in and have a go. I've now finished the three LTPK figures, and done a few of my old Ral Partha items. Learning to paint is sooooooo much better these days, having access to all of the discussions in these forums, and other tutorials online. I've already been able to try several new techniques that I had no way of finding out about all those years ago - even things like wet palettes, and how to take a half-decent photograph. I did the three LTPK figures first - pretty much solely following the painting guidelines in the set. I was very pleasantly surprised at how these turned out - especially the orc's skin and leather armour. This is a bariaur from the Ral Partha Planescape boxed set. Very pleased with his fur and horns. Eyes need lots more practice. No idea where this ranger figure originally comes from - a friend ask me to paint it for his character in our D&D game (a game that ended in 1999... so I'm only running a little bit late). Got to have a go at some basic layering on his cloak, but the eyes still a problem. This ghost came from the Ral Partha Ravenloft Castles Forlorn boxed set - just a chance to practice some gradual colour changes - need to try using some (washes? glazes?) to smooth the transitions, presumably. Anyway, thanks to everyone who regularly posts on these forums - I've been finding it all amazingly useful to get back into the hobby, get the right gear, and learn some new techniques. And in so many cases, a really good inspiration on where I can improve. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks, Stu
  11. This is my first paint job. I have many WIP shots, just trying to get my government internet to cooperate. ;) Thoughts?
  12. For my next trick, I will finally finish off my last LTPK: #5 Armor. In my last LTPK adventures, I decided not to work on the models concurrently. This time, I'll do them both at the same time again! Step -1: Review the instructions. Oooh, I know what all of these things mean now! I'm not planning to completely stick with the included colors, primarily because we now have entirely too many shades of ... everything. The metal bits that are the purpose of the kit will follow the instructions, for sure. For Dain, his cloth will definitely not be blue (not decided on what color yet - Edit: hmm, greens sound good), and I think his hair will go more to the orange-yellow. For Rasia, she looks like she needs black hair, and I'm not sure yet if I'll do her skirty bits as metal (silver or silver-blue like her armor) or leather. Both of them will have their leathers and accessories done up with whatever feels like a good idea (or happens to be on the palette) at the time. Step 0: It's all about the bases. (Sorry, I failed my catchy music save) Waaaaay back when I started doing the metal LTPKs, I primered all the minis involved, then superglued them to 1" tiles. Ah, well, it doesn't count as shame if its only primer and glue, right? This may not have been the best of ideas in this case, as I also failed to remove Dain's shield before I glued him down. In an attempt to salvage my errors, I removed the shield sprue bit, and glued down some mixed size sand to hide the nub. I also gave Rasia the same treatment, since I already know that this simple sand treatment works with the tiles. Step 1: Paint To be continued... No pictures yet, because everyone knows what primer and unpainted sand looks like. P.S. I did find the old open thread, but its super old and I didn't want to necro it.
  13. 77051: Orc Stalker

    So...this is 1/4 for the FebRPChallenge. I just have quick and dirty cell phone pics for now, until I get my lightbox set up. I painted this with following the schematic outlined in the LTPK.
  14. I recently picked up a Learn to Paint Kit. It was handy to have instructions on basic techniques and to not have to think about color choices. Halfway through the orc I got a little bit bored of it feeling like a paint by number, so I moved on to the bar wench. I enjoyed wet painting the highlights and shadows on her. I've learned what a pain faces are. Seeing the microscopic details come out in photos is a little disappointing, but I think I'm going to still call the wench finished. She looks pretty human to the naked eye. Any advice on improving faces?
  15. Some tabletop quality Bones Orcs painted LTPK style For the Resolutionary Challenge.
  16. 77018 Skeletal Archer

    As anyone who has the new Bones LTPK will know, this is the first figure covered there. In my case, it's my first mini ever. 1) Everything I've learned so far, I've learned from Wren. I'm also trying to learn from Laszlo ("Hot Lead"), but Wren was my first instructor ("LTPK"). 2) It feels like the main thing that I've learned is that I'm not exactly a natural at dry-brushing. I cannot seem to find the middle ground between too wet -- sometimes too much paint, but at times (as I realized later) I also didn't dry off the brush well enough before "loading" it in the first place -- and too dry (sometimes meaning too little paint, but at times the paint seemed to dry while on the brush). Where there's visible texture on the surface, then generally I can "dust" just the high points. But where there is no visible texture... suffice it to say that certain areas of this project had multiple cycles of base-wash-drybrush (too heavily)-repeat. After a while I became gun-shy about dry-brushing and -- with all due respect to Wren's instructions -- I just skipped that step in some areas (confined spaces, or where there was no visible texture to work with).
  17. After painting 77042: Orc Marauder for the Bones Learn to Paint Kit, I decided to paint the other Tre Manor orcs in Bones in the same style. The original Orc Marauder (second from left) is shiny due to a reaction between spray varnish and Bones. It has received a coat of Reaper Brush-on Sealer to remove the tackiness, but it looks like I need to hit it with Testor's Dullcoat to remove the shine.
  18. 06023 Anhurian Swordsman

    This is the Anhurian Swordsman from the old Learn to Paint Kit 1. I actually picked up the kit at ReaperCon 2013, but didn't break it open until after ReaperCon 2014. With a newly purchased Bones LTPK, I figured I should tackle the original first. This is also my first attempt at freehand. I had a lovely conversation with Rhonda Bender about freehand and OSL (I'll try my hand at that soon). So, this is proof I'm putting her tips into practice. Thanks, Rhonda.
  19. So, I was walking through the General Store and noticed this little pistol case next to all the Mouslings, Pirates, dragons cases. The picture was "different". Lo! and Behold! I picked it up and see that it is a BONES Learn to paint kit! I did not open it, but is shows three miniatures on the front. I will probably buy one today and be able to post the contents a bit better. Just thought you guys might like to know it's out there.
  20. First Miniatures Ever

    Alright so a few weeks ago I posted in the Tips forum explaining how my brother and I had decided to begin painting. Well this week the first LTPK arrived and we finally got to put paint to miniature. So since I got a lot of tips from this forum I decided to do a WIP. Of course we have the soldier: And the Rat: Obvious observations include lots of flashing, mold lines and a soldier that just can't keep his sword up in the face of battle. I'll be right back with new post with the cleaned up and painted versions of the minis. I'll then post a 'lessons learned' post shortly there after.
  21. 02924: Bertok the Anabolic

    Just finished this guy from Learn to Paint Kit #4. This dude is one strength potion away from exploding. C&C welcome.
  22. LTPK in stock

    There were 10 each of each LTPK in stock. I got 3 and 5 so there are only 9 of them. Just to let you know.