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Found 20 results

  1. So I had to paint this real quick for tomorrow's game of "this is not a test". The guy who plays the raider faction has a group that worship Disney and last week he found a suit of powered armor so I figured it should have a buzz light year theme. Hope you like my first speed paint in awhile. I already had the back pack assembled and some base colors down before I started
  2. Hmmm a retired school teacher enjoying the apocalypse
  3. One of the raiders I got in brigade games' KS
  4. This went a little sideways at the end and I bent the sword I also had a hard time getting an in focus pic but over all I am happy with her
  5. Painted this for the leader of my friends elect band in "this is not a test" my first infinity miniature and I must say they are very nice
  6. One of my favorite reaper minis, Harvey will be used as a mutant cannibal in this is not a test
  7. Title says it all, gas mask girl from worlds end publishing and part of the TNT kickstarter. Great game BTW
  8. Another TNT miniature
  9. Really likin these infinity minis hope you do too ;)
  10. Painted this to use as a mutant emissary in the TNT skirmish game hope you like it
  11. Ok first off sorry I have not been around much lately but work has been very busy and I have been working on a project that took longer than expected, this is a piece of scenery/diorama from a company called gcmini. The miniatures are from both reaper and brigade games and this will be used in the skirmish game "this is not a test". Hope you like it.
  12. This is the last mini for my caravaner warband for this is not a test, I also included a group shot. 5 reaper minis and 5 brigade games minis. Hope you like;)
  13. I really like this guy but I think I went a little to far into the Reds on his skin tone, anyhow here you go ;)
  14. Just a couple of pieces of scatter terrain
  15. Another great brigade games survivor, this guy goes by the name "stash" but you may recognize him as someone else ;). All comments welcome
  16. Another great miniature from brigade miniatures, this one is called simply survivor 2, I added a plastic chain sword for some added oomph on the table and the pommel was from an unknown piece of plastic in the bits box. Hope you like and please comment ;)
  17. Finished the final peacekeeper and will be sending all 5 back to their rightful owner this weekend. These models were fun to paint and recommend them to anyone in need of minis for this genre, thanks for looking and cc away ;)
  18. Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one.
  19. Best wishes for a happy birthday!