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  1. Game Decor has partnered with a very talented 3D artist under the banner of “DungeonWorks” and has lauched a Kickstarter for a new line of high resolution 3D printer files for modular dungeons and accessories. There are currently 3 lines of models with a total of 7 uniquely themed dungeons containing over 400 models planned for release. The first line consists of locations of classic encounters, such as the gothic stone dungeon, the dank caverns, and the half timbered town, all of which is easily compatible among the majority of fantasy settings. The second line is inspired by iconic computer based dungeon crawling role playing games where legendary settings are yours to design. The third line is driven by a high fantasy setting with tales of epic proportions. Several more themes and expansions for each line are planned to be released afterwards. We are live now on Kickstarter A little info about the 3 lines “Classic Encounters” includes all your generic, classic settings. Basic dungeon, taverns, caves, city streets. “Vintage Vault” is about recreating those classic video games and even board games. Everything in the game is recreated here in tile form. Relive the adventures of old or create new ones. “Lost Realms” are deluxe sets. They're created just like a D&D module. There is an adventure theme already set out for a DM to build upon. So, these sets are heavily themed for instant adventuring. One thing unique about my series is that all the dungeons come with a detailed center piece entrance to really set the mood for a might adventure. I'd really like some feedback on what players and DMs would like to see. I've been in the RPG hobby since childhood and created a lot of this from a players perspective. I have around 200 free rewards to give out during the KS, but I'd really like to hear from you for more ideas. Please note, these are NOT Openlock models. This project has been in the works for more than a year, well before openlock was even released.
  2. About Comet Lord Miniatures is making it's first series of monstrous miniatures for your tabletop games. The Eye Sovereign that views beholders as mere slaves to carry out its ill will? A mimic able to disguise itself as a regular sized chest as it waits to burst out and devour an unlucky adventurer whole? Comet Lord Miniatures is seeking to fund the production of its first line of miniatures through this Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will start with 2 miniatures including 'The Giant Mimic' and 'The Eye Sovereign'. Hopefully we'll expand this into a full series of miniatures through some stretch goals! All miniatures require assembly and will be shipped unpainted. - - - Each of the miniatures will be made from high quality resin. The core miniatures for this campaign are both 'large sized' creatures and they are compatible with most 28mm scale tabletop map products. Turntable renders of the core miniatures
  3. Dragon Bagons; CR10 dragon dicebags

    These are simply adorable!
  4. About BASE SYSTEM ROOTS When I moved from hex map to miniature rules gaming, I struggled to find any decent affordable scenery. Thus I decided to make some myself. These were sold online under the name of Mechanized Designworks. I found many other people liked them. This led to my decision to make an entire range accessible to the public through DFA, in the form of the BASE System. With your support DFA intends to create the largest range of affordable, high quality modular 6mm scale scenery and buildings. With your continued support, the range has scope to expand indefinitely. BASE System sections will be made from 3D printed design originals. Each section will be individually hand-finished before casting in resin, creating a high-quality finish suitable for your choice of model paint. BASE SYSTEM CORE BASE Systems are modular. Example BASE System layout with stand-alone buildings There are many buildings, from stand-alone structures and themed sets, to totally modular sets that allow players to build a base as big or small as they wish. A host of new building designs and base layouts can be created by simply repositioning individual sections; while the same parts can be endlessly reconfigured to provide new vistas for each game. If you're looking to build a small outpost or firebase or a big planetary command centre for your games, BASE has you covered. Best of all: because BASE System is modular, you can take it apart and redesign it when setting up your next game. Infinite possibilities and configurations await with BASE. Example of a large BASE system layout using modular parts BASE SYSTEM VISUAL BASE offers a uniform look and feel across sets in the range. While each module in a set is interchangeable, it will still conform to the overall chosen appearance of your tabletop. In addition, you can make sets look entirely different, yet cohesive, with a few additional components in different paint livery. EVOLVING YOUR BASE SYSTEM Start small and go large … or start big. Example of a small BASE System layout The choice is yours. The BASE System is available in box sets and individual components. You can evolve your BASE System at your own speed by adding components or sets as and when it suits you. (To help get you started with this, you will also receive two of some buildings at specific pledge levels.) Fire Control and HQ buildings The Repair Bay contains 2 rigs, allowing you to switch between closed and open during your games. The Geodesic Dome will feature a clear resin casting,allowing you to create features inside the structure. The Class A Interstellar Communications set is just the first modular BASE system we hope to produce.
  5. About You asked, we provide. After the undreamed-of success of our first campaign, The Path of Osiris : Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles, many asked for more pieces, more designs - and even the 3D-printer files themselves. We still have our sights on a new environment for Spring 2018, but due to popular demand, we had to revisit Egypt with many new pieces and a brand new expansion : « The path of Osiris : The Tomb Entrance. » Like the first kickstarter project, these will be available in our personal recipe of very durable sandstone with a perfected time-worn look. We have ideas for many pieces and it can be very costly to mass produce them all, that’s why we are now offering the complete collection The Path of Osiris in 3D file format ready to print yourself. That way, you can print all the parts you need from home. 3D printers now go for less than 250$. Our most tech-savvy backers should be primed to take full advantage of this since printing a tile can cost only a quarter or two ! Options, options, options. Once again, you may order them hand-painted for a genuine Egyptian dungeon feel. Those of you who want more of the original tileset in hand-crafted sandstone, you got it. The full package, new and old tilesets, painted or not, anything goes. Just see the options and we'll set you right up. *I will be constantly working on new models throughout the whole campaign; please come back frequently to see new pictures or renders.* Planned Stretch Goals (3D files) : 3K - Free SG : Obelisk Free SG : Corner Sarcophagus Free-SG : Floor trap door Free-SG : Corner Sarcophagus 2 *Upgrade : Magnetic ready tiles - 3D files* Free-SG : Large winged scarab 4x4 floor tile Free-SG : Egyptian Brasier Free-SG : Throne Free-SG : Large 5x5 Pyramid Free-SG : 4x4 Sand tile ... want more ? Add-on Bundle 2 is still in development and more stretch goals including : Futuristic Egyptian portal room Ramp and stair to second floor Puzzle tiles Raised tiles Water pool The Path of Osiris Adventure PDF *You must pledge "The Tomb Entrance" or higher to get access to all free stretch goals* The 3D files pledges and add-ons : Statues and Coffins The Ancient Tomb The Throne Room The Tomb Entrance - Include all free stretch goals Add-on Bundle 1 : Addon Bundle 1 - 15$ CAD Add-on bundle 2 : Will be announced during campaign Some Free Stretch Goals : Some Free Stretch Goals A large 5x5 pyramid WIP
  6. About Welcome to my Kickstarter ! I am very excited to present my figures to you in this Kickstarter. This is my second Kickstarter campaign, and I have been busy getting everything ready to show off. The figures and creatures in this campaign have been lurking in my head for years, and now they are finally being made into reality. Designed and sculpted by me, Mark (aka Frozen Ninja - 3D Sculpting), I am also making silicon molds and doing resin casts of the majority of the figures. The 3D printing is being done by the best printers out there, such as Zealot Miniatures and GT Studio Creations. I am well prepared for this campaign, and I have help and support lined up should they be required. Thank you for taking the time to view my campaign! LETS SEE SOME MINIATURES! First I will show the 3D render, then the Resin Casting. The Big Guy The Big Guy 28mm was designed to be a little smaller than the standard 30mm figures, because I wanted him to appear that way when standing alongside the others. He got the nickname Big Guy because of his large attitude, not his large presence. However, his 55mm counterpart is ideally suited to be a giant or a boss in a war-game. He is ready to take on an army! The Big Guy is available in 2 sizes, and resin casts are in hand and ready to ship out. The following pictures are of resin copies and were base-coated in white, then they were given a dark wash, and then a white dry-brush. TREE GOLEM Tree Golem is available in 2 sizes, and resin casts are in hand and ready to ship out. The following pictures are of resin copies and were base-coated in white, then they were given a dark wash, and then a white dry-brush. There are a LOT of leaves on this guy!! Reef Warrior 1 Reef Warrior 1 comes with one dock piece, and resin casts are in hand and ready to ship out. The following pictures are of resin copies and were base-coated in white, then they were given a dark wash, and then a white dry-brush. Reef Warrior 2 Casting for Reef Warrior 2 is currently underway. Pictures of the casts will be uploaded as soon as possible. Reef Warrior 3 Casting for Reef Warrior 3 is currently underway. Pictures of the casts will be uploaded as soon as possible. Turtle Minion The following pictures are 3D prints of the super cute Turtle Minion! These pictures were sent to me from the printer, and I should have the 3D print in hand within a week. Turtle Boss The Turtle Boss has been 3D printed, and the print should be mailed to me within a week. Reef Queen The Reef Queen has been 3D printed, and the prints should be mailed to me within a week.
  7. Trolls & Goblins

    About Goblin Troublemakers the mighty Troll (work in progress) Goblins ... iconic fantasy creatures, maybe not the most dangerous, comical at times, And Trolls ... Trolls may be a bit slow ... not to say stupid, but they are big, and strong! (and always hungry!) Together, Trolls and Goblins are a force to reckon with! This campaign is a small group of goblins and a big troll to accompany them. If they are funded, we'll add more goblins, for larger warbands, some characters to lead them, and more trolls! Goblins are among my favorite figurines to carvings, different expressions, anatomy, costumes and armours ... I have many of them in the pipeline, and I want to sculpt many more! You can pledge for a warband of 5, 10 or 20 goblins. If you pledge for 5, they will be the 5 goblins you see here. If you pledge for 10 or 20 models you'll get 2 or 4 of each of them. However, you're more likely to be stretched, they'll be swapped with other miniatures so you get the minimum amount of doubles. And some of these goblins thrown in the larger warband will not be your average goblin canon fodder! If you want to add a Troll (or several!) To your goblin warband, just add $ 22 (per troll) to your pledge.
  8. About Check out this video and listen to how TOX at Critshappen likes to pimp his games with Darkraven audio. NOTE: This review is for our "Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes" product and the audio samples you hear in this video are not included in "The Halls of Balthorg". Check out the 4 minute sample from our upcoming 45+ minute "Halls of Balthorg" Goblin Dungeon Seamless Superloop. Note that the stretch goals listed below lengthen the loop. In addition to this track, GOLD backers will also get two alternates of the same track. The first alternate will be the same track, but without humans. And the second alternate will be the same track without monsters or orcs (the players have practically cleaned out the dungeon). We are happy to announce the following stretch goals! 150 Darkraven Games Kickstarter account followers, an extra 15 minute dungeon background -- theme to be decided $3000 - 50 minute super loop! $4500 - 55 minute super loop! $5500 - Gold package gets an alternate with less activity to represent a half depopulated dungeon $6500 - 65 minute super loop! $8000 - 75 minute super loop! Tell your friends to help us build a better product.
  9. About Light isn’t just a product, it’s a key ingredient for productivity. Designed with a thin and flexible form factor, the Luminoodle Task is the solution to get light where you need it most. From the great outdoors to your home and garage, the Luminoodle Task keeps you going well into the night. Lighting should enhance everything you do, but the current solutions don’t offer the flexibility your varied projects demand. Too much time is spent dodging shadows or precariously balancing your flashlight instead of working on the task at hand - fixing, creating, lounging, doing. The Luminoodle Task was designed to be the right light in the right place for the right job.
  10. About Want to upgrade your game storage from merely functional to multi-functional? From bearable to beautiful? From disposable to indispensable? That's why we designed the Cabinet Game Table! It’s a Game Cabinet The storage is specifically for games. Shelves designed to hold game boxes on their edge for easier access. Six smaller drawers for dice, cards, and other accessories. A bookshelf for game books (such as RPGs) up to 11” tall—with extra depth so the spines are protected in the interior. Two larger drawers for anything too big for the smaller ones. And double doors on the bottom open to large storage spaces for bigger games. It’s a Table The leaves of the table stow away on the sides of the cabinet. The trim on the front converts to the legs and a support stretcher between them for maximum support and stability. Simply connect the leaves, attach the legs, and fasten to the Cabinet to transform it to a three person table. It’s a Game Table And when you want to play a game, the top is reversible. The flip side has a one inch lip to keep dice and game pieces on the table. The 29.75” x 40.5” fabric–lined play area has enough room to handle a 24” x 36” game board with space to spare. A few seconds of your time could make the difference in growing support for our community. Help unlock Social Media stretch goals by sharing and using #cabinet #gametable! See Stretch Goals, below, for more information. $3099 YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table One Cabinet Game Table stained with the finish you want and upholstered with the fabric you want (from our selection of Options, see below). See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 CHERRY + BLUE Cabinet Game Table Our most popular combination for game tables is Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric, and we predict it'll be the same for Cabinet Game Table orders! That's why we're offering this package at an additional discount. This reward level is for one Cabinet Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 EARLY BIRD YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table Shop early and save! The first ten backers can choose their finish and fabric (from our selection of Options, see below) at a discounted rate. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $25 Carolina Game Tables Coasters! We appreciate your willingness to help our campaign! Pledges at this reward level receive a set of 6 leather coasters imprinted with our logo. Kickstarter will prompt you to add shipping before confirming your pledge. $2 Stay Connected! Pledge at this level to stay updated, then please share the Kickstarter using the links above! We have a Social Media stretch goal (see Stretch Goals below) which should get you a little something as thanks!
  11. Scenic Flock and Basing Materials

    About There are many companies who make flocking materials, but not many in North America who cater to a gaming audience. My goal is to allow for a varied range of colors that accommodate specific types of terrain, and that complement the environment where your game takes place. Huge Miniatures is the culmination of 6 months of experimentation, in an attempt to make the highest quality of scenic flock and basing materials. I've figured out an efficient method for creating realistic foliage, with a range of colors and blends that allows itself to bring your miniatures, role playing campaign or battlefield to life. I'm pleased to share my ideas with you and I hope you can find a place on your table for exciting new terrain! A bunch of foam ready to be dyed Some of the colors I've experimented with I wanted to create a more realistic looking foliage without using sawdust, which in my opinion just looks like dyed sawdust. I've experimented with different varieties of foam, and methods of shaping it to resemble foliage. Using foam also allows for the creation of blends containing multiple colors that all stand out and complement each other. After months, I've come across a process that I'm incredibly pleased with. I chose a set of colors that can find use in historic, fantasy, and sci-fi environments. Both the loose foliage and 2mm static grass can find use when basing miniatures, and building terrain. Great for grass, tufts, trees, bushes, shrubs, weeds, ground cover, and more!
  12. About With over two years of design tweaks, we are super pumped to finally bring our Remastered Traveler Dice Tower to Kickstarter! Like all Dog Might products, the Traveler Dice Tower was born from prototyping, community feedback, and the marriage of design and utility. A stunning personal Dice Tower with storage. This three-piece, break apart Dice Tower features a fully Sculpted Design on the back and thematic Engraving on the front. It closes securely with rare earth magnets for travel and stability. It is designed to roll up to 7 dice at a time and break down easily to store and carry up to 20 dice inside the tower itself. The Traveler Dice Tower is also compatible with our Component Collector! From left to right: Sapphire with Cogs Design, Crimson with Fire Dragon design, Royal Purple with Police Box Design, Kickstarter Green with Arcane Design. Dimensions. Dice Towers measure approximately 6" x 3.5" x 1.75" and are designed with a modest footprint to fit at your table. All wood is hand selected for durability, beauty, and a lifetime of gaming. Size of Dice. The Traveler is designed to roll a standard set of polyhedrals (where the D20 is approximately 7/8" at it's widest point). It easily rolls standard sized D6 dice. Wood Options. The Traveler comes in over 20 different wood options. All Designs and Engravings are available above any Tier above Whitewood. To learn more, check out our Log Blog or take a look at our Lumber Options. Magnets. The magnets are 0.25" rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!). Storage. The top and bottom break away portion of the Dice Tower can be flipped in position to hold up to 20 dice internally. Sculpted Design, Engraving, and Felt. Every Dice Tower (with the exception of the Whitewood tier) comes with your choice of Sculpted Design on the back, choice of Engraving on the front, and choice of Felt color. There are 30+ Sculpted Designs and 30+ Engravings to choose from. Redheart Dice Tower with Black Felt. Redheart Dice Tower with Custom Engraving and Black Felt.
  13. About Ninth Planet Audio is a new brand for table top audio. We specialise in SciFi audio for your table top games and are excited to bring this project to life with you. Our first product, "Solaris" will take you on a 14 hour audio tour around a hypothetical solar system in your table top SciFi roleplaying universe. The game master can tailor adventures around the soundscapes, or they can use them as needed to support other adventures already in progress. We know you will enjoy these awesome sounds as they bring your universes to life. Check out the dozens of audio samples we have for you below. LEVEL 1) SOLARIS MAXIMUS - $139 ($129 EB) - The Super SciFi Pack. Brings you the brand new, full Gold Edition of Solaris. As shown below, this includes the all new sound for Solaris 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the asteroid belt. A promotional arrangement with Darkraven Games allows us to bring you their awesome full science fiction audio catalogue as an add on. In addition to SOLARIS Gold, you get: 1) Darkraven Orion Edition Science Fiction Soundscapes with 76 tracks and 18 hours of audio featuring every kind of SciFi soundscape imaginable. This is a pre-existing product. Info and samples HERE. 2) Juggernaut 1: 22 tracks with over 5 hours of audio from every nook and cranny in a deep space prospecting vessel. This is a pre-existing product. Info HERE. 3) A FREE copy of Juggernaut 2: 11 tracks with over 2.5 hours of sound from a 28th Century Starport. Info HERE. That is a SOLARIS MAXIMUS total of 169+ tracks with over 40 hours of SCIFI sound for your table top games. A bargain at $139 (save $46) LEVEL 2) SOLARIS GOLD - $69 ($59 EB) - (JUST NEW STUFF+FREE GIFT) Brings you the full, Gold Edition of Solaris, with Solaris 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the Asteroid Belt tracks as shown below. 60 brand new tracks with 14+ hours of 320 kbps seamless looping sound. You also get a FREE GIFT copy of Darkraven's Juggernaut 2 with 11 tracks and 2.75 hours of SciFi audio in and around a starport. Info on Juggernaut 2 HERE. LEVEL 3) SOLARIS SILVER - $39 ($34 EB) - (JUST NEW STUFF) Brings you all tracks for Solaris 1, 2, 3, and 4 as shown below. 34 brand new tracks with 8+ hours of 320kbps seamless looping sound. $6000 - every relevant soundscape will also get a helmeted version. $9000 - An 8th planet. A forest planet. With 6 more tracks. $10,000 - 6 bonus tracks (including EVA jetpack), for a total of 72 tracks and 18 hours of sound!
  14. About Rolling dice is fun and a little extra luck goes a long way when you add fog, mystique and mystery to your gaming table. Suitable for board games, dice games, collectible card games, miniatures, or just an accessory to your gaming table, we can add a next-level dimension to your gaming experience. Need a die roll? Just toss a die in the top! Need that natural 20? Turn on the fog for extra luck! More Tower Types Our sculptors are busy creating prototypes of even more tower types so tell your friends to pledge the ones they love and we'll make more and more. This is also a chance to get access to cool collectible custom metal dice which are included with the higher end options. Don't miss out! We have many loyal crate subscribers including Dwarven (dice) Crate, Tenkars Tavern Crate, Mythoard RPG Box, Troll Lord Crate, Savage Crate, Cthulhu Crate, 5e Crate, Finder Crate, Supers Crate, Wargames Crate, and Terrain Crafters Crate. If you're already a subscriber you quality for a $25 credit on your crate membership if you pledge our Kickstarter at a $25 or higher level. Thanks for being a member! Our fog dice towers have one or two fog generators that use standard water to power a nice, odorless fog that rolls out as your dice tumble. Complete with a small fan, these beauties are simple to maintain and re-supply. Just add water! Our sculpts are original creations or officially licensed models that come in many options to tailor the tower to match your gaming preference and genre. International Shipping What is BorderLinx? Shipping from the US can be very expensive. We have partnered with BorderLinx.com where you can open a US address at one of their warehouses. We will ship your order at no cost to their warehouse. There you have many options, including simply paying them to deliver the product to you, or some even more creative opportunities like having them hold two or three US originated shipments where they will rebox it into a large box and ship it to you. By bundling shipments you can save a lot of money. The best part is, we don't have to get involved and we can deliver direct to your US address. We understand this puts some of the shipping responsibility on you but it also puts you in control of the shipping price. The more you bundle shipments the more you can save. Open your account at www.BorderLinx.com
  15. Color Quest Season 2

    About Season 2 - The Black Swamp Oak and The Chosen One has found a way to take control of Kolosses and are now passing throught The Black Swamp. At the same time, The Ronin and his alchimists has discover how to keep Kadamas vital energy and he is close to pass level 3. Discover all Season 1 - The cursed Forest, story and content on Kickstarter through this link. Color Quest Season 1 - The Cursed Forest Introduction Color Quest is a brand new skirmish game with miniatures for two players based on Color Warz universe. Take control of Gaia's Wardens or Kaos Legions. I am proud to present to you this new project that will introduce all 26 Color Quest miniatures and more to come in a new tactical game. Color Quest Game informations Color Quest game box (mockup) Color Quest Game set - ingame overview Color Quest Game set - ingame focus This game set contains : Color Quest game set details A printed rulebook (FR or UK) 18 high detailed resin miniatures 16 black stands (25mm) 120 tokens (29mm) 8 colour dice 4 boards parts 15 game tiles 18 item cards 2 Kadamas boards You can download the rules in english through this link. Miniatures informations Color Quest - Game set miniatures Color Quest - Game set miniatures (focus) Material : resin casted in France by GRX Créations Scale : 28mm Color Quest miniatures informations
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hystericalgames/spitfyre-aerial-combat-in-the-skies-of-panzerfaust About Welcome to The Land and the world of Spitfyre, our exciting game of aerial warfare in a fantasy world. Enter a world where Dwarves and Orcs fly giant creatures and arm them with bombs and machine guns to continue their millennia long struggles... Come fight in the skies of Spitfyre and see if you can reign supreme over The Land! Spitfyre is a fun 'Historo-Fantasy' miniature aerial wargame in which 10mm scale miniatures are used to depict the everyday struggles of standard fantasy races such as Orcs and Dwarves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry. We are keeping this Kickstarter very simple with three basic pledge levels. The key one is 'Pilot' where pledgers will receive a discounted copy of the core game and ALL stretch goals added in FREE of charge. THE TARGET - £1000 Spitfyre - the core game The target goal is to produce the core game which will include the rulebook, a flight of three 10mm scale resin Orc Spitfyre wyverns, a flight of four 10mm scale polyurethane resin Dwarf War-Eagles and seven flying bases. STRETCH GOAL I - £1500 If we reach Stretch Goal I, all Pilot backers will have one polyurethane resin 10mm scale Dwarf KampfGrier 87 vulture dive bomber and flying base added to their pledge for free and the rules will be extended to include dive bombing. More Stretch Goals to come... one of the dwarf war eagles fresh from the mould with no clean up
  17. Star Power Vol. 4

    For those who are enjoying Star Power on the net, the creative team has put up the Kickstarter for the next book. .. it's science fiction with a dose of super heroes and it's glorious. What's not to like?
  18. Freak Circus! Kickstarter

    Hi, Hope you don't mind me sharing my little Kickstarter. It's about a collection of circus oddities in 1/35th scale. :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/freak-circus
  19. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/kings-of-war-vanguard-the-fantasy-skirmish-wargame Skirmish game in the Kings of War setting. There's a rules preview link in the kickstarter description. For new models there are two forces to choose from initially. Big images in the Hidden Contents below.
  20. Monster Dice Boxes II

    About this project
  21. About this project Salute, we are StudioLevel and we believe that your wargaming & miniature painting hobbies can be taken to the next level. We make our products superbly designed. We create terrains and bits. The Bantam Alley was created for all tabletop wargames fans. Novice and advanced: gamers, miniature painters, terrain makers, diorama builders, modelers, collectors and every hobbyists. This is post-apocalyptic city 28-32mm scale, where you can find. 100% handmade, real textured, high-quality painted - ready to game, modular battlefield system. Epic detailed scatter scenery build from scratch, finest casts resin bits made from 3d prints original models and uniquely designed miniature bases. Our wargaming extras are created by us in the professional workshop. Resin sets come unpainted. Only the gameboard is painted, handcrafted work! Note that all products packshots are photos. Build your own post-apo city for your wargame universe or skirmish system. So keep scrolling and find out what we prepared for you.
  22. wargaming scenery and terrain

    About this project Hello Everyone, Let me start by saying I'm very excited to be here launching my first Kickstarter project and to have the opportunity to share my creations with everyone. My name is Aaron and I have had a dream for a long time now of starting a company called Morrell3Dprints, specializing in 3D printing and design. A full service 3D print shop for a range of different products and services. For the past 3 years now I've been dabbling in the world of 3D printing. About a year of printing out other peoples designs for fun I came to a point where this was not enough. I downloaded a bunch of different apps and software and started teaching myself how to design my own pieces to print. Two years later I am here to ask the Kickstarter community for their help in supporting and sharing my project. Nothing pleases me more than when people are enjoying the things that I have created. I Present to You, THE RUINS OF SHATTERED PASTS Ruins of Shattered Pasts Ruins of Shattered Pasts Ruins of Shattered Pasts all finished pieces Each piece was designed using a 3D model building software and is 3D printed using ABS plastic. No Need for a 3D printer i'll print it for you. Pieces can be used together or separately and can be set up in lots of different ways. There are lots of vantage points for shooters and cover for troops to allow for different strategies. These ruins also mix well with lots of other types of scenery and terrain. 25mm to 32mm scale figures can be used with this scenery. Great for 40k, fantasy, medieval, RPG's and many more. All of the pieces for this set have already been designed and are just waiting to be printed and shipped. The 3D printing process eliminates the need for molds. This helps keep costs down compared to resin pieces, although they might not be quite as shock resistant. Pieces come unfinished. Right now I can only offer unpainted pieces, but with enough funds from our backers I would be able to offer finished pieces in the future. Please go to our website at morrell3dprints.com and click the instructions page for ideas on how to finish your 3D printed scenery. At this time I have only one 3D printer so what I am going to do is for every $30,000 raised I will buy 10 more 3D printers and rolls of filament needed to help fulfill rewards faster and keep backers happy. It takes 110 hours to print one full set of Ruins of Shattered Pasts. 110 divided by ten printers = 11 hours, to print one full set. I can technically keep them going 24-7 but lets be realistic here. on average for every ten printers I should be able to produce 8 full sets per week, 32 a month. That scenario is also if each backer was to only order full sets. We have smaller sets which will take less time to print. I averaged times for worst case scenario. If I fall behind I can hire a helper and keep the printers going 24-7 If need be. $30,000 = 10 3D printers, upgrades and filament $60,000 = 10 more 3D printers, upgrades and filament $90,000 = 10 more 3D printers, upgrades and filament And so on... The more printers the faster we can print out sets and the sooner backers can get their rewards. There are also a few upgrades that must be bought and installed into each 3D printer that is purchased, such as all metal nozzles for the extruders and a glass plate for the build platform in order to sustain good quality pieces. Another thing that I will be doing is relocating to a proper sized work shop to fit the extra printers. I have recently sold a few of the basic ruins sets to a few separate individuals and two full sets of Ruins of Shattered Pasts that were purchased and being used by a brick and mortar gaming company who use it for their war-gaming leagues, in fact they are the ones urging me to start this kickstarter project. I would like to thank the guys at The Armoury for all their help. I will do my best to keep backers informed and to answer as many questions as I can about the project along the way. If everything goes well the last of the rewards should be going out by the latest June 2018. Shipping is executed on a first come first serve basis. First rewards will start going out as early as February 2018. All rewards are packed securely with bubble wrap and paper. Ships only in the US. I wish I could ship to the rest of the World but its hard to justify the prices of shipping globally. Here is a list of all pieces and dimensions... 1) Main Pillar - 5 1/2in. L x 6in. W x 5in. H 2) Main Pillar 2nd level half 1 - 7in. L x 6 1/4in. W x 1 1/8in. H 3) Main Pillar 2nd level half 2 - 7in. L x 6 1/4in. W x 4) Round rm. of archways piece #1 - 5 1/4in. L x 4 5/8in. W x 5in. H 5) Round rm. of archways piece #2 - 9in. L x 3in. W x 5in. H 6) Round rm. of archways piece #3 - 7 3/4in. L x 5 1/2in. W x 3in. H 7) Round rm. of archways piece #4 - 7 1/4in. L x 5 1/4in. W x 2in. H 8) Round rm. of archways piece #5 - 7 1/4in. L x 5 1/4in. W x 3 3/4in. H 9) Storage rm. - 7 1/4in. L x 4 1/2in. W x 2in. H 10) Stairway Hall - 6 3/4in. L x 4 5/8in. W x 3 1/8in. H or with pillar toppers - 5 3/8in. H 11) Split Stairway - 6 3/4in. L x 3 7/8in. W x 2 1/2in. H 12) Stairway - 6 3/4in. L x 3 1/4in. W x 4in. H 13) Crumbled Stairway - 6in. L x 3in. W x 2 5/8in. H 14) Window wall - 5 3/8in. L x 1 1/8in. W x 2in. H 15) Corner wall - 4 7/8in. L x 3 1/4in. W x 1 1/8in. H 16) T-wall - 6 3/4in. L x 3 1/2in. W x 2 1/4in. H 17) Straight wall - 5 7/8in. L x 1in. W x 1 1/2in. H 18) Rubble with Pillars - 6 1/2in. L x 2 3/4in. W x 3/1/8in. H or with pillar topper - 5 3/8in. H 19) Rubble piles - 2 3/4in. L x 1 5/8in. W x 3 /4in. H 20) Pillar topper #1 - 2 5/8in. L x 1 5/8in. W x 2 1/4in. H 21) Pillar topper #2 - 1 1/2in. L x 1 1/2in. W x 1 1/4in. H 22) Pillar topper #3 - 1 3/4in. L x 1 5/8in. W x 1 1/4in. H list of pieces by number Pledge #1 is our most heartfelt Thank You and your name listed on our wall of heroes at our website
  23. Noggin The Nog - The Miniatures!

    About this project In the lands of the North, where the Black Rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long the Men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale... and this tale is one of bringing the works of Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate to life in the form of metal miniatures suitable for both collecting and gaming. Peter Firmin and Daniel Postgate, Oliver's son, have given their licensed blessing to this project. Every miniature produced will be lovingly packaged in the heart of the lead belt, otherwise known as Nottingham, and then shipped to all backers. There are many more miniatures in the offing provided funding is reached which will encourage me to keep going....and to ensure my bank manager doesn't rue the day I walked through his door a few months back with a tiny acorn of an idea..... The 16 initial sculpts, by the awfully talented Martin Buck, have already been mastered by the also talented hands of another dedicated Noggin fan, Peter Brown of The Mouldmaker. Each miniature is on a 20mm round base (although these have shrunk slightly in the moulding process) and average about 30mm in height. Peter Firmin has been actively involved in the consultation, refinement and approval of the final figures after all, they are his creation! Daniel Postgate, Oliver's son, is of course involved in the project for Smallfilms. They will be cast in a white metal alloy and boxed in a rather nice presentation set unless you choose the single blister option. Packaging work in progress Although all of the miniatures look wonderful in the bare metal as supplied, they really come alive with the addition of a little paint and colour - look at what can be achieved in the pics below - fabulous paintwork from the gifted hands of brush maestro Andrew Taylor A lot more sculpts are planned, some are works in progress that will be posted as updates throughout the course of the Kickstarter. This Kickstarter is to allow the production of the first 16 sculpts as a set and to finance the production of the rest.
  24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infamyminis/infamy-collectibles The Infamy: Collectibles range combines larger scale full miniatures, busts and complex or special kits. It is aimed aimed primarily at painters and collectors, but some of the models have also been designed with crossover potential in mind for gamers. There's no specific theme or setting - the only criteria for entry into the Collectibles range is that a model is cool and exciting! Each model has been designed and sculpted by amazing artists, will be cast in the high-quality resin that Infamy has become know for, and packed up in luxury bespoke boxes.