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Found 14 results

  1. Infinity War Trailer

    The first trailer for Marvel's Infinity War was released today. It looks amazing, but I can't help but worry it will be a big muddled mess. Part of me is a little sad to see this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to an end. There were some highs and lows, but in general it has been a very enjoyable trip. I can still remember watching the original Iron Man movie for the first time. How quickly the years have passed. I will have to plan a big Marvel movie marathon before next May. :)
  2. Ok, just came across this bizarre trailer on Youtube of Russian Fantasy Movie produced by Disney. I think it's a real thing, at least according to this Hollywood reporter article: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-russia-local-language-movies-885954 Anyway if you want to see Baba Yaga in her flying mortar, plus a great shot of her hut running, check it out...
  3. Thor Ragnarok Trailer

    Looks incredibly zany and fun! https://youtu.be/v7MGUNV8MxU
  4. Aliens Warrior boxed Set

    Not Reaper minis, but with the upcoming Alien Covenant movie I thought these would be appropriate. Long out of production 25mm Miniatures 20300, Alien Warrior Boxed Set #1. They were sculpted by Bob Ridolfi in the early 90's for Leading Edge Games. I went with three diffrent color just for a change. I added acid saliva in the mouth of one of them and a big wound on another one.
  5. Iron Sky the Coming Race...

    The gang behind the Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning and Iron Sky are at it again.... This time it's Reptilians, and Maggie Thatcher is among them. There's 4 days left and they'd really like some extra cash for post production and CGI... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kill-the-reptilian-pope-in-iron-sky-2-movie#/
  6. So as the topic line says, a movie about all things Wargaming: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/954318608/miniature-wargaming-the-movie-0
  7. Krampus, the movie

    For you Wiebe Krampus fans out there, he's finally getting his Hollywood debut. https://youtu.be/h6cVyoMH4QE
  8. OK Everyone. I'm so jazzed by the minis SGHawkins09 sent me for the 2015 summer exchange. This was the Bone Earth Elemental 77185 painted in an ice/snow theme, based as such. It might be a great proxy for a certain Disney Movie all the kids know by heart these days... She fogot to take pictures, so I did her the honor. She should be very proud of her work. I love how in certain shots/angles, the snow effect looks like it's melting! This figure and its partner have taken up front positions on the Shelf of HonorTM
  9. A tribute to the best movie of last year, and probably my favorite movie of all time: John Wick (with Keanu Reeves)! Though I have a weakness for action movies in general, and assassin/hitman/spy on revenge spree movies particularly . These are the minis that gave their life for John Wick: Body from 50051: Max Decker, Private Eye ($5.99) Hand with Gun from 50010: Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD ($4.99) Other Hand from http://www.reapermin...rn/latest/80009 Head from http://www.reapermin...rd/latest/89028 Before paint: Reference pics: And finally, the paintjob! Edited for spelling
  10. Didn't see any post about this: Going to see it NOW at the 7:50 showing here in Birmingham! Will life be the same after tonight? I think not!
  11. Avengers 2

    Avengers 2 Can I assume we've all seen this by now? Can I assume we are all going to go see this now? Also, Pinocchio reference.
  12. LEGO Movie

    I just saw the The LEGO Movie tonight with my 15 year old son and my parents and, in essence, "everything is awesome"! It's funny, fast and furious and the animators responsible for pulling together all the scenes must have had SO MUCH FUN! It's definitely much more an adult movie than a kid's movie, as it's full of all sorts of references to pop culture and LEGO history that will definitely hit the mark for most over-40 LEGO Builders and the many of the savvy over-30's. At our showing there were numerous points where belly laughs erupted throughout the theatre, as well as some honestly felt cheering and well deserved clapping. The few really young kids in the audience may have gotten a bit bored in a couple of places, but most of the film was filled with enough frenetic action to make up for that. Totally Five Stars! ★★★★★
  13. DnD Movie in production

    Just saw that Warner Brothers is producing a new DnD movie. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/warner-bros-acquires-rights-dungeons-dragons-movie-224003769.html So anyone want to give odds on this one being a commercial success?
  14. It's 3:30am EST on the 14th of December, 2012. And I have just gotten home from seeing The Hobbit's first installment at the sneak preview. Quite an excellent movie. I won't go into it much as I assume many of us ReaperHeads will be off to add our hard earned Kickstarter monies towards the movie this weekend. Personally, our group had no issues with the 48 frame rate nor the 3D. Everything was spectacular looking. No real grousing to be had from this end aside from the fact that it took some time getting underway. Look for some familiar faces. Couple of them were surprises, at least to me anyways. Let's give it the weekend before posting spoilers and what not. Enjoy the show.