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Found 1 result

  1. Just like the title says - what are you playing and/or running for your RPG friends right now? Give us details! For myself I am currently only running one RPG - D&D 4E that started in Eberron and has now landed itself in a homebrew-Dark Sun world (if you've read the outstanding trade Planet Hulk it is basically Sakaar but with more elves - seriously 80% the freaking party are elves or half elves!). I am planning on the PCs spending a good amount of time here before they find a way off of Athas/Sakaar - and onto Mystara! This will be a whirlwind tour of some of my favourite campaign worlds with a over-arching, pan dimensional BBEG behind it all. I was playing in a very spotty Basic RPG (it is based off of the original Holmes/Moldvay boxed sets) that while I loved the DM and the story driven game he was trying to build the 3 other players really weren't on board with the whole thing and tried multiple times to strong arm the DM into giving them all sorts of ridiculous perks and powers. The DM mostly said no but caved on a few key points (allowing Druids, Paladins and Nercomancers into a 'basic' fantasy game was NOT a good idea) and spent most of the time scrambling to keep up to them. I was playing a half drunk halfling thief (yeah - like I said BASIC fantasy) and was honestly expecting the others to be similar bent. Added to the schedule change after 2 sessions and I just couldn't come out anymore. I am hoping to start a second RPG but this time with an old favourite of a lot of my gaming group - Warhammer FRP! I'll be using first edition as I am a luddite and 1st ed was perfect on its own