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Found 1 result

  1. Colonel Kane

    Colonel Kane's Play by post OSRIC

    Hello and welcome to another play by post. At Reaper Con, Pocket asked me when I was going to running another play by post. I thought about for a bit and I decided that I really wanted to run one again, so this is it. I wanted to do something slightly different this time. As I searched for something slightly different I looked through several games and I discarded all of them. I finally settled on using OSRIC rules and running The Castle Triskelion adventure. Castle Triskelion is labeled as a Megadungeon and as such this game could run for a while. So that is something you need to be aware of. The other point that you should be aware of is that All of the levels for Castle Triskelion are not done yet. The Outer Ward is done, but the inner ward is not finished just yet, however it is being worked on. Now I do not think it will be a huge issue there is plenty of stuff to keep you occupied in the Outer Ward and if push comes to shove I will find something to occupy you........ MAHAHAHAHA. What do you need to play in this campaign? Well all you need is a set of dice or a dice roller, internet access, and the players guide for OSRIC (link below). https://sites.google.com/site/pandarrow/ I have not run an OSRIC game before, but I have run 1ed games in the past and I have run other PbP using other games, so I will muddle through some how. The only character classes that I am disallowing the assassin and the thief, so pick one of the others. If you are wanting play a thief then pick the Scout class. It seems to be very close to the theif in abilities, so we are going to give it a go. At this time I am not disallowing any race, however you will start in a human town with only one or two families of dwarfs and halflings. To roll stats use a d10+8 and arrange to taste, if you get an 18 on strength then roll percentile. You will need to send me a character sheet. this can be in any form that you wish (Word, Excel, Open Office, PDF, NotePad, text in an email/pm) as long as I have all your information. I have made a spreadsheet in excel to help me keep track of all the characters, so I will be placing it in there, if you are missing info then I will ask for it. My email is brandonwfb@gmail.com. If you have played in one of my play by post before and you want in then you're in, however if you have not ever played in one of my play by post then don’t worry you can still get in. I am looking at about a week per post. I work a lot and I am kept busy on my off time. I will post on either Saturday night or Sunday morning, and would like your reply by Friday night or Saturday morning. If you have any questions do NOT hesitate to ask. I will either answer or I will find the answer. Number of Player is dependent on how many sign up, do I want 15 players, not really, however if I get 15 people interested, then we might just have 15. I have created a town and world which to start out in, nether are done. We can fill it in as we use it and find need for something. I may ask you to fill out your family. All character will belong to the Adventurer's Guild. You will be under a ‘contract’ from the Guild. I am looking at starting the first post on July 25th or there about, maybe earlier if everyone is ready before hand. There are a few things I want to finish and that will give you time to read through the player’s guide and any of the new classes. I have found an 'intro' adventure that I want to run before we jump into the whole Castle Triskelion adventure. So I will run it then we will start on Castle Triskelion. New note: I have been trying to get this ready for some time now and as a result a lot of this was written prior to recent events, which has seen the demise of my internet access from my home computer. Now I still have access from my phone, but I find things a bit harder than from a computer. I also work at a school and can get access there, however not until school starts. I hope that this will not slow things down, but it might, so please be aware of that. Thank you for taking the time to read this and at least considering playing in my game.