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Found 3 results

  1. So, 2017 was my first year in this hobby. I discovered the joys of miniatures. I discovered Reaper. I discovered Bones 4, and the Reaper forums with it. I'm going to post pictures of everything I've painted this year, more or less in order...with a bit of a blurb about my journey. Starting with before I joined these forums, my first miniatures. KOBOLDS - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72557 These were my first miniatures I painted. Yeah. I started with small kobolds... And with WizKids... (I didn't have primer on hand to start). GOBLINS - Reaper Bones - 77024 What comes after kobolds? Goblins. I have no idea how there are only 9, when they come in packs of 6....I only remember painting 9, as well...This is a mystery... Also, these guys got painted based on a Runescape quest...yeah. I'm a nerd. ADVENTURERS - WizKids Deep Cuts - 72596, 72597, 72600, 72601 So I used the WizKids adventures for Acolytes in my Hoard of the Dragon Queen game...yeah...these were my first human paint jobs. Golanth, Half Dragon Warrior - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03463 Golanth was the first metal mini I painted. I remember loving tinting his armor. I also had to base him to keep him from falling over. Various Furniture - Reaper Bones - 77319, 77138, 77137 I wanted some dungeon dressing... Swarms - Reaper Bones - 77129, 77128 Thanks to Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the enemies my players are most afraid of are...RAT SWARMS. Yeah, the rat swarms in ch.1 almost ended up with a TPK. Good times. Halfling Rogue - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72627 This chick was my first painted player mini. She was a halfling bard. I remember giving up on her eyes. Dracolisks - Reaper Bones - 77379 I was super proud of these guys when I first did them. I loved how the washes looked! Cultist - Reaper Bones - 77351 My goodness, I started to do detail with this guy! I'd actually discovered Reaper's forums with him, but I stayed just a lurker for a while. Andriessa, Female Wizard - Reaper Bones - 77386 OR 77381 (DDS2) I really spent a lot of time on her. I wanted to try and see just how detailed I could paint. More Goblins - WizKids Deep Cuts - 72579 More goblins. Black Bear (Companion Animals) - Reaper Bones - 77216 The druid kept turning into a bear. It made me angry, but I still painted him up a mini. Phoenix - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72563 I just kind of stuck some red ink on this one. Deep Ones - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - SKU ????????? (None of my searches are finding these guys) Peryton - Reaper Bones - 77392 I actually used reference photos for this guy! Spiders - Reaper Bones - 77025 Mister Mouse is scared of spiders and hates these guys. He insists I keep them put away. Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03340 Recognize her? She was the first mini I posted up on these forums! She was used as my mini for my player character, Ashes. She was also my first attempt at basing. Additionally, you might remember her being my avatar for a long while. Zombies - Reaper Bones - 77053, 77014 I played with some special effects with these guys. I still love the results! Skeletons - Reaper Bones - 77242, 77241, 77244, 77238, 77237 So many skeletons! I also think I have the wrong sku for my spearman... Ghast - Reaper Bones - 77159 Wraith - Reaper Bones - 77097 I tried adding a tuft of grass to this guy, in the back. Plant Thing - Reaper Bones - ????? I got this from Stoneskull...don't know the actual SKU. Bear - Reaper Bones - ?????? I have no idea the SKU on this bear - it came with Bones 3 core. He was my first attempt to paint for display, instead of tabletop. More Cultists and a Circle - Reaper Bones - 77351 I tried to get a glowy effect on the circle...I still like the first cultist I did a little better... Tombstone - Reaper Bones - ????? From Bones 3 Graveyard Necromancer - Reaper Bones - 77283 I hate the paint job I did on her...she's the last mini I painted using only Army Painter Paints... Level Up! - Reaper Learn to Paint Kit - 08907 And so, I leveled up (I have no clue where the gnome went, and the pirate apparently needs a touch-up) Adventuring Kid - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03783 And so, I tried to apply what I learned and also do NMM...this kid didn't turn out so great. But I tried! Hot Foot - Reaper ReaperCon 2017 Mousling - 01616 My FIRST MOUSLING!!!! I'm still really happy about how the bubbling lava came out. Also my lesson in painting before assembly. Bandit - Reaper Bones - ????? And so, I went back and tried speed painting something... Lizardman Archer - Reaper Bones - 77425 Speed painted to test Eldar colors... Wrapping Dragon - Reaper Special Edition - 05193 I finally start to be getting shading and eyes! Yay! Christmas Speed Paints - Reaper - ???, 77436, 77435, 77433, 01552 And so, I now speed paint at a much higher quality than I even slow painted at in the beginning. I feel like 2017 was great. 92 painted miniatures later, I think my skill has improved drastically. I hope my skill keeps improving in 2018!
  2. Slendertroll

    Germanic Warrior, AD9 (H&V Bust)

    This is a 1/12th scale bust by Heroes & Villains Miniatures. My second large-scale project, after the pirate bust (also by H&V) I did earlier this year. I ended up doing him as a limited palette experiment, with just a single spectrum of browns and yellows, plus some flesh tones for the skin,a few blue details (especially the eyes) and some similarly toned gold metallics. (I was going to do that cuff in NMM, but chickened out and opted for TMM instead.) Please feel free to check out the WIP thread. As always, massive props to bailey03's great Saxon raider tutorial.
  3. This is a 1/12th scale Bust from Heroes & Villains Miniatures. This is my first project outside the 28/32mm scale, and I really enjoyed it. Very high-quality cast and sculpting; I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the market for some cool large-scale historical minis. WIP here. Huge thanks to bailey03; his 54mm tutorial was incredibly helpful in getting the face as good as it is.