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Found 12 results

  1. For the Role Player that can't make up their mind! I give you the Eldritch Knight! or at least that is what I think it is called. I would wear armor too if I was tossing fireballs out like a crazy scooby doo villian. Another one of those Paizo Pathfinder minis prior to Reaper taking over. My friend has a bucket of them and I chose this one due to it's uniqueness. yes those are ashes and a body shaped scorch mark. TOASTY!
  2. First post on a reaper forum! I really enjoyed painting these little buggers. This was my first attempt at OSL. How can you not resist trying on these models! for the bases.
  3. This comes from a line of miniatures prior to Reaper taking on the Pathfinder line. Made by Paizo in 2005, you will probably be seeing more of these from me in the future since my friend wants every single one he has painted. At first I did not like this model, but after throwing some paint on...the sculpter proved me wrong. A lot of fun to paint too.
  4. I think I got the majority of the tags. Right, so, last Saturday one of my fellow gamers ambushes me with a couple of miniatures and asks if he can throw money at me to paint them. Naturally, I said yes. Because I work better with small groups, I am also painting the Holy Vindicator, after some .. um .. appropriate modifications. Anyway. I found Baron Blackshield in the Bin o' Shame, and offered him as an alternate, for the original miniature. This was accepted with glee and, I can only assume, much anticipation. Mr. Moonwalker is going to get a bit of a Mad-Max-style makeover (.. okay, as best I can manage. I may stage a raid for rust-effect stuff). He will, however, keep his hat. His Grace the Baron has had his sword swapped out for a staff (Dragonlance wizards don't get swords). If I'm feeling punchy, I may even make him up a base. The unsuspecting Holy Vindicator is going to lose his sword arm and gain a mace hand. This may involve green stuff.
  5. Starfinder announced I'm a little surprised that I haven't seen any chatter here about this. Seems like it would be right a number of alleys here.
  6. Pathfinder Adventure Path Carrion Crown Part 1 The Haunting of Harrowstone By Michael Kortes Copyright 2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC Using the Pathfinder Rules from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and The Advanced Player's Guide Copyright 2009 and 2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC Also uses Open Game License content, compliant with version 1.0a Copyright 2000 by Wizards of the Coast Inc
  7. Hi! One of my buddies sent me this link. I want to enter but I have only played home campaigns of pathfinder, so sadly, I may not be able to... unless anyone has a character they want me to try to paint.. Pathfinder Society Contest Link *** The theme this time is a hand-painted Pathfinder Society mini. Whether a favorite player character or a beloved NPC, as long as it is from the Pathfinder Society and your creation it counts. The prize? Gift certificates to! First place will win $25 and three runners up will get $15 each. The crunchy bits for entering: You may only enter once Entries must be submitted to Include a photo of your mini and a name for the character portrayed (NOTE: Photos may be resized or cropped to better show off the mini for voting. We suggest trying to send the biggest possible resolution to retain details for resizing. Any image format is acceptable!) Include your username Entries will be accepted until 12:00 PM Pacific time on January 11, 2016. Voting will open on January 18, 2016 and continue until February 1. *** Have fun and paint away. PS... someone tell Derek...
  8. Maftets are a winged human/lion blend that I think are unique to Pathfinder. Since the pre-paints are the only minis for them that I know of, I got a three of them. While the other two looked like standard WizKids fair, this poor girl arrived with splotches of silver on her skin, so I figured I'd do a repaint and base her coloring on the bestiary entry. Warning: Nudity
  9. These guys were my first attempts at painting wood grain. Could have gone a little better, but practice makes perfect! (Also: I need a steadier hand.) The general effect I was aiming for was "carved wood painted in thin paint by primitive tribe" so I tried to keep the wood grain a tiny bit visible through the paint of the masks.
  10. Heya guys, just got an email that Paizo are having a sale on selected stock over on their web-store until December 1st: A lot of content from other publishers and a lot of their older stuff. Some cheap adventure path stock here: Cheap dungeon tles:
  11. So I'm thinking about starting up and DMing a Pathfinder campaign with a few people from my regular D&D group. None of us have played Pathfinder before but I have easy access to the rulebooks and adventure path content. The majority of us have played D&D 3.5 (we now play 4th ed. and Rolemaster) so the switch-back to the 3.5 system won't be hard. I'm interested in Pathfinder mostly due my easy access to the adventure path stuff, (being able to buy .pdfs online is great!) because as much as I want to DM a game I don't have hours upon hours to come up with my own stories, monsters, etc. etc. I'd like to be able to play some pre-made adventures that require less work but are still fun. Given that none of my friends have played them either it'll be new to everyone. I wanted to ask what experiences with Pathfinder people have had. Any suggestions for a new DM? Are there any adventure path sets that you found especially fun? I'd like to start the group at 1st level, so I'm thinking of either starting off with Rise of the Runelords (1st level Burnt Offerings) or Curse of the Crimson Throne (1st level Edge of Anarchy.) Thanks in advance for all of the input!
  12. Just curious has anyone used both together during a game? The pawns that were introduced in the Beginner Box. Just curious if they look odd or good together & such. As the Pathfinder game & possibly the S&W game I'm gonna run at RCon this year calls for a few custom critters & while I'm gonna try & make them. Nice to know I can make unofficial pawns if I do. Really I want my game to look good for the players & such thx!