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Found 9 results

  1. Post Apocalyptic Punk

    Post Apocalyptic Punk Models I did for a commission Feed back is always appreciated.
  2. Gaslands

    Gaslands by Osprey Publishing. So, I have been curious about this title for some time and still don't actually have it but have finally gotten some details. Turns out it is a Car Wars style game using Wings of War style template movement! I am so pumped up to buy a bunch of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and convert the elf out of them! Cannot wait for this to reach the store!
  3. So I finished Los pollos hermanos from the awesome GCMINI, great piece. The building, jersey barriers, ac units and dumpster are all GCMINI, the copter is a revell kit with various die cast cars, balsa and posters printed from the Internet. This was a lot of fun and I am very happy with the results. Minis are reaper and frigate games.
  4. I really like this guy but I think I went a little to far into the Reds on his skin tone, anyhow here you go ;)
  5. 50318 Cactus Joe Gorilla Gunslinger

    I fashioned his poncho after the man with no name's from the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
  6. I had this one half-finished for quite a while, but I got the inspiration to get it done today. Quite happy with him, actually. Much better than that last droid I did. I'm looking forward to getting more of the em4 Future Skirmish figures and making up a Cursed Earth Desperadoes gang for Judge Dredd (with a few token mutants, of course).
  7. Wreck Age Female Stitchmen

    I tried to finish this one up around the time of the Pack Boar from the same company but wasn't able to get to it until now. Had a great color scheme planned out so I wanted to make sure I could come back to her. Not quite sure why she's leaning so much, I might have bent her feet without knowing it. Had fun painting the Khaki as well as the metals, I find painting metal anything buy grayscale to be much easier and I like how the more purple hue looks for it here, but this was a quicker paint job for me as I've got another trip this coming week so I had to make sure I could be done with her before that which means there's a few ugly areas that I'd do differently if I had the time (like the buttons\studs that just didn't turn out right). Not sure why I've never really linked to it before but here's the WIP.
  8. Kaustic Takes The Pain Away -Dark Age line

    I had some fun lighting up the base on this one. :)
  9. Wreck Age Pack Boar

    A quick paint job from Hyacinth Games. I got into their kickstarter over the summer due to the interesting RPG game attached to this line. Not a whole lot to say but I was just playing around with him color wise. I like how the skin and tusks turned out and the fur isn't bad--but not great. Did some wet blending for the first time here too but my rust pigments cover up most of it. Overall not bad for maybe 5-6 hours.