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Found 18 results

  1. This is a pre-launch thread, but should be launching on Kickstarter in April. Darkholds is a dungeon crawler boardgame - think Space Hulk crossed with Zombicide - containing lots of undead (including Wihtgar, Wihtboga, Wihtax, Gasts, Dreaguth and Tomb Spider) and six heroes, all in plastic. It's heroes versus the game. The heroes are Carrowek, Penda, Nerys, Gnith and Sáthach, plus a special KS only miniature that you can ONLY get if you purchase the boardgame, Morag of Mann. You can't get her separately and she will only be available during the Kickstarter. The retail version won't include her. I don't know why it keeps merging into a single post. But hopefully it stays.
  2. Pre-launch

    Zealot Miniatures 1 hr · Rally the Herd! Beat your drum and tag a friend so they know there are more new Minotaurs emerging from their dungeons Soon, coming to Kickstarter, a range of new multipart customizable minotaurs and a party of brave heroes to try and defeat them! 65-70mm tall to head.
  3. Hello people, i wanted to share with you 3D renders of a set composed by big and horrorific creatures that will be produced via kickstarter soon. They will be casted with polyurethane resin, while the "breed" will be casted in white metal. The Full Set consist of: 1) The Renegade Channeller - The Engineer 2)The Falling Hen 2b)Fallen Hen chicks 3)The Eager Toad 3b)Eager Toad toadlets (2 poses)
  4. After completing our Rise of the Mimics Kickstarter we are now ready to bring you Adventurescape Kits! Each Kit contains everything you need from the dungeon tiles to all of the accessories either Hand Painted by our partnership with Old Rogue Studios or Unpainted your choice! Kevin
  5. Pre-launch

    KS-3 teaser released today. Too soon to kindly ask for a new thread to open, so I'm -politely- dropping it here... KS-3 video teaser on YouTube
  6. Swarming out from several enormous dimensional Rifts, a horde of giant invaders, so different in shapes and sizes that they couldn’t belong to the same species, had apparently decided the time had come to bring Humankind to extinction. They got damn close to it too! Two years went by after the first invasion, years in which two thirds of the Earth’s population was wiped out. In order to survive, every single nation left aside any ideal of independence and united under the flag of the Earth Federation, dividing cities into Metropoleis and Refuges and attempting any possible strategy to stay alive… War Titans: Invaders Must Die, actually tells us a story deeply rooted in a distant period preceding the birth of our Sun, thus revolutionizing the Darwinian concept of human evolution. Our tale makes us discover the Shik’har, a magnificent race of space warriors. For an incredibly long time, the Shik’hars have fought triumphantly against any single species, creature concealing the seeds of evil, and has banished them one by one inside inaccessible dimensional prisons.
  7. Behold.. The Table of Ultimate Gaming We create and deliver amazing gaming table systems, with unmatched features, at a price you can afford. Discounted Kickstarter table packages on August 24th will start in the $500's including power and exclusive core features. Created from imagination, designed on computers and finished by hand, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is your gateway to a thousand worlds. The highest quality materials such as European birch and water based paints, matched with ground breaking designs, ensure fun and enjoyment with your friends for years to come. A new day has dawned. No longer must you compromise. Only the Table of Ultimate Gaming delivers what you desire, at a price you can afford. Our tables will be made available at a discounted rate beginning August 24th during our Kickstarter Campaign. Play.. Your Way Intelligent design and community feedback have created not just a game table, but a gaming system that adapts to your needs and style of play. - Select from two table sizes. We offer both 3'x5' or 4'x6' gaming surfaces. - Next select from a variety of colors and finishes. Natural birch, Storm Grey and Pitch Black are your first choices. - Now pick out your modular deco to customize your look. Dragons? Skulls? Celtic Knots? And you can change it up in the future also. Pick out a second design theme and change the table when you change your game. We also offer custom designs just for you, including personalization. - Finally, choose from a wide variety of play enhancing accessories. Cupholders, dice towers, DM screens, Hellbox towers of storage, card organizers, full table covers and pull out desk features are all available to you. Can Your Game Table Do This? Need even more flexibility? Have a gaming store or club that needs more sq footage of play space? No problem. Our tables are modular so you can combine them together to create the size and shape that you desire. The opportunity does not end when you buy your first table from us. It only begins. Unmatched modularity and flexibility guarantee you will never outgrow this rare gaming system. Create the layout of your dreams. Our tables can contain and manage any world you can dream up. We will offer two size tables to start with. The first has a 3'x5' playing surface and measures 3'9"x5'9" overall. The second has a 4'x6' playing surface and is 4'9"x6'9" overall. Height is table height. Both sizes are fully modular so you can buy more than one table and create many larger table shapes and designs. Some small special parts may be required for certain ambitions table combinations. Please check with us if you have certain configuration needs for joining multiple tables so we can take care of you. In the near future options will be available to convert to bar height or coffee table height. All of our products are designed on computers and cut by robotic CNC. Then the parts are hand finished. They are designed to ship flat-pack to you for affordability. Assembly is required and we strive to keep that as simple as possible. Many things are pre-assembled for you. The primary material we use is renewable, very dense European birch plywood. The short growing season of our birch trees ensures a very dense and hard grain. Perfect for long life and a quality experience for you and your friends. We use natural finishes and water based paints. The playmats are custom made and similar to a mouse pad. They can be removed if desired to reveal a beautiful solid surface beneath.
  8. No link yet. No additional info. Just a pic.
  9. Hello everyone. I am launching and managing a 28mm Vikings Kickstarter for Acheson Creations this Monday at 8am. I created a Facebook event to help promote. Please check share the event page and follow the "ticketing" link to take you to the preview of the Kickstarter. Thanks! EVENT LINK PHOTO GALLERY
  10. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay is a 1-5 player co-op dungeon crawl miniatures board game designed by Jonathan Phillips-Bradford and Heath Foley featuring minis sculpted by Patrick Keith.
  11. Pre-launch

    Red Box Games July 14 at 10:41am · Ok slight changes in the composition of the Dvergr Kickstarter. Right now ready to go to produciton I have; male Elder Wizard Female wizard Male apprentice female apprentice Modular man at arms modular thug Modular man at arms Male thief female thief Male ranger Female ranger Female barbarian with battle axe Male barbarian with wrahammer Male barabarian with two handed sword Male pack mule Female man at arms Female man at arms B Not quite ready; female thug Male tracker Male treasure hunter Male infantryman Male knight Female knight. i am working on getting the pics edited and the page ready and finishing up these last few items over the weekend. I am hoping to launch sometime late next week but I will let you guys know more definitely as it gets closer. OK Gang!! Sculpting for the Warbands of the Cold North IV is done and the figures are off to Valiant for molding.....Now it is time for the next RBg project...... DWARVES!!!!! This will be another Warbands project and will expand the current range of RBG dwarves with a new set of semi modular dwarven fighters3 fitted for right and left hand options, and one fitted for right hand options and one fitted for two handed weapon options and all having interchangeable heads. Along with those I will have a new dwarven elder and his apprentice 4 new female dwarves as well. The warriors and the females are already finished. The elder is almost finished and the Apprentice is underway, and I also intend to make a new set of armoured semi modulars as well. This campaign will be launching before delivery on the last warbands campaign is complete. I just simply cannot afford to wait to complete delivery on WBCN IV before launching a new project.
  12. FB link to gallery:
  13. Pre-launch

    Meanders2 Wave2 Digital Sci-fi Terrain drops in 2 days time on the 21st May. A preview is here: This will be the biggest sci-fi map project ever attempted and potentially over 145 giant new maps for Scifi RPG. You can get Vector Packs, Commercial Licenses, and much more. You can also have your name or even company logo put into my Meanders as a bonus just by backing early. There are downloadable banners on the preview that you can take to share the project around on groups and sites. Thanks for reading, hope to see you there. Cheers :)
  14. "We’re pleased to announce our plans to launch our 5th Kickstarter later this spring (probably in May, but the firm date is still TBD). The focus of this year’s campaign is taking us back underground into the dungeon! We’ll be posting some initial photos here from time to time and would love to hear your thoughts!" To your wallets in May (TBA) ! (First topic I'm creating here, hope I did it right)
  15. Link will go here when live..