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Found 28 results

  1. Evidently Jerry Pournelle passed away two days ago at home. I quite enjoyed reading his books when I was younger. I may have to go and break a few favorites out of storage.
  3. Went to sleep sadder than when I went to bed. Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis (born Joseph or Jerome Levitch, depending on the source; March 16, 1926 – August 20, 2017) was an American actor, comedian, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter, and humanitarian. He was known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio. He and Dean Martin were partners as the hit popular comedy duo of Martin and Lewis. Following that success, he was a solo star in motion pictures, nightclubs, television shows, concerts, album recordings, and musicals.
  4. Rest in Peace Nelson Ellis. Only 39..
  5. R.I.P. Gregg!
  6. Rest in peace to the first man I remember being 007.
  7. RIP Geoffrey Balydon, one of my childhood heroes! Catweazle, died at the age of 93. Cause has not been confirmed, I suspect a miscast spell.
  8. RIP Emma Morana. Now you may be asking who is she? I've never heard of her. And you wouldn't have. She was a normal person that lived a normal life. She was also the last person alive that was born in the 1800s. The world's oldest person (officially at least) is now someone who was born in 1900.
  9. He didn't work for Walt Disney that long, but his work was pretty influential. Without his pastels, Bambi just wouldn't have been the same. 106 years young.
  10. 2016 strikes again... RIP Alan Thicke - AKA Mr. Seaver on Growing Pains. Seemed like a good guy who loved hockey and his family. He was 69. ETA: It was a heart attack while playing hockey with his son.
  11. Rest in peace...
  12. Another one gone... QUE? 2016?
  13. I will always feel the chill of Susan takes you down to the river. Another hero less in my world. Jay
  16. Who? You've probably seen her.
  17. Actor Anton Yelchin, known for playing Pavel Chekov in the newest reboot of the "Star Trek" franchise, died today in a freak accident, apparently pinned between his car and a brick post in his driveway. He was 27.
  19. He was only 57.
  20. He was also in James Bond films and "Doctor Who".
  22. Madeleine LeBeau, the last surviving actor from the film "Casblanca", died earlier this month at the age of 92 after complications from a broken hip. LeBeau played Yvonne, a French woman who flirted with Nazi soldiers after breaking up with Humphrey Bogart's Rick, but who joined tearfully in singing "La Marseillaise" in the famous scene of defiance. LeBeau had fled France with her husband, Marcel Dalio after the Nazis used his photo on a "How to identify Jewish features" poster. Dalio played the croupier Emil in the film.
  23. "It was never dull."
  24. And on the age of 90 Sir George Martin passed away. He was known as the 5th Beatle. After other record companies had turned them down he was the guy to get them a record deal. Without him The Beatles might not have had the influence on music they've had.