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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, welcome to My First Post! Population: Us. The last time I painted miniatures I was probably about 12, which for those of us keeping score was 20 years ago. I pulled them out recently since my friends and I are getting back into D&D. They're the plastic miniatures that came with the game Hero Quest, and honestly, I'd say they weren't half bad for a 12 year old borrowing colors out of his dad's model airplane paints. (I basically just painted solid colors, no washes, no highlights, no thinning, etc.) That said, I've done a lot of reading the past few weeks and repainted a few of them for practice with some basic to intermediate techniques that were completely unknown to preteen me. Now that I've got a little comfort with the brush, I'm diving into my first real test project: Olaf, Viking Chieftain. I picked him for the following Very Important Reasons (TM). 1) I got him cheap along with a few other minis to paint in an eBay auction. 2) He won't be representing any of the PCs in our game, so how he ends up looking is of little consequence. He'll be a good low-stakes learning project, but one where I like the sculpt and will be motivated to do a good job. 3) He arrived primed, which makes it easier to get started what with temperatures well below the recommended range for spray painting right now. Before I actually dive in, here he is: And here are my first questions: 1) There are a few spots where the primer has chipped off during shipping. (At least, I assume that's what happened.) Do I need to strip it and start over? Can I just lightly brush paint some black onto those spots? 2) His axe will need to be bent back into place. From what I understand, some hot water and patience can help make that happen. Should I worry about the primer on the shaft of his axe cracking or wrinkling or anything like that? If so, what should I do about it? 3) Any picture taking tips? My wife has a digital camera with a macro feature and a "super macro" feature. Super macro disables the flash and the lighting in our house isn't great at night, so these pics were taken with the regular macro and flash. (Right now this is less about my vanity and more about getting the best quality pics to post so that I can get the best constructive feedback I can.)