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Found 4 results

  1. Crimson_king_of_the_tower

    First time to reaper con!

    I haven't been on the forums in a while so hi again all! So I'm finally in a situation where me and my wife will be able to make it to reapercon and have already booked the room. My post here is what are some of the highlights, how does it all work things like that really looking forward to going!
  2. JackMann

    ReaperCon Cosplay

    So, we have about two months right now to prepare our cosplay options. I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we discuss our ideas and perhaps seek suggestions. Myself, I'm basically at the ground state on my costume. I have some accessories I can put to the purpose, but no overall idea, except for the Con's Western theme. Assets: Broad-brimmed black leather hat, somewhat cowboyish. Black safari vest, replete with pockets for storing assorted items. Two TA-57 Soviet Field Telephones. Assorted souvinirs from Afghanistan Hats in various styles Khaffiyeh and Aqal, here modeled by a tonberry, and various knives Two feline assistants The obvious costume would be something Lawrence-of-Arabia-like, maybe buying a dishdasha. However, that doesn't fit in with the convention's western theme. I do have some westernish hats, but I don't have much to make a western costume stand out. I could perhaps try to convert the field telephones into something more steampunkish, and go from there. Any thoughts?
  3. There are a couple of small changes that I wanted to call out for the painting competition, most people are already aware of these. The theme for 2016 is Horror, unfortunately I forgot to tell Bryan to update that page in the rules where it is still listing the 2015 Science Fiction Theme. We are extending the Saturday deadline to 1pm instead of Noon. The hours listed in the schedule are for viewing, here are the hours that we will be accepting entries. Drop off Hours Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday 9am - 5pm (This is the deadline for those attending the whole con, NO EXCEPTIONS) Saturday 9am - 1pm (This is a change, we are stretching it out an hour, This is the deadline for those attending only on Saturday, NO EXCEPTIONS) Pick Up Hours Saturday 9pm - 10pm (For those only attending on Saturday after the banquet and awards ceremony) Sunday 9am - 2pm (Entries need to be picked up before the auction on Sunday[2:30pm])
  4. So Here is the Ranger Josey Wales.... If you have been following my WiP, you'll know why he is called that.... I started this mini as a piece for one of the players in our Pathfinder game, and suddenly, something went absolutely right with the face and hair, and suddenly, people are encouraging me to enter him in the ReaperCon Painting Competition.... So I really pushed myself to make him the best he could be... Trying a few new techniques, and taking extra care with everything I did... Hope you like him. Due to the pose of the mini, I took pics from the normal top down angle, and then some pics from below... A wonderful mini to paint, but DO NOT assemble him first!!!! Lots and lots of times I cursed myself for doing that... Comments and critiques welcome! George