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Found 1 result

  1. I know everyone likes to get a head start on this kind of thing so I'm starting of the Manufacturer Awards thread for ReaperCon 2017. I will update this first post as additional manufacturers are added. Please note that currently the ReaperCon website is listing Dark Sword as participating. While we anticipate Jim jumping in like he always has, Dark Sword participation is not official at this time. Secret Weapon Miniatures - Best Weathering Trophy - This is awarded to the best use of weathering on any entry in the competition. There is no monetary reward for this one, just the lovely weathering trophy from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Scale 75 - Will be provided prizes (actual prizes/trophies still to be determined) for the following three entry types: 1) Best Scale 75 Fantasy/Steam Punk Figure Award: Best Piece will get a $75 voucher to use on the website. 2) Best Scale 75 Historical Figure. Award: Best Piece will get a $75 voucher to use on the website. 3) Best Fallen Frontiers Figure or Diorama. Award: Best Piece or Diorama will get a copy of Fallen Frontiers game. $99 value. If any entry presenting a Scale 75 figure or diorama wins the Best of Show Award. We will present them with a Fantasy & Games Color Complete paint set. Value $195 Bombshell Miniatures - Will providing you with a lot of opportunity to get one of their snazzy Maelee Trophies along with Bombshell webstore credit: Best Bombshell Babe category Best Bombshell Counterblast category Best Bombshell KritterKin category Best Bombshell Sidekick category Best Bombshell Diorama/Vehicle/Large Miniature category Each of these categories will be awarded a: 1st place (gold Maelee trophy - $75 web store gift credit), 2nd place (silver Maelee trophy - $50 web store gift credit), and 3rd place (copper Maelee trophy - $25 web store gift credit). Best Bombshell Miniature award chosen from the 1st place winners of the five above categories which will include a $100 web store gift credit in addition to the trophy. Patrick, Mary Profitt, and Vicki will be judging the entries same as last year. Bombshell is planning on promoting the competition through various venues, and hopes to see an increase in entries this year. Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible. Kabuki Studio - Will be offering a 300 euro prize for the Best Kabuki Entry in the ReaperCon 2017 Competition Trenchworx - Will be sponsoring the Vehicle category at ReaperCon 2017. The best entry in the Vehicle/Ordnance category will receive a T-35 Tank Kit from Trenchworx. This is a beautiful resin and white metal kit with an MRP of $80.00 Dark Sword Miniatures 1) Single Miniature 1st Place $150 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit 2nd Place $100 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit 2) Diorama 1st Place $150 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit 2nd Place $100 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit 3) Critter Kingdom (Anthropomorphic Animals); can be either a single miniature or a diorama - simply carving out a separate category for our Critter Kingdoms minis. 1st Place $150 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit 2nd Place $100 dollars in Dark Sword Store Credit Dark Sword is adding the following rules: Dark Sword Miniatures manufacturer award prize support is not open to Dark Sword studio painters that have been paid to paint for Dark Sword. Any such entries can still compete in the overall ReaperCon painting competition, they are simply not eligible for the Dark Sword prize support listed above.