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Found 29 results

  1. Weird-O

    Iron Wind Metals - Kodiak

    Painted in the colors of Clan Goliath Scorpion, Delta Galaxy.
  2. Some stuff from my Clan Jade Falcon forces I finished a while back, and a Turkina finished more recently.
  3. Been working on my Star League collection for a long time, in dribs and drabs. I think I've actually broken the halfway point, but more importantly, I've actually gotten one of the component companies of my 146th Dragoon Regiment army finished. So without further ado, here's my command company: The Black Knight is a very popular and effective machine for SLDF commanders that still find themselves on the actual battlefield on a regular basis. The Command 'Mech quirk aids in doing the actual job of command, while the 'mech's legendary toughness and solid firepower do a good job at keeping said commander alive during trouble and eliminating that trouble, respectively. The Mackie and Guillotine are no-nonsense bodyguards, with one being a giant imposing brute to draw fire(and eliminate it), while the other is a maneuverable brute to outflank attackers(and eliminate them). The Falcon provides local reconnaissance, and a mobile threat to keep headhunters wary. It should be noted that the presence of two Beagle Probes makes this a very hard lance to ambush, allows the commander to monitor several remote sensors simultaneously, and(in Alpha Strike) spot for very accurate artillery support. Though part of the Command Lance, the fifth member rarely fights alongside them, instead being told by his boss to take his Exterminator and "Go thataway *gestures vaguely in the direction of the enemy* and be a pain in someone else's behind." He then proceeds to do exactly that, seeking out supply caches, convoys, and other soft targets to hit. The 146th is not a Royal regiment, so it is very unlikely that this mech is one of those equipped with the stealth systems that make Exterminators so famous, so actually taking on enemy command lances is unlikely except in the most favorable conditions. Second Lance is a much less subtle formation, existing solely to bring the larger two members of the lance to the battlefield. The two Sniper pieces carried by Helepolis BattleMechs don't represent the most powerful artillery battery out there, but mounting them on mechs does provide them with notable advantages. They can move through any terrain other mechs can, allowing them to keep up with their compatriots even in situations where vehicular or towed guns would get left behind. The armor and conventional firepower of a Helepolis means they don't need near as Mich of an escort as other batteries. Finally, their armor makes them better able to handle counter-battery fire. While I wouldn't try to sit still and engage in an artillery duel, being able to tank even a Long Tom hit or two before being forced to move can make a big difference when your side is depending on every shell you can send downrange. After all that, the other two mechs might almost seem like afterthoughts, but the Kintaro makes for an effective and mobile bodyguard(especially when its NARC boosts the effectiveness of the Helepolis's own weapons), and the Hermes' flamer can create smoke cover. It is also an excellent scout/spotter, being one of the fastest mechs in the unit. I say "one of", because every mech in this next lance easily claims that title by a huge margin. You want recon, here's your recon. Two Phoenix Hawks, one Stinger and one Wasp make for a deadly quartet of LAMs, able to perform scout or strike missions all along a HUGE battlefield. They cannot engage in pitched combat against ground or air forces, but their mere presence means that opposing forces cannot leave anything unguarded, lest it be destroyed as quickly as it is found. If I'm using the WSP-100 model, then in permissive air environments the Wasp can circle the battlefield at high altitude, using a TAG pod in the bomb bay to light up targets for guided munitions.
  4. Some Battletech stuff, painted in the colors of the Atrean Dragoons of the Free Worlds League. Orion: Trebaruna: Carronade:
  5. The first few in what will eventually be a reinforced company from the Capellan Confederation's Warrior House Imarra: A Raven and a Yu Huang.
  6. Been a long time since I've posted anything, been going through my collection of Battletech stuff. A lot is old Ral Partha unseen, these ones are the newer Iron Wind resculpts. I really didn't like the 1st Marik Militia color scheme when I started, I just wanted to do a "purple" Marik unit, but it grew on me and now these are some of my favourites. Currently working on a Comstar company. Having a lot less fun with that. Flat white color schemes are not a strong point of mine. ;P Getting better though.
  7. Watchman

    Before C.A.V.

    Since I have been posting, I have displayed C.A.V., Star Trek Attack Wing, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, Star Fleet Battles, MATAAC, but not Battle Tech/Battle Droids. So to correct the situation, the extent of the BT force when CAV intervened : This is a Taurian Corps (more equivalent to a standard Division but in keeping with the stated structure...) Corps: Corps HQ: Corps assets of: Cyclops Command Mech, 2 Atlas Security, 2 Artillery Batteries (Bombardier, Longbow), an A/A Rifleman battery, 3 Stealth Exterminators, and miscellaneous, towed hvy artillery, helo transport and security robots. Helo is from Superior and the robot were from 40K Terran troops, I think. These are for combat team detachments: Aviation assets: 1st. Regiment HQ 1st.Battalion: Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies: 2nd. Battalion: Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies: 3rd. Battalion: Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies: 2nd. Regiment HQ: 1st. Battalion: Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies: 2nd. Battalion: Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., & 3rd. companies: 3rd. Battalion Mechanized (MATAAC): Battalion HQ: 1st., 2nd., 3rd., & 4th. companies: This last group was for a scenario for the location of an abandoned Star League Base hidden on the edge of Taurian Space. The base was rumored to be full of new Toros and Crabs never deployed, which you can see there are 25 of each: Any mechs that are not primed were acquired during the CAV build up. More jobs to add to the list. Any shots of something not clear enough let me know and I will get an in close picture.
  8. This is Iron Wind Metal's BattleTech 20-466, "Neptune Submarine", which comes in both a free-standing underwater and half-submerged at the surface form. I am painting it / them up as a Yellow Submarine. It seemed to fit. The set comes with a basic torpedo shape and a half-torpedo shape and separate pieces for the conning towers; guns; propellers; and each and every individual sail plane, stern plane and rudder -- a lot of very fiddly tiny not-quite-the-same near-trapezoids that require very careful holding while gluing. I haven't mounted the whole submarine on its base yet because I am unsure whether I care for the base's aesthetics. Not shown: white priming. These are painted with a mix of Yellow Ochre and Titanium White which is a little more creamy and less golden in real life. It is semi-translucent: Then I mixed slightly more white in to make a just barely paler, more opaque golden yellow and applied it to the upper surfaces: I plan to glaze in some really bright yellow later and add some bright colors to the detailing, not exactly duplicating the paint job in the "Yellow Submarine" movie, but following a similar spirit.
  9. Thrym

    Battlemech UrbanMech

    30-ton Battlemech UrbanMech Capellan Regular Unit Paint Scheme This walking turret is scary in urban settings where it's hard for everyone to move. Slow and ponderous, the lack of a large engine to move it allows it to carry a wallop. Reaper Spattered Gore, Reaper Scorched Metal, Reaper Sunshine Yellow and Reaper Black. Washed with Reaper Walnut Brown.
  10. Thrym

    Battlemech Phoenix Hawk

    45-ton Battlemech Phoenix Hawk Command Conversion, Yellow/Maroon Paint Scheme I will take better pics later. Vallejo Japanese Uniform, Reaper Maroon Red, Reaper Red Shadow, Scale Color Thrash Metal, and Scale Color Black Metal.
  11. Thrym

    Battlemech Assassin

    40-ton Battlemech Assassin Jungle/Forest Paint Scheme I will take better photos soon. Reaper Griffon Tan, Vallejo Yellow Green, Reaper Walnut Brown are the main colors.
  12. Arc 724

    Stalker-MWO Big Wally 2.0

    I gave this as gift to a Battletech buddy, Wally. He told me a story when we first started playing about how in the mid 90's he would play with a group and use his Classic Ral Partha Stalker and just mow people down from long range. He spoke about it often and always tells the story to new players. I decided since he got me into Battletech and war gaming I would go all out for his birthday. In addition to this miniature I bought him a wet pallet, as he had never used one (i know how is that even possible), and a Battletech Mech Damage T-shirt I found on Amazon. He was blow away. Here's to you old friend! Cheers! I hope you guys like this one. I really like these Mech Warrior Online designs. They are modern and updated. They have the look i've always wanted in Battletech. You'll notice if you look hard enough you can see destroyed mech markings on one side and the name big WALLY on the other. The number "16" is for the 2016. And I went with a blue cockpit glass because the shirt I bought him was blue. I did a combination sand and flocking on the base. The sand is painted to look like rock. He (like my other mechs) is on an MDF hex base I purchased from Waresnal. Questions and comments are more than welcomes, Thank you my friends, ~Arc.
  13. Arc 724

    Battletech Support Lance +1

    Just finished this lance (plus 1) and thought I would show it around a bit. To see more detail photo's of the individual mechs please go to IB Studios Battletech Support Lance plus 1 Questions and comments are always welcome. Thank you my friends.
  14. Painting In Memorium, Amalor Myrnnyx From my entry post for the submissions: Let me start out saying that the mech painted below couldn't touch one of Amalor's mech paint jobs. I learned a lot just from examining what he did. 60-Ton Dragon DRG-1N Mech Unlike the previous mechs I painted in the schema, the Dragon mech has lots of details with the armor "scales" so it was difficult to get paint coverage and maintain the details. When I first did the "dragon skull" the eyes at the left and the right were too small. You can see it in the preview image from the memorial post: So when I went to do the basing I added a larger section to the "eye" and that allowed me to break up the two large white plains a bit. I also used a micro pen to strengthen lines and details all over the mech. They are quite handy for doing details. You just have to remember they are ink instead of paint and they don't dry right away. I will sometimes use some acrylic sealer to expedite the process of drying the ink. I have the Micron 01 Assorted Colors Pens. Here's a group shot of the previously painted lance schema with the Dragon. It was taken before finishing touches were added to the Dragon. Comments and Criticism welcome. I know it's not nearly up to Amalor's level but it's in the spirit of my old lance and I did manage to get something quite similar.
  15. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Tanks for the Memories

    Most of this week was taken up by prep work, but I got a couple things done. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Olive drab - CAV Hunter Urban camo - Pack Rat
  16. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Steele Heart BattleMaster

    As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome.
  17. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Reborn after 20+ years

    This was a very special commission. One of my local players painted a Hatamoto-Chi while serving in Desert Storm. I was asked to recreate the scheme he did so many years ago. BattleTech - Hatamoto-Chi
  18. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Spiking the punch

    Presented this week are Hasslefree's William (or not-Spike), along with a couple more BattleTech goodies. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown halloween candy welcome. Hasslefree - William FWL 1st Regulan Hussars - Mad Cat IV Wolf-in-Exile Omega - Mad Cat LC 5th Lyran Guards - Bombardier
  19. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Steele Hearts and Steel Blades

    I wanted to do a week without any Mechs, but I just couldn't. This beautiful Berserker repose that Mr Balk did for me was calling my name. I decided to do this piece in the colors of a merc unit from an early campaign in my BT days, the Steele Hearts. Also this week, my Nefsokar army gains a few new members, and my Pathfinder group finally gets their characters. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Steele Hearts - Berserker Reaper Warlord - Netikerti Reaper Warlord - Arik Tallazar Reaper Warlord - Dust Devil Reaper Warlord - Dust Devil Reaper Pathfinder - Damiel, Iconic Alchemist Reaper Pathfinder - Cleric of Calistria Hasslefree - Sana
  20. Amalor Myrnnyx

    Camo, and other Mech colors

    A sampling of what I've been up to this past week. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Mars camo - UrbanMech Crossfire Woodland Camo - Raven Aquatic Camo - Javelin Forest Camo - Cyclops CAT Yellow - ConstructionMech CC House Lu Sann - Men Shen DC 2nd Sword of Light - Phoenix Hawk