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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone. In an attempt to put some non Bones 3 items on the forums, I present some Storm Troopers. It's been a while since I've posted my own pics. I've been working diligently for the last 15 months trying to finish the first set of Imperial Assault miniatures. I'd previously posted my Probe Droids and Imperial Officers. Below are my Storm Troopers. I did follow the Sorastro guides. If anyone doesn't know about those, it is a well produced set of You Tube videos worth checking out. These storm troopers almost killed the desire to do the whole project. I have been using almost exclusively Reaper paint, despite the tutorials using GW paint. This means I sprayed the troopers with white primer, then slathered on a bunch of Reaper Black Wash. It took 3-6 layers of paint to get them reasonably white. You can't tell too much in the pics, but there are areas which were left less white in shadowed areas like under the calf. By the time I was happy with them, I didn't want to add any battle damage or dirty feet, but I did it anyway in the spirit of following the tutorial. I think the gloss coat really makes these fit the full nostalgic effect. Let me know what you think.
  2. To continue my Imperial Assault posts, here is the figure I photographed that had the best light. I'll have to re-take pictures of everyone else. Fenn Signis is a sniper hero in the game. I did follow the Sorastro Guides, but with Reaper paints. The hardest part of this figure was trying to paint in purple sunglasses, when they are not part of the sculpt. Oh, that and BLACK! The pic is a little out of focus on that one, because the camera chose to put the tip of the gun in best focus there. I was happy with how the rebel insignia on his shoulder came out. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
  3. Fulfilling

    RUMBLESLAM I was surprised when I didn't see a thread for this kickstarter. They're doing wrestling miniatures of pretty much all the Blood Bowl fantasy races.
  4. I bought in on the Kickstarter for the board game, Planetarium. It's a great game and the family loves it. But we want real planets to spin around the sun. So, I have taken it upon myself to make some. I know, shocking. Here's the game: The game came with slotted stands for upright cardboard tokens for the planetoids. But they are flat and hard to see on the board if parallel to your view. Where to start? First and quickest thought was to take a ping pong ball or four and just paint the planetoids on them as seen in the tokens. But where's the fun with that. Besides, I wouldn't be Thrym if I didn't use bark or some other basing material. Here we go! Ping pong balls ... close: These are "Practice" Golf Balls available at my local non-Dollar Tree dollar store. They come apart ... so expect to see them again! WOOT! But, the first one I want to make is going to a version of Planet B a turquoise colored planetoid. Shown above and here in the Player Mat: So, I started with the mini-wiffleball and glued small pieces of bark to it. And then spray primed it gray: Enjoy and Stay Tuned!
  5. This is a pre-launch thread, but should be launching on Kickstarter in April. Darkholds is a dungeon crawler boardgame - think Space Hulk crossed with Zombicide - containing lots of undead (including Wihtgar, Wihtboga, Wihtax, Gasts, Dreaguth and Tomb Spider) and six heroes, all in plastic. It's heroes versus the game. The heroes are Carrowek, Penda, Nerys, Gnith and Sáthach, plus a special KS only miniature that you can ONLY get if you purchase the boardgame, Morag of Mann. You can't get her separately and she will only be available during the Kickstarter. The retail version won't include her. I don't know why it keeps merging into a single post. But hopefully it stays.
  6. The intent of this thread is to work through painting the Myth minis at a tabletop level in order to make the game experience even better. I chose to start with the crawlers since the melee and ranged are hard to tell apart. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Fulfilling Masmorra is the dungeon underneath the great city of Arcadia, which was used as a testing ground for prospective Guild Heroes. But since the warlock Malaphyas took it over, filling it with his monstrous minions, it's become a real challenge, beckoning the Heroes to brave its treacherous corridors in search of fame and fortune! Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia is set in the Arcadia Quest universe, but is in fact a completely new and different game. In it, 2 to 5 players each control a single Hero, competing against all other Heroes. They must explore the rooms of the dungeon, defeating monsters, evading traps, and collecting gold in order to be the first to reach the highest experience level. •5 Hero miniatures • 5 color bases • 5 Hero dashboards •12 Monster dice •7 Action dice •67 Dungeon tiles •70 cards •45 Tokens •5 player aid sheets •1 experience track sheet •1 rulebook The Masmorra core box also comes with 5 cards that allow you to use its Heroes in Arcadia Quest as well!
  8. After many distractions and other projects, I've finally finished my set of miniatures from the "Blood Rage" board game by CMoN. I've been working on them on and off (mostly off) for over a year...the first few Giants were finished over a year ago according to my Facebook memories. I've posted some of the monsters before, but I figured I'd put them in this Show Off as well as part of the set. First, we have the Gods of Asgard: Odin: Heimdall: Tyr: Frigga: Thor: Loki:
  9. I've got my copy of Kingdom Death: Monster with me here at the con. If anyone is interested in trying it out, I'd be glad to run it over at the board game tables. ~v
  10. Vanquish the light and conquer a kingdom. Nice guys finish last in this fast-paced "press your luck" dungeon crawler.
  11. A friend of mine, Chris Stadler, is planning on running the new incarnation of Warhammer Quest, "The Silver Tower," at the Necronomicon convention this October (Tampa, Florida -- Oct 28-30 -- To help out, I have been painting up two sets of the monsters, plus the heroes, and the "Mighty Heroes" expansion. (Why two sets of monsters? Because the game is normally meant for 4 players, but it would be nice to accommodate up to 6. That, and with things like Pink Horrors who split into two Blue Horrors when you squash them, it's nice to have a few extra minis around.) My figure paint jobs aren't going to win any awards, as I've got quite a few minis to paint, and not much free time as of late. (Plus, I've got to finish preparing for my OWN games at Necronomicon.) However, I just thought I'd share something that I think might be useful for games of Warhammer Quest: base labels. I started painting up the minis, following the document that shows how to assemble the puzzle-pieces together (and they ARE very puzzle-like -- with snipping them from the sprues without breaking off any details being a nail-bitingly tense challenge), but what I didn't realize until our first play-test was that it's actually *important* to note which of the various minions/monsters are holding particular weapons, because they attack differently. One minor trip-up we had was in identifying, for instance, which of the Kairic Acolytes was armed with a "Glaive," and which one was the "Adept." At least identifying which one had "Two Blades" and which one had "Blade and Shield" proved to be pretty easy. To speed things along, I figured I should put names on the bases ... but there's no way I'd have the time to try to do that by hand, when I'm struggling enough as it is just to get all these figures assembled, based, and painted passably. So, I took samples of each of the bases (25mm, 32mm, and 40mm round bevel-edged bases) and used the sticky side of a Post-It note to adhere to the beveled edge, then traced the curvature onto the (sticky) paper for each. From there, I scanned in the traces, and used that as a basis (narrowing things a bit to account for the fact that my tracing pencil has greater-than-infinitely-narrow thickness to it) for some templates in Photoshop. Photoshop has some handy text effects, including the ability to "arc" the text to follow such curvature. So, I started arranging "labels" on a sheet, then printed them off, and used dots of glue to affix them to the beveled edges of the bases. If I feel bold enough (and have enough other things taken care of), I may go back and touch up the white frayed edges of the "labels" with some black acrylic paint. I'm just a bit reluctant to mess with it because with every application of paint, there's the risk of it going somewhere I don't want it to. P.S., the storage box is a Portable Warfare "APC" box (basically a layer of pluck-foam with a foam base, and a foam cover, inside a large cardboard keyboard box). I printed off some Warhammer Quest "labels" to help easily identify the boxes. One APC box is sufficient to hold all of the monsters (so with twice the monsters, that'll come out to TWO APC boxes), whereas another APC box is sufficient to hold all the heroes, plus the Mighty Heroes expansion, with some room for further expansion. ... As for comments on the game and miniatures in general (although not a proper "review"): * The level of details on the miniatures is extraordinary, and although the pieces are "puzzle-like," they are well-engineered to go together, as long as you are VERY careful when snipping them off the sprues (I recommend a little pair of hobby snips to clip the sprue ends, then going back with a hobby knife to shave the sprue-join spots). There are many tiny details that can be very easily mistaken for flash or sprue-bits to trim off, and exceedingly fine points that worry off (fingers, keys, bows, spikes, grot arms) very easily. Part of my work is going to be to dig through my "bitz" to replace a broken bow here or a missing arm there (Chris got the second set of monsters as part of a deal from someone who got another copy of the game just for extra tiles, and it looks like the arms were already missing when he got the sprues) for the grot scuttlings, who were the most fragile of the bunch. * On the downside, a lot of the figures are ridiculously gaudy and I'm not so keen on the continued scale inflation of GW minis. Also, even though PC types are dipping into the ranks of Chaos for more variety, I feel as if the selection isn't nearly as diverse as I would have expected from the broad canon of Warhammer Fantasy. > The dwarf in the core game and the dwarf in the Mighty Heroes expansion look too much alike, IMHO. Back in the days of Advanced HeroQuest or Warhammer Quest there was a distinct difference between a "Dwarf Warrior" and a "Dwarven Trollslayer." I.e., only ONE of them was running around in a loincloth, with a bright fiery orange mohawk piled up so high as to tower over the heads of humans and elves alike. But here, BOTH the Dwarf heroes seem to shop at the same store for their ornamentation, and both have a thing with using outrageously-tall hair or plumed helmets to make up for height issues. And all that BLING tied into their beards. They ... look .. RIDICULOUS. > The Knight-Venator is an eye-catching model, but it's ludicrous to try to move it around the table -- especially when dealing with the problems of trying to make a 40mm base fit on a board with squares that barely accommodate 32mm bases. Also, he looks a little too much like the Knight-Questor (not that anyone's going to confuse the two, what with the wings). If we're going to have multiple knights, what happened to Empire vs. Bretonnian knight styles? Or the different Orders? There used to be a very distinct look, but I guess what with "Age of Sigmar," it's just NOTHING but "Stormcast Eternals" or whatnot. > On the other hand, I adore the Gryph-Hound. The Darkoath Chieftain is a magnificent figure, and I could see it being used for a lot of general fantasy as a great archetypical fantasy barbarian hero. (It was an additional nice touch that the Darkoath Chieftain has two optional bits for his left hand -- either holding an axe, or holding a tzaangor head. None of the others has any bits options, so it was an odd choice.) I have no idea what's going on exactly with "Mistweaver Saih" (the only female model), but it's a wonderfully dynamic model. The Pink and Blue and Brimstone Horrors are the best "Horror" models I've seen yet. (I've got a bunch of old ones from my Advanced HeroQuest days. If I run AHQ again, I'll use THESE instead of my old pewter models.) Actually, I rather like the Tzaangor and the Kairic Acolytes, too, although they're a challenge to assemble. And the Familiars! Such fun. Really, the monsters are great all around. :) * I actually prefer the game-play of the new Silver Tower game to the original Warhammer Quest (though the older Advanced HeroQuest will still hold a special place in my heart). The narrative elements add a bit of showmanship to the game (the other players had me do the "dramatic readings" from the narrative bits), and the dice mechanics are novel without being too fiddly or overly "cute." * I suppose my main "gripe" about the game would be that it doesn't *quite* scale right with number of players. It WILL be noticeably more challenging if you have fewer than the maximum of 4 players. My second one would be that I really could have done with some sort of "cheat sheet" or "reference card" listing the actions that EVERYONE is able to take each turn. Your own special abilities that your chosen character can perform are clearly spelled out on your card, but the basic stuff that anyone can do (recuperate, move, etc.) is only covered in the main book. After a bit of play, sure, you should be able to memorize this, but for introducing it to new players, it would be nice to smooth out a few of the aggravations of learning a new game -- and something like this would definitely help.
  12. Hi all, After painting the base game of Dungeon Saga ( and getting a few games in, I decided to speed paint one of the expansions I got as part of the Kickstarter. The expansion is the "Infernal Crypts" which changes the setting from a dungeon inhabited by undeads to a crypt in an infernal abyss. The box adds 2 new heroes (a Human Cleric and a Naiad Demon Hunter) as well as a bunch of infernal minions and monsters. Painting-wise, my focus was once again speed. So I went for simple and efficient (Basecoat -> Wash -> occasional highlight), the main objective being to have better looking miniatures than the plain coloured plastic, while being able to withstand the abuse of gametime. Here they are: The Heroes and the big boss: The Denizens of the Abyss: And the big Molochs (size of a Troll): C&C always appreciated.
  13. My son got the board game Mice & Mystics from Santa this year. I just finished painting the mice characters (6 of them). I have not painted the minions (centipede, rats, roaches, spider) yet. I like how they turned out as a set, though the last mouse was a little rushed, because I wanted to finish in time for his Mice & Mystics themed Birthday party. Can you figure out which one was rushed? (Hint: it's not the last in line). Here's a photo of my son playing with his friends:
  14. Painted four of eight miniatures for a board game called Specter Ops; a hidden movement, infiltration, and deduction game that uses miniatures to represent the various characters. The infiltrators are called "Agents" and the defenders are called "Hunters". The game is akin to "Scotland Yard" or "Letters of Whitechapel". Where one player (The Agent) moves around the board using a hidden map and the other players (Hunters) deduce the hidden movement and attempt to corner and eliminate said Agent. I'm happy with them in hand, but not so much with the phone camera shots. One day, I'll invest in a camera. ^__^ Cobra (fast paint, he took me less than an hour): - I wanted to try grey and it was okay. The Prophet (This one took me 5 hours...) - Attempted some OSL, doesn't look like enough. The green blending was fun, but I focused too long on that. Also did some the ...?? The Beast (This one took me 2.5 hours or so) - Learned drybrushing, love it! I need to practice some more. The Puppet (Two Green baths and three attempts) - Mixed pumpkin orange and polished silver together. I dig it.
  15. Hi, I recently received the reward of another Kickstarter i backed: Dungeon Saga from Mantic. It is a dungeon crawler board game about a typical adventuring party (barbarian, dwarf, elf and mage) exploring a dungeon filled with undead and a necromancer. I really wanted to try the game, but before I felt that I needed to paint up the minis included in the base set. They are made of the regular board game soft plastic, but it surprisingly keeps a lot of details. And there is a lot to paint (between dungeon dwellers and furniture) So, my "painting strategy" was speed and efficacy. Most of the minis were simply base-coated and then applied a dark wash, with the occasional drybrush (or a bit of layered highlight on a couple of them). Also, since in the game, there are 2 identical sculpt of each minion, I tried to vary a bit the colour schemes to keep it interesting. Some minis look quite dark... but that fits with the creepy dungeon atmosphere... and dark is faster to paint too. Here are the minis: The Heroes: The Bosses: The undead minions: (love the undead dwarves) The zombies and ghosts: The Zombie trolls: Furniture and doors: In the end I'm quite happy with the result and ready to get my wife and daughter play the game with me. (until I start painting rhe various expansions...) C&C welcome
  16. Adding to the eternal march of the Giants, my first completed pieces from the "Blood Rage" Kickstarter are the big guys. First we have the Frost Giant: A rather bestial Fire Giant, who apparently got the short end of the sealant on his be fixed, as I only noticed now: The Mountain Giant (my personal favorite and one of the reasons I had to back it, as a Kickstarter exclusive) The slightly less giant Troll: And some group shots: And one with Sir Forscale, for scale:
  17. Hi everyone! We wanted to share our Kickstarter with you all and get your thoughts and feedback! EFFWORDS: A Game of Effed-Up Words EFFWORDS is sort of like Scrabble, but here's the catch: Players can only play fake words that they make up! One player, known as the judge, uses letter tiles to create a fake word, and the other players anonymously submit cards with definitions to define the word. The judge chooses the best definition for the fake word, and the player who submitted that definition earns points. Think Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity! How to Play Video Print-and-Play You can try out the game using a rough sample of the print-and-play version of the game: Print-and-Play Printing Instructions Rule Book Graphic Design We have about 95% of the graphic design finished for the game, and you check out out some of that on our Kickstarter. Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, questions, and comments. The EFFWORDS Team
  18. End of May will be a new cooperative Zombie Board Game Kickstarter. Z War One
  19. Has anyone looked at this KS from Gang Fight Games? I backed their Blackwater Gulch kS and was happy with the minis and the way they ran that KS. I like that it offers solo play and cooperative aspects like Zombicide. It also offers a DM option and looks to be compatible with using their minis in place of the counters. I may get in on this one yet.
  20. Every Friday night the family ... Grandmother (my mother), my family (me: 44, the fiancee, and my two kids: 22/20 yo), and my Sister's family (her: 42 and possibly her two kids: 19/10) ... get together and play board games (or dice games/card games). Last week after a two-night Talisman event where everyone was duking it out for the Crown at the end ... I decided to take the figures from the game home with me and set to work on them. So first, I dipped into my bucket o' tiles and ensured all of the figures were stabilized. Each of the included bases were warped in some fashion. So super glue and a few minutes resulted in: I left the original bases attached because these miniatures while nicely detailed are no where as sturdy as Bones and are smaller of scale. Hmm. I best get out Garrick of Scale for a comparison shot. Once they were all settled on their new plastic plinths it was time to merge original and new bases. BRING FORTH THE SAND AND BALLAST AND GREEN PUTTY! All of the bases received some sand to cut the distance betwixt base levels. The Ghoul who had a nice textured base received ballast to match the original base. Some will stick with sand, the Sage, and most will get at least some green putty to bring the bases more even. For most of the figures I plan to give their bases the look of their starting places. The Troll and Dwarf will have some larger rocks sticking up for the Crags. Most will get painted with grass mainly. Some few will have "cobbles" or similar treatments for the village or city. Perhaps a keg and a stool for the Tavern. However, whatever their scenery, I must keep in mind that the figures will be in a board game box and not treated any differently then before. Thus begins the journey to the Crown of Command. We'll see where it leads and which of these figures will fall to Death. Speaking of which ... where's the Reaper? *looks about* Damn, he's sitting over at mom's on the game cabinet. Yeah, we have the Reaper expansion. Figures involved: And of course:
  21. Hello guys, I have a question that needs to be fleshed out a bit. My fantastic wife is putting together a skirmish style model based board game, that she would like to put up on Kickstarter. This game is intended for begining model gamers and kids (which we more then a few). This game is intended to intoduce people to easy to play mechanic that get harder as the player becomes more skilled. The models are intended to be easy to paint and base, so that new gamers and kids can learn the skills needed to presue the gamer hobby. I want to help her with this project, i have allot of contacts in the industry (artist, sculpters, casters and others) that will make this project easy to put out. But here is the problem it is looking that this project around the same time I am going to set up my own all model Going Native Kickstarter. I was wondering how you guys would feel if I were to help my wife with her project and still did my own KS Campaign? Oh here is her concept - It is capture the flag kind of game, where small candy shaped "slimes" steal a cake or pie from the other team and return it to their starting zone. We are planning spawn points that allow dead slimes to return to the game (like video games). Here is some concept art for the project
  22. OK, these guys are GamerNation Studios, founded by the brains behind d20 Radio, a collection of Game/Geek related podcasts of which I have been a member, co-host, and guest host. They are my friends in meatspace as well as online, and many of you will know them from ReaperCon, as they have been running Star Wars RPG Events for years. So there you go - I'm supporting this kickstarter not only becuase they are my friends (dirty secret - this is their second KS and I didn't back their first) but because this game freaking looks cool! Their initial goal is higher than one might guess it could be, but they are looking for a high production value game, with professionally designed art and high-quality pieces. Rather than ask for a little and say "We'll make it form good materials if we can, but make it crappy if we have to" they are shooting for a professional, real game, right form the outset. If you think this looks awesome to you, please help my friends to produce what I think is an awesome looking game! Oh - and although ReaperCon is after the Kickstarter ends, the GamerNation Studios team will be running games at ReaperCon, both their currently available Game "Edition Wars" and games using the beta product of Eons.
  23. A friend of mine published his second board game through Game Crafter. It's called: This is his second board game self-published. Check it out. Feedback welcome. I'll pass any along directly. Board: