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Found 7 results

  1. This was done for a fun competition where you were supposed to recreate an album cover with miniatures. I chose the Army of Darkness Official Soundtrack. It uses the same art as the Movie. :) All I can post here is a WIP, pic. The rest, as well as the final result can be found in the links below, due to nudity.: WIP / photobox images: Final result. There was no way to fit all nine minis, along with the scenery in my photobox, so the colours / paint suffered a bit in this one, but all in all I am happy with the result.:
  2. Hey guys been away for a long while doing this amazing diorama! Dragons don't share 2! What an awesome time I had doing this the scenery is beautiful the dragon is majestic! I also decided to switch out the team in the box for a group of treasure seeking wizards and sorcerers. As always comments are wanted and appreciated!!! I Have taken many pics to capture every aspect of the model!
  3. I decided to build some terrain on a a snowy day. It started as a cave for a monkey spirit: 10:38 am A few hours later I expanded it to a tower with battlements, Nathvarr came out for a look-see. 3:23 pm Then some princess finally came out to help. With more occupants some expansion was necessary. 4:20 pm Then I had to go make dinner. The princesses took possession, later inviting a young prince to help. The castle survived their occupation. 2 days later:
  4. I'm looking to build a foam insulation castle in 28mm scale for a young lady. I plan on populating it with some Bonesium Heroines and Heroes and Monsters. My current plan is to paint the walls to look like Rose Quartz. The reason I bring this up is I would appreciate direction to any good resources for said castle. I have found some through Google, but it's hard sifting through all the unrelated information I get. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  5. Completed

    I just came across this one: It's fold-up, laminated artcard castle pieces. The detail looks pretty and after backing Dwarven Forge before asking myself "where am I gonna put all that?" the idea of fold-away terrain is appealing. This is the sort of thing I'll take to the FLGS to put on the war gaming table and then pack up and take home easily.
  6. This is a small castle/stronghold game play terrain & building on high ground in (15mm). The ground work/foundation was layered ceiling tile built up (6")...all rocks are my plaster casts cut & sculptured as needed. The castle from building base to top of higher tower is (18")...whole piece is completely scratchbuilt....Overall oiece is (18" long x 14" wide x 24" tall).
  7. Castle! is a supercool, modular castle kit that can be built and then taken apart again and again for easy storage. I'm very excited to see that my friend has finally gotten his idea so close to fruition, all he needs is a little help. Please check out his Kickstarter, and if it interests you, please help make it a reality! Follow the link below.