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Found 68 results

  1. Yeah I know. Another dice case/dice kickstarter. I like this one though. Small size. Unique design.
  2. About Hi friends. This is the best dice project you have seen ever! Do you like to play board games, or like dice, or like horror. This Set is for you! First printed protoype Finished 3D printed protoype 35mm & 45mm The first metal model will be ready in a few days! Many of you knows the work of the writer Lovecraft. Usually Lovecraft referred to ancient books containing secrets that a person should not know. Most of the references were fictional, but some occult works existed in reality. The combination of fictitious documents with real ones in one context allowed the first to seem real. Lovecraft gave only general references to such books (mainly for injecting the atmosphere) and rarely made a detailed description. The most famous of these fictional manuscripts is his "Necronomicon", about which the writer spoke most. His explanations about this text were so well thought out that many people still believe in the reality of this book, and this allows some to cash in on the ignorance of others. 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model) 3D (render model)
  3. Weird Dice

    Sitting on the bedside table on my side of the bed is a large glass jar full of dice. It's not ALL my dice, of course. There's a dicebag at school, loaded with disposables that I don't much care if they're lost or stolen. There's my MAIN dicebag, on the dining table downstairs, with my favorite twenty siders, my weather die, directional die, body parts twelve sider, and spindle D6s, and my EMERGENCY dicebag, with two each of the classic Platonian polyhedrons. In the drawer of the nightstand, there's the poker dice for use in games that use poker hands, and the Dungeon Crawl Classics dice, which include the d3, the d14, the d24, and other weird dice used to play that particular game... all in their respective themed dicebags. There's a thread on these boards right now for a Kickstarter, selling tool steel dice that you could apparently load into a gauss launcher and blast square holes through buildings, they're so tough. Every Reapercon the last few years has had lovely artisinal dice made from rare woods and exotic elements for sale. Fulfilling in the next couple weeks is a Kickstarter I signed up for, selling Wizard Dice, complete with a d2 shaped like a spell book. Looking forward to that. So many dice have stories. There's the speckled blue that rolled three twenties in a row the night we took down the Serpent Wizard. There's the soft plastic d10s that came with the boxed Marvel Super Heroes game, and have rolled so many times they barely have corners any more. There's the chipped green ones I got in the swag bag at my first convention, chipping so bad I ought to throw them out but I get sentimental. There's the crystal d20, one of the first clear Gamescience dice ever made, that rolled multiple fumbles the night Kaltos the Rogue couldn't backstab anything to save his life, and he threw it out the window, and I found it later when I was mowing the yard, and it's never rolled a 1 since. Did it learn its lesson? And the three black d6s with red pips given to me by Cerberus, the Guardian Of Hell, the night his little girl was born, because with a baby in the house, it was going to be a few years before he had time for games, and then he moved his family to Tennessee and never asked for them back. For some reason, all three dice tend to roll high.... mostly 5s and 6s. I've tested them. There's the little set of miniature lavender translucent dice that my ex wife had to have. Woman never played a game in her life that wasn't Monopoly, Scrabble, or Gin Rummy, but she saw those dice and had to buy them. There's the fake ivory d6 that when rolled fair, even out of a cup, will roll ones more than half the time. I have no idea where it came from. There's the little plastic box full of tiny d6s I got out of Pirates Of The Spanish Main boosterpacks, and I just shake the box and drop it when I wanna roll fireballs. There's the d20 that's as big as my fist and weighs nearly a pound. And I wonder: Is this fascinated acquisitiveness the result of starting my gaming career with a D&D Basic Box that had the little laminated chits instead of dice? Or do other people have this weird fascination for collector dice? Given the number of Kickstarters, I figure it CAN'T be just ME...
  4. About Project Background: With every project we embark on, we always set out to make top quality products that you just can't find elsewhere. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of everyday items and turn ordinary objects into extraordinary objects. We typically like to work with Copper & Silver, but in order to form these objects, we first have to make a forming die. In order to make it be able to form these metals, we have to use a very strong, special steel that will never bend or dis-form. To achieve this, we have to use a ultra strong metal alloy, Tool Steel. The Strongest Dice Ever Made!!! We want to set out and push the boundaries a little and create a dice that you truly will never be able to destroy! A dice that will put all other to shame and will literally be able to "crush" the competition! Is it really necessary to create a dice that you would never be able to destroy, it's debatable. But one could then argue that any dice besides a white plastic injected dice is not necessary either! I for one find the dice I use while playing games helps emerge me into the game and even give me that added confidence. Imagine taking these dice to your game night with your friends and "rolling" them out! Knowing that your dice is no match for your opponents, makes it half the fun and boosts excitement for the game! Designs: We currently have three designs to choose from, Traditional Pips, Dragon, and Skull designs. Each of these designs have The Copper Kingdom shield logo as the one side. You may choose from any of these three styles and if you're getting multiple dice, you may mix and match styles to make up your custom dice collection! Style choices will be collected on the survey. Three Style of Choose From: Skulls, Pips & Dragons How The Dice Are Made: In order to create these dice, a combination of precision machining as well as hands on labor is needed. I will be commissioning a local machine shop to create the tool steel cubes. Once I have the special tool steel cubes, I will be individually engraving each dice. Each side will be individually carved, having to be hand turned six times (one for each side). The process to carving all six sides of the dice will take almost an hour per dice due to the strength of the steel and the small size of the engraver in order to create the detail. Unlike other materials that can allow the images to be stamped or formed with the designs, this steel won't allow it. From this point each dice will need to go into a special oven in order to harden the high end tool steel to its full strength. They will get heated to 1750 degrees for an hour, followed by a series of controlled lower step down temps to make the metal fully treated and as hard as possible. The final step will be sand blasting and polishing the dice to the desired finish. Hardening & Tempering Process for these Dice takes 24 hours! How Strong Are These Dice? I will be having these dice made from a high quality Tool Steel. This is the same type of steel that the US Mint uses to stamp coins and is able to withstand hundreds of tons of pressure before it bends or breaks. The steel dice start out only a little stronger than most other steels, but after the designs are carved into the faces, they are forged into an oven at almost 1800 degrees! This process of heat treating and conditioning the special steel takes over 18 hours! Once this process is done however, the steel is incredibly strong. While it may not be be 100% indestructible, for all practical purposes it is. You can drop them, smash them, try to crush them in a high powered press, run over then with your car, hit them with a sledge hammer, and they will still hardly show a scratch!
  5. TTi-150 Titanium Dice 2.0

    About This is our second dice project, however this is our first designed titanium dice. Sand blasted & Stone wash In early 2015, we have finished the design and prototype, and yet due to the high cost of produce, we have have to decided to give up on this project until to the success of the first TTi-150 titanium dice. Thanks for all of our backers support, now we have officially launching our TTi-150 Dice 2.0. Unique design. Distinctive point arrangement. 100% made Titanium. Precise CNC integrated molding. No casting, no welding. Ancient game toys. The Dice The secrets of the Numbers is everywhere, the charm of titanium emerges in endlessly. The perfect combination of digital, titanium and precision of science and technology. As a result we have given more practical value to traditional dice. Titanium Titanium has been recognized by the medical profession as the safest metal for contact with human body. Hard, light and heat resistance, corrosion resisting, non magnetic, hypoallergenic, excellent biological affinity. Technology CNC engraving. Multi-axis CNC precision carved. No welding, No casting. Best quality. Sand blasted We have retained the mechanical processing pattern of the most primitive tools, and the use of fine ceramic particles. Manual fine spray systems provide a unique titanium texture.
  6. Wooden d6 Dice

    About this project For as long as I can remember I've been making things. I am always working on a project of some kind. Lately, I've been making aluminum dice. Both standard d6's and also hex d6's. Working with aluminum is very much like working with wood. It cuts, sands, and finishes mostly the same. So I made a set of wood dice. They were really nice, almost as nice as the ones available online now. With a little bit of help I can get a few things to make them incredibly nice, and for less. I'm not looking to make a ton of money here, just looking to make some nice dice for all the great gamers out there. If there is interest I can add pledge levels for aluminum dice and also acrylic resin dice as well. They all work the same and can be made into really nice d6 dice! Add Ons! Since I can fit multiple sets of dice into a single box with no increase in shipping just increase your bid by the amount of any extra sets you would like and then send me a message with the information for the extra sets. D4 Pledge Level Wood Selection D6 Pledge Level Wood Selection Note: The barrel wood is just basic white oak but is from whisky barrels and will come with a certificate of authenticity. D8 Pledge Level Wood Selection Along with the wood, you will also be able to choose the color of the pips as well! Whatever color you would like!
  7. Too Many Bones: Undertow

    New 'Expansion' for Too Many Bones. The game is a lot of fun, but definitely has a pretty steep learning curve when trying to figure out all the dice and timing of things.
  8. About this project My previous projects have focused on mini dice but now I would like to expand my offerings. I have always loved big dice and finally decided to make my own. Before GEN CON this year I did a small run of 55mm Monster Mega dice as a sample and have decided to make more. Minimum order quantities for dice are high and make it cost prohibitive to offer new items. This project will allow me to raise the funds required to cover mold cost and meet minimum order quantities. To start I will be offering two color choices: Molten Silver Molten Gold 55mm Scale
  9. About this project What is The Monster Dice? Hi Kickstarter!
 This time we made the coolest dice on Earth. Do you love playing board games? Then, our Monster Dice will make your time more enjoyable! Also, for both board game players and other people, it will be a marvelous decoration. The weight and visual pleasure will satisfy your appetite much more! Monster Dice will definitely stimulate your imagination while playing games or even watching the game. Why we chose Monsters for the design? When we were spending time playing board games, we instantly came up with one idea. There are a lot of cool board game figures, but, why can't the dice be cool? Since we love bizarre things, we wanted to make the monsters permeate well on the dice. We were inspired by monsters that are well known to us in various myths. Each monster was redesigned by our own feelings. However, since we could not destroy the balance of the dice, forming monster dice had a lot of limitations. Monsters Overview
  10. HEX: Magically Minimal Dice

    About this project HEX is a new kind of dice that merges the best of magic and minimal design to create an all new gaming experience! The Ultimate in Minimalist Design Each HEX die is machined from two standard 16mm dice blanks. The finished die is placed in an acetone environment to smooth out any ridges or imperfections (note: the prototype is not final and has a visible seam, the real deal will look great, I promise!) Features 21 LED's 16mm Standard Dice Size Ultra-low-power Accelerometer (MMA8491Q) Ultra-low-power Microcontroller (MSP430G2101) 2 LR44 Batteries Leave it to Chance! Get skill and psychology out of the way -- there's no way to tell which side is which in HEX mode until the roll is over! Two LED Modes HEX mode - the die remains blank until the roll has been made, then the result fades into view. Right now I have the opposing side light up too, should that be in the production version? Full Color mode - all LEDs activate when the die is shaken and remain on for about 10s after the roll LED Color Options Based on feedback I am introducing color options! You'll now be able to opt for single color LEDs (all green, all orange, or all red) if you're not too keen on the standard multicolor configuration. You'll be able to choose the desired quantity of each type if you order multiple dice! Long lasting performance The microcontroller, accelerometer, and battery chemistry were selected for ultra low standby current consumption and will easily last a year of casual gaming and a shelf life of several years. However, avid users may need to replace the batteries every few months due to high LED light use. (Note: the dice may be opened with heat to soften the glue) Moving Forward Although the current prototype is good, there are some adjustments that I would still like to make before production. Keeping the lights in well-defined circles so they don't bleed across the surface of the dice. I plan to accomplish this by using reverse mount LEDs that would shine through holes in the circuit board Optimizing the program logic to ensure glitch-free operation Potentially having the shell of the dice injection molded instead of milled from off-the-shelf dice blanks (this might also allow for a snap fit enclosure for easier battery servicing) Of course, I look forward to incorporating feedback from you all as well!
  11. So I know this will probably date me, but does anyone else remember coloring your dice numbers with crayons? I even seem to remember getting a white crayon in the original blue and cyan (or whatever the color is) DnD boxes:) Those were fun times:) I may even have those dice around somewhere in the garage:) A LOT of dice (I like collecting dice haha)
  12. About this project The invention of dice can be traced back almost 5000 years. However, the dice you see before you now, retain a much deeper history than that. Crafted from the world's oldest wood, these dice are carbon dated to be 50,000 years old - 10 times older than the invention of dice themselves! This is your chance to own a rare artefact of our planet's immense history! Introducing the most fascinating gaming accessory in the world... The Wood: Ancient Kauri Ancient Kauri is the oldest and most exotic wood in the world. Not one tree was cut down to harvest it. Tsunamis levelled the mighty Kauri forests during the Stone Age, leaving the trees buried just below the surface of the ground and preserved in the water of peat swamps. The Ancient Kauri wood has neither petrified nor turned to coal. This underground resting place, sealed from the air, became a perfectly balanced cocoon that preserved the giant trees for 50,000 years. The wood used to craft the Ancient Dice is sourced from the awesome people over at Ancient Wood Ltd. All wood comes with certificates of aunthenticity. The natural iridescence of this incredible wood resonates the historical significance behind these dice. There is a very limited amount of Ancient Kauri on the planet. These dice shift the barrier between present day, and The Stone Age. To own one is to own a genuine prehistoric artefact; a glowing relic of truly ancient history. 50,000 Years Old To give some context as to just how old these dice are, here’s some info on how different things were here on Earth, when the trees used to carve these dice fell: Population was less than 10000 – humans faced extinction. Spoken and written language did not yet exist. The Ice Age persisted. Humans lived in the Stone Age - coexisting with Neanderthals. Europe's population was 0. Since the trees fell, the moon has orbited Earth 675,925 times.
  13. About this project Gravity Dice™ Dragon Forged Polyhedral 7 Dice Set and LED Dice Vault For the last three years, our focus has been on creating high-quality aluminum dice that are perfectly balanced and a blast to use during your favorite games. We have been blown away by the reviews and comments that customers have given us about our aluminum dice sets and have taken their feedback into consideration. One of the biggest requests we’ve had is for an entry-level dice set that is more affordable than our metal dice, yet still made without compromise. After a bit of research and tinkering, we’ve come up with precision-crafted PMMA dice that we think you will love. The Light Up Dragon Vault and Polyhedral Sets We are offering a full set of polyhedral dice which includes 7 Dice: D20, D12, D10, D10%, D8, D6, and a D4. Each of our dice will have the numbers formed into the dice and them color filled to help maintain the perfect balance. Computer Generated Render. Dice and Case Colors may vary slightly. The LED Dragon Forged Dice Vault Specifications: Inner plastic tube casing: Height: 6.25," Diameter: 1.25" The vault can hold up to 9 dice, depending on the size and shape of the dice. It comfortably fits our set of 7 polyhedral dice and the carry bag. We will have several color combinations available. As we reach our stretch goals we will unlock new colors and options. Our first available colors will be: Translucent Smoke, Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, and Translucent Purple. The Light-Up Dragon Case will be in a solid color with translucent dice to match. It will come with White LEDs and replaceable batteries. As a stretch goal, we will be upgrading all light-up cases with RGB LEDs, a rechargeable battery and micro USB for recharging the unit. Polyhedral sizes are as follows: The D20 measures 20 mm from face to face (FF) and 21.98 mm at its peak. The D12 is slightly smaller at 18 mm FF, the D10 and D10% measure 18 mm Point to Point (PP), the D8 is also 18 mm PP, the D6 is 16 mm FF and the D4 is 16 mm PP. The Anatomy of a Perfect Dice Our Gravity Dice™ have been designed to not only be as precise as possible in their manufacturing but also to change the way dice roll to make them more enjoyable, more random and completely unique. Each angle, corner, and chamfer was developed through weeks of testing. Why Do We Use PMMA? PMMA, also called acrylic glass, has a high surface hardness, meaning it is very scratch resistant. It is also easily machined, easily cleaned, and lightweight. PMMA is also fully recyclable (although we know you’d never throw your awesome dice away!). With a precision of less than 100 microns and engineered to enhance your random roll mechanics, these PMMA dice are simply amazing. Stretch Goals INITIAL FUNDING GOAL is $ 10,000 With this Kickstarter, you can choose between 5 color options for the Dragon forged Dice Set and Light Up Case Set. You can choose between; Translucent Smoke, Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, and Translucent Purple. The Dragon Tube will be in the solid colors and will light up with three LEDs and use two cr2032 batteries. It will come with a set of 7 Dragon Forged Dice in the colors above. The Case colors will be Black with Translucent Smoke, Red with Translucent Red, Blue with Blue, Green with Translucent Green, and Purple with Purple. 1ST STRETCH GOAL $ 15,000 At this stretch goal, we will expand our offering of dice colors to include Translucent Blue, Translucent Orange, Translucent Teal, as well as Solid Black, Red, Blue, and Green. We will also have Teal as a LED Case option with Translucent Teal Dice. 2ND STRETCH GOAL $50,000 At this stretch goal, we will change the circuit board to include a three multi-color LEDs and a push button to change the colors. We will also include a rechargeable battery and a micro USB port to recharge the battery. 3RD STRETCH GOAL $ 200,000 ;) Let's just say its amazing! May involve a bending the laws of physics.
  14. Dice of Rolling

    About this project It seems like no matter how many dice you buy, you still never have enough d6s... meanwhile, your collection of unnecessary d20s keeps getting bigger. Dice of Rolling are not rocket science. They’re just regular dice that come in the amounts you actually need, and they use color for more than just decoration. One simple purchase, and you’re good to go for most of the situations you’ll encounter in the 5th edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. And since each dice type is a different color, you'll always grab the right ones. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but nobody else is doing it so we're bringing it to Kickstarter. This is the dice set we’ve always wanted for our table, and with your help we can bring it to tables everywhere! We’re keeping the rewards real simple. You can pledge to receive 1, 2, 4, or 20 sets, and each set will include the same 29 color-coded dice + microfiber dice bag.
  15. Dice Tray

    Just launched a Kickstarter this morning for something called SnapDice. In my opinion -- and I guess I might be biased :) -- I think these are coolest dice trays ever. The steel dice snapping to the magnets is so addicting. You can use these with any game that uses dice (d6 or polyhedral), but honestly, you'll probably just get stuck rolling them over and over for fun. :) Here is the Kickstarter page: Check out people's reactions when they first rolled the dice just a little ways down the project page...pretty fun. :) The magnets in the board do not affect the randomness of the rolls. It isn't rigged. In fact, we custom engineered the dice to be perfectly balanced (the center of gravity of each die is within .001mm of perfect). So, this dice set will actually be the most accurate and more fair of any set you own. We are also offering a full polyhedral set of steel dice as well. :) Hope you like it!
  16. About this project Seet update #1 for details. Extraordinarily versatile, the Tablebreaker has as many uses as you can imagine: Express your individuality at work or home! Use it as a gorgeous, eye-catching desk display! Spruce up your game room with a colorful, themed accent piece! Incorporate your passion into your living space with a sleek bookend or mantle decor! With options for both Standard and Countdown number orientation, the Tablebreaker is the perfect life-counter that all your friends are sure to envy! The Tablebreaker was designed from the ground up with 3D modeling software; this allows us to ensure the greatest manufacturability and quality control. The Tablebreaker is then precision machined on a multi-axis CNC mill using a solid billet of 6063 architectural aluminum. After machining, the dice are color anodized to MIL-A-8625 specification. Finally, each die is etched using a CO2 laser. This process selectively removes the anodization and exposes the aluminum underneath to reveal the numbers on each face. Why Architectural Aluminium (6063)? Aluminum has a superb strength to weight ratio, making it the ideal material for a beautiful, yet durable display piece. Architectural Aluminum (6063) facilitates the most vibrant anodize colors. It’s always been our goal to bring you beautiful gaming accessories with as little risk as possible. Before launching this Kickstarter, we invested a lot of time, money and effort to make sure it was possible to bring our vision to life with a quality that we're proud of. During our testing, we’ve found that in order to maintain a flawless finish, a small, shallow hole needed to be made in the otherwise solid block of aluminum to allow the die to be hung during the anodization process. We worked tirelessly to incorporate this into the overall design for a beautiful and complete finish. We solved the design change by adding a second hole, and incorporating them into distinguishing markers for the 6 and the 9. Our final product will feature two small, flush, stainless steel accent screws to complete this modern look.
  17. About this project The Machu Picchu Vol.2 are... the best kind of weird :D. They are: the world's first 4 elements dice :3 a blend between 3 kinds of awesome craftsmanship, a symbol for a truly fascinating corner of the world. This way, something as simple as a dice design becomes an opportunity to create something incredibly unique. We feel confident to say there's really nothing quite like them. Choose between ANY of our AWESOME designs and wood types :o KLAZIK They might remind you of the classic dice design, yet they are not. We take on the classic forms and transform them into something bold and new. APU 'Apu' is quechua for 'mountain-god'. We wanted something simple, that would take inspiration of elements and forms found in the Inca culture and its landscape, and give back something different and beautiful. CALENDAR For these, we use gorgeous iconography from the annual calendar of the Incas, as well as the chakana (Inca’s symbol for the Tree of Life). A masterpiece. PACHA Inspired by 'Pachamama', the inca goddess known as the mother of earth and time, this beautiful design embraces and evolves upon traditional iconography from the Andes. Last campaign was amazing. We are immensely grateful to everyone who: first believed in us, then gave us such heart whelming comments and feedback, and finally... encouraged us to come back :) We owed it to them to do it right! DOPE feedback from our 1st campaign! :) So... we tested, tested and then tested some more. We tried many new materials and toolings. We've been hopeful and discouraged... excited and depressed... jumping around and flat on the floor.. Until (finally!)...
  18. Hi Guys, I have read the guidelines of posting kickstarters and hope I am doing this correctly. If anyone has a chance come along and check out my kickstarter project specialising in hardwood dice boxes. If you have any thoughts or future stretch goal ideas then please I would love to hear them.
  19. New Dice

    Hi, this is my second art project with dice. look here Support it please.
  20. About this project It was a day like everyday in Q WORKSHOP office. We talked about some new dice designs, dealt with some customers requests, solved a pending shipping issue… And then our graphic designer called us all to his desk. This does not happen often, believe me - it’s usually us coming to him with some last-minute-urgent-I need to have it before 2pm stuff. - I’ve been having bad dreams lately - he said with a shaky voice. - Some very bad dreams. - About what? - said someone cheerfully. Oh, had we known what expected us! - The horror... The horror. And tentacles, and many mouths full of teeth. I’m still shaking when I think about that. But it made me design this - murmured the artist. We just laughed. But then we abruptly stopped laughing when he showed us what was on the screen. Since then, this image has been tormenting us, and we finally decided that we needed to release it to the world. We do hope that this will keep our Sanity in check, although you can never know… Ladies and gentlemen, behold the CALL OF CTHULHU RPG METAL DICE! Visualization This is a set of full metal dice, made of tin and painted in black. The numbers and ornaments are engraved in dice, thus ensuring their top quality. They are practically indestructible - and they come with the lifelong guarantee in case something bad happens. Prototypes The dice are officially approved by Chaosium, Inc. to accompany you during your Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game sessions. Of course you can also use them as fancy dice during any other campaign, if it includes tentacled monsters and/or Gods from the Outer Space. Or you can just put them on the shelf and let them haunt your dreams. We won’t be checking that, although the Great Cthulhu might - this is always a possibility. Visualization And here's an opinion on the dice from Mike Mason from Chaosium: PLAY The dice set contains 1xD4, 1xD6, 1xD8, 1xD10, 1xD12, 1xD20 and 1xD100 (percentile). Here are the dimensions of the dice: The total weight of the set is 163.25 grams / 5.75 oz. Prototypes We will make the dice in our own factory in Poland, EU. This gives us full control over the process and assures that there are no shipping delays. Thanks to our long term cooperation with many US partners, we know how to pack our products well, and we've worked through basically anything that can happen with shipping. Please remember that every time a Stretch Goal is "added to all pledges", it DOES NOT include Junior Investigator pledge level.
  21. About this project All In 1 Simple and easy. 1 - Product 1 - Product Option / Add-on 1 - Reward Tier 1 - Week Campaign 1 - Month Delivery The Player Core Made from hardwood cherry and designed to store your: Dice Character Sheet Pen Minis (In the lid) Holds around 50 polyhedral dice Holds around 60 D6 dice 6.5" Wide 6.5" Tall .67 Deep each half Pockets are .55" deep Rolling Surface is .55" deep Branded on the back so you 'll always know which side is up. Plus it leaves the lid free for laser etching or engraving What goes where, and how. It also allows you a mini-rolling tray and a nice clam shell design to allow it all to come together go with you wherever you game. Open the clam-shell and access all your favorite dice, miniatures, writing tools, and characters. 100% compatible with our full Dice Base™ line. Tons of dice... multiple pens and minis. Cherry and leather. A place for everything, and everything it its place. Finest super thick vegetable tanned leather to pamper your best dice
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidlarocca/elder-dice-lovecraftian-themed-dice-for-all-tablet?ref=category_newest Designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized eldritch spell book boxes!
  23. Halfsies Dice 2 - World Tour

    I know, I know, it's yet another dice kickstarter. I got a set from Halfsies 1 and really like them, so I figured I should share the link. ** NEW LINK ** Campaign re-booted, old link will lead to a cancelled campaign One of the nice things is that backers get to vote on the color combinations, which is always fun.
  24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/engraved-gemstone-dice-amethyst-opalite-and-more?ref=category_newest Beautiful gemstone dice, now engraved! Available in Opalite, Blue Sandstone, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, & possibly more with stretch goals!
  25. It’s lighter, innovative, yet beautiful and functional. Starting from the CUBBLE Dice concept, stripped it from everything that made it metal heavy. Only the essential part was kept: the PIP display - the new HOLLOW dice is built on a groundbreaking idea, and it’s ready to be yours. We have completely overhauled the traditional D6 dice again, producing a die unlike anything the world has ever seen. Made of anodized aluminum, this dice has no inside, making it an empty shell. An inverted version of dice that we already funded successfully, this dice weighs just 1.5 grams, making it perfect for anyone who loves tabletop and dice-based games. Processing these dice requires a lot of time and multiple steps. Not to mention that the die is so easily bent during the machining process, we need to pull together some additional resources for this dice. Making manufacturing more of a challenge for us. More about this project on kickstarter.com and search "Hollow" or click here