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Found 1 result

  1. eldamir

    Sleeping Beauty Diorama

    Finally finished with my first 'original' diorama. I backed a terrain kickstarter last year when my kids were playing Frostgrave with me and by the time it all arrived, their attention spans had wandered - and so, the terrain pieces went back into the box they came with and were (mostly) forgotten.. Meet Sir Felshire, paladin of Sune. One evening, as he was on 3rd watch, he was presented with a vision of a beautiful maiden, locked in enchanted sleep deep within a forest. Waking his companions, he excitedly told them of his vision. Dobbin, the halfling dismissed the tale, stating that there are so many stories of maidens imprisoned by evil that he has made entire fortunes off them ( err.. could have, that is).. Sir Felshire wondered, not for the first time, at the slip of language that hinted that his companion might not be as honest as he presented himself to be. The other two members of the group, Erryn and Anirion, were more easily swayed by his drive to rescue this maiden. After many months of searching, here we have the brave band at the pinnacle of their quest.. Our fearless band's mounts! Isn't she cold? Dobbin, thrilled as usual, keeping an eye out while the others are occupied.. Anirion, the androgynous wizard.. Erryn and Sir Felshire.. Now how does one awaken a princess in enchanted sleep? Perhaps our merry band of adventurers is not done yet! Dobbin will be thrilled... I had a lot of fun painting these folks, even if I did wimp out and skip on the original idea of attempting translucent sheets.. The WIP is here