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Found 28 results

  1. Dragons at various sizes

    I am playing a sorcerer with the brass draconic bloodline in Pathfinder. Eventually, I'll start being able to turn into a dragon, starting at medium size, then large, and eventually huge. I already have a huge-sized brass dragon (77109: Fire Dragon), but I'd like to have a mini to use for medium and large sizes. What do you guys suggest, either from Reaper or other companies?
  2. Hey guys! I am looking to recreate The Heroes of the Lance from the Dragonlance books. I was wondering which miniatures people would suggest ( from Reaper only ) and why? Thanks!
  3. Dragons Don't Share 2

    After almost a year of work, I've finally completed this piece. 2 hours each on the adventurers, about an hour each on the terrain pieces, and close to 6 hours on the dragon itself. A lot of different colors used, so I'm not even going to try to mention them all. The terrain is mostly dry brushed, and washes. The dragon has no dry brushing at all though. Everything else is either layered or blended painting. Thanks for looking! Enjoy! (And yes, that is my YouTube channel in the background. LOL)
  4. Qesnef, Ogre Mage and Halfling Form

    Qesnef, is an ogre mage who lost a bet with Keraptis and as a result must guard the fabled treasure of White Plume Mountain, the sword of Blackrazor, for 1001 years. In his true form Qesnef is a huge, horned, blue-skinned ogre but he normally uses his innate shape-changing magic to appear in the guise of a doughty Halfling when meeting unsuspecting adventurers. (excerpt from the back of the box, characters based on the White Plum Mountain dungeon Module) Painted for a friend. Cool model, I may end up painting one for myself one day.
  5. The small gaming community that got it's first two legs early last year is starting to flourish over here. :) Gathered a few people for DnD 5th. edition, too, now. I've made myself a Warlock. He will be drawing his strength from a Great Old One, only referred to as the King in Yellow. ^^ Guess what book his pact of the tome is inspired from. Hint: It's bound in human flesh, and inked in blood..
  6. Dragons Don't Share 2

    I haven't been painting as much as I would like due to some health issues. I have painted a few things and will be posting them on show off as soon as I can get them based. Most stuff I have been painting has been for my campaign based in ancient Egypt. I was getting a little burnt out and have had DDS2 sitting for about a year so I decided I wanted to work on the ruins. I knew I wanted them to fit together but I also wanted to be able to use the individual pieces separately. I made a cork "puzzle" and glued the pieces down. My painting friend suggested making several layers so it wasn't just flat and that sounded like a good idea so I made 3 layers to the "puzzle". All of the pieces fit together as you can see in the photos. Now, I want to use something to make it look like a hill when it is all pushed together. I don't want plaster because it would make it very heavy and not sure how durable that would be. Green stuff is far too expensive to cover the whole thing in. I am thinking maybe FIMO. Not sure yet. Need to make a trip to the art store. I am going to use pieces of cork and try and find a few columns that I can partially bury in the hill. My plan is to paint them up like Roman ruins. Think Pompeii. In the little niches, I am going to paint little murals. I am considering to try a mosaic pattern on some of the floor. So anyway, these are just my puzzle pieces so far.
  7. Hey guys back again! decided to do a version of the Dungeons and dragons cartoon scorpion using the reaper miniature my inspiration was this guy : So I tried to capture the cartooniness but also have a semi real look to it! So enjoy looking and as always comments are wanted and gratefully received!
  8. Walked into an FLGS and am currently standing in front of this: I don't know what to do: they've got a bunch of the old ChaosWars dragons too. Prices seem to range between 35-45 Canadian. Is that what these are typically going for? Edit. O geese They've got the old Julie Guthrie dueling Dragons set by Chaoswars too.
  9. Dragons don't share

    I have been trying to do the set dragons don't share. I bought it on ebay for 30 dollars plus 10 dollars s&h. the ruins were easy to base coat and paint with three different shades of grey. I plan to add flocking for grass some sand and maybe more broken stones. but the painting on the ruins is done for now. the dragon went great for such a large mini. I based the dragon in a smokey garnet, then blood red / fire red for the scales. the underside of the wings gave me fits. I used fire orange, flesh wash and fire red. hope everyone likes it. as always feel free with the advice. sorry I lost some of the shading and highlights in the pics.
  10. So last winter I painted up some Reaper dragons. I thought about submitting them to the Reaper 3rd Annual Large Model Paint Challenge, but I was somehow dissatisfied. They were painted, but a little ... lacking. Also they had a tendency to tip over one way or another. For the most part, until now I haven't based. At the most I glue minis to pennies or fender washers and paint them illusionistically. But there's a first time for everything, and this time I wished to base these dragons. I started with the two smaller dragons, the fire dragon and shadow dragon. I traced them and drew contour maps for a layer or two of foam core board. I figured I'd try the lowest layer as a shape of bristol illustration board, something I had lying around, and I would glue them together and contour the shapes with epoxy. Here are the foam core shapes traced onto the board. And cut out with their pattern pieces; the bristol board too (at the top).
  11. I painted up some of those Bretonnians I mentioned in an earlier topic, to be GOT themed. I've done a Baratheon knight and a Targaryen knight, and hopefully can paint up more knights from the great houses.
  12. A few of my dragons that I have based (unpainted) have started to bend downward. Particularly the tall upright dragons standing on 2 legs. Some have even gotten to the point of their heads touching the floor. Bones material conforms to gravity overtime. Have any of you had this happen? What do you do about it?
  13. Bones 3 Dragon Colors

    Just as it sounds. Of all the dragons released for the Bones 3 kickstarter, which color dragon do they resemble most from D&D or Pathfinder? And we're going to set aside the great oogly moogly, that one is a special case. :P You don't have to limit yourself to chromatic or metallic, any of the dragon types will do. If they resemble a particular kind, I want to hear your opinion.
  14. Dragons in YOUR world

    So I was talking to a friend, trying to describe how I viewed dragons in my own personal idea of a fantasy world. It got me thinking of what other people have come up with. So what do you do for dragons in your world, game-play or otherwise? Do you use the D&D dragon concept of 'all this color is evil, all this color is good', or do you have something different? Here's mine! (for those that i have drawings for, even outdated, I've included them. I should go through and do a proper sketch of each type sometime ) Siri’s dragon types My dragons are not separated by color, but rather by the environment they live in and grew to adapt to. Each habitat has a specific ‘breed’ of dragon, that has subtle features different from other dragons and a common range of colors. This means that I can have good red dragons, evil silver dragons, etc. Their personality and ‘goodness’ are not decided by the color of their scales, but rather by their own actions. ….as it happens, red and black dragons are usually evil and gold and silver are usually good. Maybe it’s social stigma. But blue, green, white, and all the other colors have a varied amount of good and evil. Forest/Grassland: Characterized by the wing membrane often continuing along the sides of the tail to the very tip, they do not have any spikes or frills upon their backs, just a series of bump like, blunt protrusions. Predominantly green hues, but gold is often seen as well. Breathes fire. Mountain: These are your ‘classic’ dragon look. Large belly scales, and large scales along the back. Backswept horns, spiked backs. They have unadorned tails, any spikes or frills along their backs do not reach the tip. These are the most commonly seen, as they range far from their mountain homes. Usually red, gold or black. Breathes fire. Desert: These are fairly similar to the Mountain dragons, though they have larger wings and their tails are spiked on the sides. They also have a ‘dewlap’ area of skin under their throats. Colors are usually gold, red, and bronze. They breathe fire. Sea: Long and slender, they have fish like fins down their backs and on the edges of their limbs, with webbed feet. Their tails are often heavily finned, sometimes like a fish tail. Wings are adapted for swimming or flying. Shorter legs than other dragons. Colors are always suitable for their watery home, being blue, green, a mix of the two, or rarely silver. They breathe steam. Arctic: These dragons are well suited for their frigid environment. They have furry feet and fur lining their limbs. They have an unusually ‘furry’ fin upon their back, and their tail has a broad spade at the end with dual tips, presumably to help with swimming. The colors match their environment, being mostly white, a very light blue and silver. There has been one recorded viewing of a black ice dragon. They breathe frigid cold frost. Swamp: These dragons are, in general, very foul tempered. They share similar design to the sea dragons with long and slender bodies, however the similarities stop there. They have finned backs and arrow shaped tails, with nostrils and eyes features more to the top of their heads like crocodiles. They are generally dark colored, usually black or dark green. They breathe acid. Less common breeds: Storm: These dragons are very rarely seen, it is speculated they either live in the extreme heights of mountain tops, or never land at all and live within clouds (this is considered fanciful nonsense). They have very large wings, and often quite ornate horns and crests upon their heads. Their tails are spined down each side in descending size spikes. They are blue, purple, black or silver and breathe lightning. Frost: A smaller and more rare cousin of the Arctic dragon, these are most noted for their use of feathers over fur. Their backs are covered in downy plumage, as are the arms of their wings. Very skittish and gentle, they often flee instead of fight. Only one has been seen and it was white with pink and gold shading on the wings, with hints of light blue. They live in the deepest area of the arctic, where it is too cold for even the hardiest of explorers. Volcanic: A rarely seen and rather frightful dragon, these are best known for seeking out immensely hot places to live, showing a fondness for active volcanos especially. Others have been found in the middle of deserts. They have heavy black scales, but the flesh beneath is bright gold and red. This often makes them appear like cracking lava when the skin is visible between the heavy plating. Not much is known of them, for they are quite aggressive. Cave: These dragons dwell most often under the ground, often vying with other dragons for cave homes. They are heavy set and bulky, with thick armor and a spiked mace like club upon their tails. They do not often fly, but can when needed. Quite often have jutting lower jaws with large teeth or tusks of some sort and chin spikes, though this shows great variation. Backs have large blunt spikes in clusters, and their neck scales extend out like a blade. They are almost always brown in color. Jungle: These dragons are best noted for their extremely colorful scales and flashy nature. Their backs and tails bear large fins rather than spikes, usually with vivid patterns and bright colors. Unlike other dragons, they often will have a mix of colors rather than one hue. They breathe acid.
  15. DRAGONS!

    Favorite color of dragon. GO! Mine is blue!
  16. Mephit Minis

    I need some ice mephit minis for an upcoming scenario. Any recommendations for minis for them?
  17. Bones II Dragon Colors

    There be dragons here. OK, so do dragons have defining features that designates them as a certain type(color) of dragon? Because if they do i'm not seeing it. It's been brought to my attention that Blightfang is a green dragon because of his leaf shaped scales. Fair enough. I already irreversibly started painting him blue. But I'm fine with that. The silver dragon is obviously a silver dragon, though I painted him white. He actually looks like one variation of a white dragon I've seen before. (Pathfinder art work) Just google pathfinder white dragon under imagines. I'm assuming Cinder is red just because of his name, and nothing else. Verocithrax... ummm. Looks Japanese-ish? Gold? I'm going to make him green i think. Nathavarr- Red? He was painted red for the website, but was that just the artist's choice or is he really supposed to be red for reasons i dont know? Narthrax. No idea. So, anyone have any insight for me? Final thought-- Reaper should make a Tiamat model.
  18. 1. Does anyone have a link or a picture of how the tree branch is supposed to be installed on Verocithrax? 2. What kind of glue is best for gluing dragons together, specifically the wings? I use super glue usually, but those wings look big and heavy. Not sure if thats's going to cut it. 3. Will the dragons droop over time due to the weight of the wings? I have the Bones Griffin, and I can't be positive, but i think he's starting to droop over from the weight of his wings. Thanks for your time.
  19. Deathsleet, DDS2, Narthrax, Nehyrmaul, Fire Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Ebonwrath, Jabberwock, Pathfinder Read, Young Fire Dragon, Kaladrax (and all the others not currently showing up with a search for "Bones Dragon", such as Velocithrax, Cinder, and Blightfang from the Second KS campaign). What D&D/Pathfinder Size category are these? I'm having a hard time guessing, and wanted other folks' opinions. Also, if this has already been discussed, please send me a link, and we can lock this thread.
  20. Story ideas for a D&D game

    The title says all. Just wondering if anyone had anything interesting. I would post one of my own story ideas, but then I'll find out years later that it was plagarized and is being turned into a movie. It's happened to me before, I'm not being paranoid.
  21. Wax's WIPS

    Hi! I'm Wax Eagle and I'm a total n00b painter. I've been floating around here since a bit after KS2 and will have a boat load of white plastic whenever that ships, so I figured I better learn how to paint before that happens. So far my finished painted figures count is up to 1. I bought a cave troll during the KS to see what Bones are all about. I'm completely new to minis, but have been playing D&D for a few years now (our group is into tokens rather than minis, cuz when we got into 4e that was the thing). My lovely wife (Myn online), bought me a box of Bones for Father's Day (it even came with a sample paint! woo), so I'm going to be painting my way through them asking for critiques, comments and corrections whenever possible. Right now we're painting with cheap craft paints and brushes, while we build up some skills, though we're planning on buying LTPK1 when it releases and picked up the paint sets with the KS, so we'll have those to work with when they get here. Without further Ado, my first two coats on the PF Red Dragon: Front Back A Wing and his arm Other Wing Head Base coat of brown craft paint with just a touch of red. Then Red with a strong bit of brown on his scales and the bony bits of his wings. A yellow/brown/white/red mix on his tummy plates and fleshy bits of his wings. Definitely going to go back and line the chest plates again, lost the definition a lot there with the yellowish color. Still mostly just figuring things out, definitely realizing how important good brushes are (And that I don't have them). Having fun though, the missus and I painting together for a good while tonight after we put the kids to bed (her young fire dragon is in the background there out of focus, she's going for a metallic look with purples and blacks).
  22. Lost and Found... Dragons!

    So, the wife and I are looking to put our house on the market. We're fixing things up, painting, and packing. Whilst going through a box I found something I thought had got lost in a move over five years ago. My Ral Partha Dragons! Now, of course, one is missing the numbered placard, and all are missing the paper certificate, but at least I found them. Happy does not even start to describe me right now! Sorry for the crappy camera phone pics, the camera is packed already... My personal favorite... Hail to the queen... Ok, now to pack them back up and hope they don't hibernate for another five years....
  23. You know how sometimes when you're GMing an RPG, you make decisions that later come back to haunt you? Well, I just did that, and now I need some painting advice. My friend and I are running a campaign for our kids. As part of the campaign, each of the kids got to choose a color I would paint the dragon their PC would get to ride. I gave them a list of 21 colors to choose from for their dragon's color, without really thinking about how I would have to paint some of the colors. And of course, once one kid chose a jewel color, the remaining kids did, too. So any suggestions on how to paint Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond dragons? Even if it's a link to tutorials.
  24. Wyrmgear the Clockwork Dragon

    Hey folks! I finished up Wyrmgear this week for a client. Took me about 5-6 hours of work, most of it on the brass/bronze and the wings. I went with a stippling effect on the wings to make them look like canvas. I used GW Karak Stone as the base coat with a Reikland Flesh wash. Then a glaze of Ushabti Bone and a wash of Agrax Earthshade. I then started the stippling with some more of the bone, then Ivory White, Oyster White, and Skull White, and then Pure White. The metals are Ceramcoat Bronze and Pewter with several washes of Flesh, Earthshade, Nuln Oil, and highlighted with Bronze, Burnished gold, and sliver (for the brass/bronze) and Gunbolt up to Mithril Silver for the steel. The shields are painted using GW Mordian Blue, RMSP Sky Blue and over brushed with Silver. The design on the shields was taken from a design I saw on an angel statue in our local hardware store Christmas display. I used a Micron 01 Archival Pen to draw it on. Thanks for looking!
  25. So, I am currently reviewing my options, dragon-wise, for KSII, and I'm having a few questions. Namely, I'm looking at Nathrax, Blightfang, and Cinder. Originally, I had planned to get three Narthrax and one each of the others... but the more I look at Blightfang, the less I like her. Even Cinder I'm kind of "meh" about... I have a cool idea for her scales, so I need at least one, but that's her only appeal to me. But Blightfang... I just don't like her scales! They look so rough in the picture... It reminds me of a fish with late-stage ich, or a snake that has a serious vitamin deficiency - more rough and jagged than scale-like, really... I'm not sure how I could paint her without her looking gross; even the one on the box looks gweh in my opinion... I'm not sure if it's just because it's an older sculpt, or because I haven't seen any really cool versions of her, but I'm having a hard time persuading myself not to drop her for another Narthrax. I know what I want to do with HIM, after all... I need a copper one, and a blue one, and I've got a few patterns from fish I want to try, and then I have an idea for a green one with a cream underbelly and dark green striping and red markings... I kind of have a thing for Narthrax. But anyways! If anyone's painted a Blightfang and can tell me about those scales, or has cool pictures or closeups, I'd love to see them! I really want to get one of each dragon, but I'm getting two DDSII, and that's eating up a lot of my dragon budget... And two Kanjiras... and three Narthrax... and two of CE1... and I caved for Velocithrax... So I've already allocated most of my dragon funds, you see.