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Found 29 results

  1. 03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

    I haven't painted much in the past couple months, so I thought I'd correct that by repainting an old model that I had painted when I started the hobby and had stripped down awhile back. I thought I had pictures from earlier, but apparently I have lost them over time. Oh well. Here she is, my Flaming Fist mercenary version of Isabeau:
  2. Custom Mini: A bard and his cat

    I have a few minis displayed at my local game shop and was contacted a couple weeks ago about doing a custom job for a D&D player's Heroforge mini. This is the first time I've dealt with their Premium plastic, and it is much better than the detail plastic they used before - though there were a lot more little plastic spurs that I didn't entirely erase all trace of. I'm pretty happy with it, and the client is happy, so mission accomplished!
  3. 77193: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

    I painted this figure last year, but I like the model a lot and wanted to give her a different treatment. I chopped off most of her staff and stuck on the blade from one of Tiviel's daggers. I envisioned her as an evil druid, but I figure she's versatile enough to represent a number of classes in D&D.
  4. 77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    I painted this guy over the weekend to toy around with the LED Blue paint I haven't gotten to use much since I got the MSP 2014 expansion set last holiday season. I'm not terribly happy with the OSL, and could have spent hours more doing more glazes and highlights, but he's going on a shelf for sale at my LGS and I made myself limit my time for extra details since I've found there's an upper limit on what the local D&D players are willing to spend. Anyway, I really liked the sculpt and had a lot of fun with him. Here's hoping he sets something on fire on a gaming table soon!
  5. Nissa from Magic: the Gathering

    I got the Arena of the Planeswalkers boardgame over a year ago and hated the factory paint jobs, especially for Nissa. For those unfamiliar, she is an elvish nature mage with facial and not, as the stock model might suggest, a twisted demon monkey. Finished pictures first! I gave her staff a blue glow to match her latest character development in Amonkhet. The model's detail wasn't great, especially around the face, but I'm decently happy with it. Now brace yourself. Here's the "before" image. Plastic surgery was required.
  6. 77197: Erick, Paladin Initiate

    I apparently never uploaded this one. He was a commission for a D&D friend at my local shop awhile back. The use of metallic paint and the color scheme was requested, and I suggested a griffon on the shield since the character rides them.
  7. 77132: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain

    I've had this pirate on my shelf for a little bit and decided last night to carve off his pistol (since most D&D settings don't have guns) and put some color on him. Now get gets to sit on my LGS's shelf until someone picks him up for their D&D character.
  8. 77120: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin

    I've had this guy since the first kickstarter and have put off painting him due to his distinct lack of a nose in the bones version. A couple nights ago I decided to perform some rhinoplasty with green stuff so I could put him to use in a D&D game. I went with metallic paints rather than spend too much time blending NMM on his armor, and it doesn't hurt that he'll look shiny on the table. The design on the shield is the symbol of the Forgetten Realms deity Tempus, but it also works for the Red Knight (whose red horse chess piece is a less exciting design to paint).
  9. 77070: Aviriel Tellerion, Female Elf

    I haven't posted anything here in awhile, so I thought I would fix that. I've had Aviriel since the first kickstarter, and finally decided to paint her as a gift for a friend. The shield was definitely my favorite part to paint, though I didn't get the blends quite as smooth as I would have liked on the gold there.
  10. 03599: Drake Whiteraven, Young Mage

    I painted this guy as a commission for a friend a few weeks ago. Apologies for the poor lighting and background in the pictures - I finished it away from my usual setup before handing it over. I was told to make the clothing a bit off for an adventurer to showcase the character's inexperience.
  11. 77397: Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin

    I like to keep a stock of painted miniatures available for the D&D crowd at my local game shop, but I always struggle to keep enough male adventurers on the shelf before people snatch them up. Logrim here was a fairly quick project intended to fill the ranks somewhat. I decided to stick on true metallic paints for him to save time, and didn't do anything crazy with the tabard. Still, I'm happy with him and I'm hopeful that he'll be smiting evil on a tabletop soon!
  12. I painted a metal version of this guy awhile ago but decided to toss some paint on my Bones version. It's got a few flaws that I didn't spend time on correcting too much, but I've already had a friend ask to buy it for a D&D character so I don't feel so bad about them.
  13. 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

    A quick paint job I threw together sometime last week. I avoided NMM and decided to invest the time I would have spent there into making her cloak pop out a bit instead.
  14. 77072: Bailey Silverbell

    It has been awhile since I posted a mini here, and have been forgetting to take pictures before leaving the figure elsewhere. I painted Bailey here on a whim, since female dwarves are rare and rogues even rarer. I tried a new idea on the cloak's trim, and I'm pretty happy with it.
  15. 77075: Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard

    Another model from Bones I that I have had sitting on a shelf for far too long. I decided to cut off the standard Bones base and painted on a stone floor pattern rather than sculpt one. I'm fairly happy with how it all came out.
  16. 89027: Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid (Bones)

    I picked up this model the other day on a whim and decided to give her a shot. So far I'm pretty happy with how she turned out.
  17. 77193: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

    I picked this model up Saturday night while shivering in the first snowfall of the year, so I decided to paint it appropriately. This is the happiest I've been with a face on a Bones model so far.
  18. 02186: Alfred Redlute Bard

    I was commissioned a couple days ago to paint this for a friend's D&D character. I originally wasn't a big fan of the sculpt, but it grew on me some. It was nice to get back to painting metal miniatures after doing Bones projects for awhile.
  19. 77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger

    I realized a couple nights ago that I was short one sinister-looking character for a mini painting show at my LGS in...12 hours from now. She's going to be matched up with http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71538-77150-ragnaros-evil-warrior-axe-conversion/ and http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65663-77299-female-antipaladin/ as a probably-evil adventuring party.
  20. I have a local miniature painting art show coming up Saturday and decided to try to get one last entry in. I painted this figure a long time ago and wasn't terribly happy with the paint job, so I decided to give her another shot. I was originally going to try to mirror the wyrms on each side of her cloak to take the same pose, but getting my brush where I needed it on the under-side (front) proved more difficult, so I went with the faster method of mismatched poses.
  21. I've had this one since the first Bones kickstarter, and decided last week to chop off the sword he usually comes with (did not foresee it staying unbent for long) and replaced it with an axe from a 40k Orkz kit. I had to trim the weapon down a bit to get it to look right (shaved off some bolts, whittled the handle down to match the size of the sword handle). I had a few hours to paint and decided to do a quick paint job for him.
  22. 77071: Elladan, Elf Ranger (Bones)

    I painted this guy once before a year ago, but have since sold him off through my local game shop. I picked up another copy a few weeks ago and decided to go a different route with the color.
  23. 77069: Autumn Bronzeleaf

    A commission I finished this week for a D&D player who wanted her painted as a druid.
  24. 77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    I haven't posted anything for awhile, but got a couple projects done recently. This one was relatively quick to fill a dwarf shortage.
  25. 89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus (Bones)

    This one was a relatively quick commission. I probably could have gotten the OSL blending smoother, but it's a newish technique for me and I had a bit of a time crunch on him. Still fairly happy with how he turned out!