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Found 58 results

  1. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Countdown to Halloween

    A few weeks ago I began to perceive subtle changes heralding the return of my favorite time of year. Fortunately it also brought with a return of my motivation to paint. Over the course of time I've managed to amass many 20s of horror and undead minis so what better way to get into the season than start actually painting some of them. I picked this up at Goodwill some months ago with the idea of having it be a home for the witches. The original painter did a pretty good job on it, but I'm going for something a bit more Charles Addams . So it got a coat of Pavement Grey craft paint. Here we have batch 1. The wraith, wolf, lich, vampire, and tomb are all from the Bones 3 Graveyard set and the two beastmen I picked up from the discount bin at Reaper HQ last year. The wraith was previously coated in black and at some point I added a brown wash for unremembered reasons. Here's everyone after Dirty Bone and Stormy Grey have been applied. The chimneys of the house had it drybrushed on as did the tomb. While base coating the others I noticed that for unknown reasons the Stormy Grey is acting odd, thinner than it ought to be out of the bottle. I'm not too concerned about it as I've had this bottle for a long time and I think it went thru one temperature change too many, as well as perhaps age catching up with it. The wraith didn't receive any because of this and because even someone like myself who abuses the grey spectrum with overuse on a regular basis gets burned out some. So I'm holding off on him for a little while. Now it might be asked what the beastmen are doing in a Halloween themed thread, but witches and goat headed creatures go together quite often in both art and legend. So they'll be acting as bodyguards for the witches of a more infernal type.
  2. DocPiske

    This is Halloween... 2018

    After missing last year I'm back. Good thing I started painting in August, just finished these last weekend! First up, a banshee (77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee). Not too happy with this one, still working on finding just the right way to use the translucent Bones. I like how the dress turned out, though. Next up, 77097 Grave Wraith. Happier with this one, but still not quite right: Next, another pumpkin golem, 03708 Freddie, the Pumpkin Horror. I think I'm only missing one now. And what is Halloween without a spooky tree (03692 Halloween Tree): Keeping with the pumpkin theme, here is the Halloween Knight, 01449. Color scheme shamelessly stolen from the mobs in Scholomance in World of Warcraft. And finally, Halloween herself, 01450 All Hallow's Eve. She came out a bit more shiny than I intended. Happy Halloween everyone!
  3. SparrowMarie

    All Minis Eve

    So, for October this year I'm going to attempt to paint a mini a day. This will take the place of Minivember probably from now on. November's have just become too busy for me to feasibly paint everyday. This will be called All Minis Eve! I am currently in the process of making an advent calendar for October. I'll post how I'm doing it and progress, I hope to have it done before October so I can kick things off this year. How it works: I have tons of minis laying around so unless you want to or don't have enough (is that a problem around here?) minis you won't need to buy any (unless you want to). You will need 31. Once the calendar is assembled 1 mini will go in each felt pouch and you pull one out each day then plan, prep, and paint it. You have that one day to do it. Midnight to midnight. I will not get to pick out my own minis as I will have my Husband do it so it'll be a surprise each day. To start I bought: Spooky spider web fabric Adorable ghost ribbon (1.5") Tan felt (three 9"x12" sheets) Black felt (three 9"x12" sheets) Fabric glue I also have handy: Sewing needles Orange thread Fabric tape measure Ruler Scissors Fabric pencil Pen/Sharpie I don't yet have a dowel and ends for it or photo transfer paper. I will edit the above later if I've forgotten anything. Some pictures of materials: Plans: Above is a rough sketch of what the layout will be like. I have cut the tan felt into 33- 3"x3" squares and a 3"x9" rectangle. I will take 1 yard of fabric and affix the squares with fabric glue and sew them on as well for extra hold. I will leave several inches free at the top to put the title which I will cut out of the black felt. I will use a piece of ribbon to underline it and then put the squares below.
  4. Metalchaos

    01575, Olive the Chibi Vampire

    Hi everyone! Here's my latest and last Reaper Miniatures Bonesylvanian from the class of 2015. 01575, Olive the Vampire and Martini her Bat Familiar. This Metal exclusive model was sculpted by Gene Van Horne for Reaper Artist Conference 2015.
  5. NyarlaBcn

    All Hallow's Eve - Black Aliss

    It's been such a long time since I posted something here. I've been wanting to re-join the community for ages, and now I received a new photo tool I think will help me take better photos, let me share some again ^^ First we have the "All Hallow's Eve" figure. As usual when a figure doesn't have a name I like to give it one, and for her it's Black Aliss. I painted her short after christmas. I'm still stuck on the blacks, trying to improve the black highlighting. The underskirt reads as blue I think, besides that, I feel I reached a good level here. The base is pretty simple, doesn't look good at all: but I don't have a lot of space to use a bigger, scenic one, and with such short space I still don't know what else to do.
  6. Hey all, DMAgamus here. It was the extra spoopy time of year again, and I always put on a special game to celebrate. WHat better thing to pain, then, than pieces from the graveyard expansion of bones 3. I present to you, the crypt at the edge of the wilds! The Halloweenies! ANd their minion, Pete the Grave Golem! Also, I've added on pics of the full board, for fun. It was a great time had by all. Album link:Halloween Painting and Set Up
  7. Been feeling the Fall season, and have wanted to try a rough burlap texture....soooo here comes Patch! first time making a corn stalk from raffia, it's not bad but I'll need more practice before truly jazzed with it. The pumpkin is from the Reaper Pumpkins set. C&C always welcome!
  8. Whew. I finished him. I have to say, this was a fun project. The idea came to me sometime last year, but it took awhile for me to get around to working on him. I've decided that monochrome relaxes me. It's just easier somehow to take color out of the picture and just work on shadows and highlights. I think I need to vary my levels a bit, but overall, I wanted it to read as a night scene, so I'm happy. I like the idea of an accent color. I've been wanting to try that for awhile now. Though looking at him, I could probably pop the osl on his face. the pumpkin in the back worked out better- most likely because it has larger opening for the eyes. I tried to find his sku number in the catalog and failed, but this was The Headless Mousling from 2014, sculpted by Gene Van Horne.I used a bones rat, a pillar from the graveyard set, and 2 pumpkins. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Halloween! I'm using my new Iphone and seem to have issues editing, so pics may be a bit funky...
  9. Crowley

    Spooky familiars

    In keeping with the month that hosts Halloween, I painted up some familiars! Very simply done, starting with grey liner, nightmare black (a little extra purple for the cat) and heraldic red for the eyes (cat and raven) & mouth (bat). Drop of linen white for the cat's eyes, and a drop of dragon gold for her forehead. Still need to clean up the bases a bit. Otherwise done!
  10. There has been some talk on the boards of people's costumes, the wearing of them and how they change things and what people are working on. So I'd like to throw open the question, What is your costume? It can be any approach. Are you working on one now? Are you a fan who appreciates them but doesn't make them? Do you have a favorite costume? Do you have favorite memories of one? Do you like realism, or abstraction, history, sci fi, or fantasy? Does costuming connect to your gaming or other hobbies? When and where do you wear costumes? Are you making something for another person? Or for a doll maybe? What's your favorite one you've seen? What would you make if you had the materials and time? *** I'll start. I have a reproduction late-eighteenth century dress in a big floral print in shades of red and blue on white, complete with undergarments, big pockets, mitts, a ruffled cap, and cocked hat that I had been wearing to our neighborhood's annual Fourth of July parade. But I've been feeling weirder about it in the last few years since late eighteenth century dress has become political in a direction I am not. So I've found myself turning towards the struggles of the Suffragists a century ago. I've been reading old mail order catalogues from the First World War and checking out the eminently practical suits women wore at the time -- big pockets everywhere! At this point I have plans for nearly everything except a suit. I have undergear and petticoats, a blouse, nearly acceptable shoes, hats to be modified, a good pattern for spats, and a pageant-style banner edged with green and purple ribbon* ready to be painted front and back with "Votes for Women". At this point it would be nice to make a historically accurate suit, but looking at what I have, I think it would be a fairly convincing impression with any reasonably matched jacket and calf-length skirt. *Those are the colors of the English suffragists, not the US ones, but I'm okay with that.
  11. InvisibleThumb

    03549 witch, cauldron, and cat

    As I pondered my choice of wizard for my new monstrous Frostgrave warband, I slowly realized there was only one choice really. I put his witch, cat, and cauldron into he shopping cart around Halloween time. I knew I needed one for any legitimate Halloween display of miniatures. But it had sat unpainted in the blister for a few months while other things took priority. Back to the frostgrave war band. So I chose witch as my wizard's school and proceeded to fill the ranks of soldiers with monstrous members like the horned hunter and a medusa archer, couple of tieflings, and even giant rats as warhounds. I think I am meant to paint up this witch as the wizard. She comes with a cat that I'm putting on the base with her and a cauldron that I am not. The cauldron will make a great prop when playing pathfinder and I already have a place for it in the birthday party adventure I have planned for next week. However the cauldron needs to sit on a fire or bed of coals or something. I realized I do not even have a campfire token so that became part of this project. okay, so first I grabbed two 20 mm bases and glued some small pebbles and gravel to them like so: Next I had to put the witch and cat on a base. I cut up an old bones base to fill out the bare base with flagstone shapes and glued down more gravel to fill in some of the gaps. Finally everything got some black primer. Witch and cat: fire pit: The black Cauldron: All of this happened over the last couple of days. Have not had much chance to paint since Friday night since we currently have house guests, but still managed to just start to lay down base coats while everyone else was entertained by part of a movie. Out pale saffron on the Inside of the cauldron and emanations, the cats eyes, the center coals in the fire pit, and the bat in the witches hand. No, I am not making the bat yellow. Honestly did not realize it was a bat until I got the yellow on it. Now I know. also mixed wreath green with dusky skin to start on the witch's skin. Oh and also some vampiric skin for the witches hair and for a quick dry brush on the rocks in the fire pit. Here is where things stand right now. Cauldron Witch Fire pit. I would love some ideas for colors on that witch besides black and green. I can't seem to picture anything else.
  12. Metalchaos

    01533, Jack the Chibi Pumpkin Head

    01533, Jack the Chibi Pumpkin Head, Special Edition Bonesylvanian Figure sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  13. “So what’s a Corn Stalker?†said Little Ricky. “It’s just something I made up,†I said. Oh, wait, no I didn’t. That would have been dull. I don’t DO dull. These kids have a whole lifetime of classes and teachers just as dull as church, and often moreso, and I can’t bring myself to contribute to such delinquency. I got standards, y’know. So I made some more &%$# up. “Weeeeelllll,†I said, because it’s more interesting than “Uhhh...†“....well, you’ve heard of scarecrows, right?†“Yeah,†said Li’l Daryl. “That’s that guy who fights Batman sometimes.†“Not exactly,†I said. “Y’see, in the old days, farmers used to make these dummies, right? They’d take old clothes and stuffum with cornshucks and mount them up on poles in the cornfield, with a pumpkin for a head and a widebrimmed hat on it.†Little Carol was confused. “Why would they do that?†“To scare the crows away,†I said. “To keep the crows from eating up all the fresh corn. Crows won’t fly down and eat the corn if they think there’s a man wandering around in the cornfield.†(I felt bad about this. Farmers have known for centuries that crows and ravens are smart enough to see through scarecrows, and here I was willingly disseminating misinformation. I consoled myself by considering the likelihood that any of my students would ever become corn farmers was actually fairly minimal, and then set forth shoveling it higher and deeper...) “What’s this got to do with Corn Stalkers?†said Little Ricky. “Weeeeeellll,†I said, “Usually nothing. I mean, a scarecrow with a jack o’lantern for a head can look kind of spooky, sure. But it’s just a dummy. But... sometimes... it’s not.†This was what the kids had been waiting for. Side murmurs ceased, and the body language of the classroom grew focused. Heh. Gottum! And I continued. “Y’see,†I said, “sometimes it happens... a little ... differently. Sometimes, it’s because of the ghost of an angry spirit who died nearby. Some people think it’s... the Devil. And some people think it may be because the ground in certain places is just.... evil. But sometimes, you find a scarecrow what’s more than just clothes and cornhusks with a pumpkin on top.†Li’l Daryl’s eyes were bright with interest, and he was leaning so far over the front of his desk, he looked like he was about to take a bite out of the girl in front of him. “Different HOW?†he said. “More HOW?†Did I mention Daryl was the kid who brought up the subject of war atrocities during a social studies lesson? But I digress. “Like I said,†I said, “scarecrows are man made. They’re old clothes and cornhusks. But ... sometimes... they grow there.†The class was dead silent. “Sometimes... what LOOKS like a stalk of corn... will grow in the middle of a cornfield... but it’s not green. It’s an ashy brown, the color of a dead thing, dry and crisp, but growing nonetheless. And in time... if it’s not discovered.... it’ll sprout ARMS, long spindly arms, with four clawed fingers on each hand. And at its top, it’ll sprout a growth like ... like a pumpkin... but it’ll be the wrong shade of orange... or the wrong shape... or it’ll have warts or something. SOMETHING will be wrong it it. You can tell. But’cha gotta be lookin’ for it. And if the farmer doesn’t notice in time...†I let the sentence trail off, and left it hanging, and made a mental bet with myself. I lost; it was Ricky who said, “What happens if the farmer doesn’t notice?†in a voice laden with doubt. “Weeeeeelll,†I said, “if the farmer doesn’t catch it in time... well... the final stage is when the bottom of the stalk splits into legs.... and the pumpkin up top develops a sort of arrangement of wrinkles... that finally SPLIT OPEN into eyes... and a mouth... glowing faintly in the night... and finally, it yanks its feet loose from the soil... and then... it’s a Corn Stalker, once and for all, and on the HUNT!†There was a moment’s silence. “On the hunt for what?†said Li’l Michonne, whose tone of voice indicated that she wasn’t sure if this story was any fun any more. “Weeeeeelllll,†I said. “I don’t much like to say. But when you see a Corn Stalker... wearing clothes? Like a scarecrow? All too often... that’s the sign that the Corn Stalker has done found the farmer who owns the field... and... well... let’s say that farmer won’t be seen again anytime soon... or have much use for his clothes... and the Corn Stalker likes having a disguise, so it can travel afield, perhaps even walk up the road to town without anyone noticing he’s not just a hitchhiker, and...†The class stared at me, eyes as big as eggs. And a coworker of mine stood in the door. She looked at me, got my attention, then spun her right index finger in a circle, then in a triangle, point down, and then fluttered all her fingers like she was scattering confetti, concluding with a raised eyebrow. In the Silent Speech Of Educators, this translates as “Are you out of your fraggin’ mind? You want us to get about a hundred angry phonecalls from parents who wanna know why their kids are suddenly afraid to go trick or treating tonight?†Hm. Well. She had a point. “Fortunately,†I said, “for those with the wit to notice, there’s ways to spot a Corn Stalker... and ways to deal with him, once you know he’s there.†“How do you spot him?†blurted Daryl, in a tone of voice that hinted that he was thinking of going out to look for one. “Well, tell me, Daryl,†I replied sagely. “You see the glowy eyes of a Jack o’Lantern, what color are they?†“Kind of a yellowy orange,†he said. “And you’re quite right,†I replied. “The color of candle light reflecting off the inside of an orange pumpkin. But a Corn Stalker? You see the glow of HIS eyes, he’ll freeze and hold still, hoping you’ll get close enough to GRAB....†My coworker looked at me critically from the doorway. This was not what she’d had in mind. “...but a Corn Stalker’s eyes... and the inside of his mouth? They glow green,†I said, “a lambent, sickly green, like no plant or living thing ever was, like a greeeen glowstick from an unhealthy store located in a graaaaaveyaaaard... and if you see THAT color comin’ from a jackalannern, well... you’ll know SOMETHING is up... and you’ll know better than to get too CLOSE!†There was dead silence for almost fifteen seconds. I could see the whites around the eyes of every kid in the classroom. For that matter, my coworker in the doorway was a little buggy eyed, herself. “How do you kill one?†asked Li’l Carl, with a touch of determination in his voice. “Well, there’s fire,†I said. “That works pretty well. But a Stalker won’t burn quick, and he’s evil enough to wanna take you, your friends, and much of the nearby landscape with him. Not safe to play with fire. Particularly as dry as it’s been lately.†It was the children’s turn to nod sagely. This was a lesson they’d heard before. Carl piped up. “How else?†he said. “Paraquat,†I said. The children stared at me blankly. “Parawhat?†said a voice in the crowd. “Paraquat’s good,†I repeated. “Paraquat, Diquat, Endothall, even Agent Orange, but I hear that causes cancer. Any good commercial defoliant will do. Fifty fifty mix with water in a Super Soaker, let the pumpkinheaded booger have it full blast. He’ll melt like a candle in a burnin’ jackalannern, just like the Witch in The Wizard Of Oz.†My coworker made a noise somewhere between a surprised chuckle and the sound one might make if one has suddenly and unexpectedly swallowed a largish bug. Daryl and Carl took out paper and began taking notes. “Any good farmer knows this,†I added. “And they take precautions. It’s why you don’t see a whole lot of Corn Stalkers, not these days. The farmers tend to gittum before they’re full grown, and spray ‘em with defoliant. But it’s important for the farmer to take his TIME, and do it RIGHT....†There was another moment of silence, and for a moment, I was terribly afraid that no one would feed me a line. Fortunately, Ricky piped up, “What if he doesn’t?†I grinned. “Well... because when you have a rushin’ farmer... the WEED... kills ... YOU!†(1. Yes, I know, I am going to hell, if not for corrupting the minds of the young, then for the rancid punchline.) (2. My coworker's kind of mad at me now. Her reaction to said punchline caused her to strain something in her abdomen...)
  14. These are a group of vampires I am painting up for Halloween. They include the Reaper Bones figures 77282: Vampire and 77283: Necromancer (painted up as a vampire, because why not), and the old classic Grenadier Set 606 "Vicious Vampires", now sold by Mirliton Miniatures in Italy (I had that set when I was a child, but for some reason I only remember the swoopy-caped male and the little female; the male in the "flasher" pose I remember not at all). The Bones figures are primed with a wash of Reaper's "Brown Liner", the Grenadier ones with a priming of Titanium White and a wash of Burnt Umber, both Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. The Grenadier female vampire is rather uncomfortably tiny, something I dealt with (you'll see).
  15. I started this as a Halloween project. Things got in the way and now it is an autumn piece. Any way I had fun. I bought a ceramic Pumpkin, converted it into a house. Reaper's Elise Witch http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/elise/latest/02869And Freebooter's Chaos Witch both sculpted by Werner Klocke are conjuring pumpkins. These are now wandering off into the world to cause mayhem, The pumpkins are part Ristul's Market and I used the Owl on a Pumpkin from the Reaper Halloween Familiars http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01548 And I added the great Halloween Tree from Reaper: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/halloween/sku-down/03692 Hope you like it. Some Pumpkins are a bit in the ground, so they are emerging.
  16. knarthex

    Matthias the Twisted (02867)

    ****So fool that he is, the minion has released me to stalk the upper worlds for prey....**** Yes that does mean he is finished.... So I did some last minute touch ups, and worked on his base, and finally got him all together. High Angle B&W And I was told, in no uncertain terms, that His real Minions deserved their own pics... Whatever colors that I thought would look ok on the sewage to make it not so mono colored.. Secret Weapon Stone Wash with GW 'Ardcoat for the sewage covering for the color and shine... Fine Earth Flock, and a mix of Fine Earth and Light Green Flocks for moss / algae / scum... The flocks were especially important around his feet, as they helped conceal the join under his feet and his little minions.... (The little specks on the base are motes of flock that have since been blown off with my air compressor...) (Hey, next time I do this guy, I am going to paint the rats YELLOW! ) This is, IMHO, one of those cases where the synergy between the figure and the base really lifts the whole above the 2 separate components.... Moral of that story, Base your minis! Critiques and comments welcome! George WiP Here ***Which way to the surface?????***
  17. --->Since I didn't have enough stuff going on<--- And Halloween is right around the corner, I needed to paint something in that theme... Since in 30+ years of painting minis, I have never painted a Vampire, I decided it was time when I found these 2 guys in the pile of blister packs... People commented that the Duergar I painted a while back had nice creepy looking flesh tones, and I agree. So I am going to take these 2 one step further up the layering chain of colors that I used there. Then we will see if I start adding White to the mix.... Maybe the Reaper Spectral White, with that hint of Blue in it? Eyes were done with GW Scorched Brown, then Reaper Spectral White. Matthias I started with Scale 75 Brown Grey, then Rainy Grey: Sorry about the blurry pics, to late now to re take them though! Camera focusing on wrong parts, and operator not checking the pics... Then a layer of Thar Brown Next will be Thar Brown with Mojave White. Then lots of glazes of that mix to smooth things out. Comments, Thoughts, Ideas all welcome! 8) George Edit-->Ivan was moved to his own WIP Thread Edit--->added sku to tag
  18. I started building a display piece, a vignette, diorama or whatever you want to call it. It will probably be too late for Halloween but then it will be a Fall / Autumn piece. Reaper 02869: Elise, The Witch and Freebooter Chaos Witch,, both by Werner Klocke will star the show. The idea is they live in this Pumpkin house ( obtained in a garden centre, added a plastic door from a board game) and they are conjuring spooky pumpkins. The Halloween tree stands next to their house. So here are the first pics.
  19. Kirakitty

    Halloween Goulie Bag - I got a Rock!

    So, I recently made some purchases on Reapermini.com - and spent enough to get a Halloween Goulie bag - and inside, I got a rock, so I thought about how I could pay Reaper back for the 'trick' that was given to me, and this is what I came up with. Charlie Brown, on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", said the famous phrase "I got a rock" so I went with it and got this:
  20. Jaws

    Halloween Costumes

    I could not find a thread for showing off Halloween costumes, so I figured I'd show mine, maybe someone wants to show me theirs.. :D We started cooking some good food: Invited some nice company: And went out to paint the town red: Overall, I was very pleased with how I managed to lay the makeup on us both, although I only got second place in the local competition.
  21. Glitterwolf

    Carved Halloween Pumpkins Glitterwolf

    I hope you guys don't mind me showing this here. If it is not appropiate then please move it.. Almost Halloween, not really big in the Netherlands but this year we all carved our first pumpkin. So here is what we did. Hope you like it. Scary face by my youngest stepdaughter, Ghost by my Girfriend, Cyclops / Minion by my oldest stepdaughter Wolf..Well did you expect something else?
  22. I guess I got to the event between 11 and 12. The second order of business was to sign up for classes. The first class I could get into was a Conversion class conducted by Jason Weibe. The theme was to convert the big Bones Skeleton (77116) possibly on a Halloween theme. It was great fun and towards the end I started snapping pictures of our efforts. I got a picture (or in some cases two pics) of almost everybody's giant. Enjoy: These two show the ongoing work in progress: above no horns, below sprouted horns... These two show the Bones Giant (and crew, and hangers on) crafted by DixonGrfx: above front-ish view, below back view...
  23. I think I was nineteen when I first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The original, not the remakes or the sequels. In fact, I think when I was nineteen, there WERE no remakes or sequels yet. The WAY I saw it, though, was significant. Y'see, I saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time while I was out in the woods in the middle of the night.It was a campout, y'see. I was out in a state park with a scattering of friends, in the middle of October, which is actually a very pleasant time to be outdoors in central Texas; cold weather doesn't really begin until November, but the weather cools off and is quite pleasant. We were building fires and pitching tents and drinking beer and smoking... um... cigars, and having a lovely time, the way you're supposed to when you actually pay to camp in a place what has water faucets and even the occasional power socket (if you pay extra). And in the early afternoon, the church people showed up. My friends and I looked at each other and said, "Wuh-oh." And promptly stubbed out our... um... cigars. It was some Baptist youth group thing, and they pulled up in several church vans and disgorged a flood of sleeping bags and camping equipment and thirty or forty tweeners who promptly began running around and making all kinds of noise while the five grownups seemed preoccupied with setting up tents and establishing their Baptist bivouac. We shrugged, and went back to our barbecue. There was more ruckus than we would have liked, but, well, public park, right? And kids will be kids. And we in our area roasted chicken and ribs and they in their area roasted weiners and s'mores, and the shadows grew long, and night fell. And here is where the story gets weird, and I must remind any who bother to read this that I was nineteen some thirty years ago... and the past is a foreign country, right? Things worked a little different back then, I must emphasize. But as the darkness fell and the stars came out, and the only light available came from our campfires... the church people did a funny thing. They took a bedsheet, and strung it up between two trees. We watched with interest. What, were they setting up a latrine or something, and this sheet was intended as a privacy shield? No... because shortly thereafter, a projector was set up and plugged in, and someone monkeyed with it, seeing that the image filled the bedsheet, and was properly focused. And not long after that, a Roadrunner cartoon began. Well, I was certainly interested. I couldn't hear very well from our campsite, but I could see well enough. And as the darkness deepened, and the hour grew late, I said, "Whatthehell," and I wrapped up in my big blankie, pulled it over my head, and attempted to stealth my way over into the Baptist campsite. I'd eaten and drunk well, but our camp had no electricity... and as far as entertainment went, I could listen to my boombox until the batteries died, or I could sneak over and watch late night cartoons with the Baptists. I figured I could be a good Baptist for one night, right? And the worst they could do would be to ask me to leave. So I humped it over in the dark between reels, and sat there amongst the good Baptist children, blanket pulled over my head, and trying to be inconspicuous. No one said anything. Not long after, during the next reel (a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon), I noticed my good buddies and tentmates, Bobo and the Troll, wrapped in blankets and doing a low hump across the no man's land between the two campsites. They found places no closer than twenty feet to me, settled down, and we watched cartoons. No one even noticed. There must have been thirty kids scattered across the field between the projector and the bedsheet. I realized we were a little conspicuous, wrapped in blankets, but no one said boo, and so we watched the cartoons, as the night droned on. It was around ten o'clock when the main feature started. A man loaded a BIG reel onto the projector, and then, I noticed, he got in the van with several other grownups... and they all drove away. Whatthehell? No supervision? I looked around. Aside from myself, Bobo, and the Troll, there were no adults anywhere to be seen anywhere in Baptist territory. Had they assumed we were the night shift, or something? Oh, well, not my problem... ...and the movie began. This particular movie began with some somber narration, and some sudden flash cuts of some GORY stuff, and the stentorian tones of a young John Larroquette announcing the story of... The. Texas. Chain. Saw. Massacre. My eyebrows rose. Wha? Is this normal Baptist entertainment for a field full of thirteen year olds? Whose idea was THIS? On the other hand, I'd never seen the movie before, though I'd heard of it, and I was curious. So I sat, and I watched, and the movie began. TTCSM is a rather engrossing movie. It feels for all the world like what they call "found footage" movies, these days, and after that gory beginning, we settle in to get to know our characters. We were a good fifteen minutes in when our heroes pick up the hippie hitchhiker who we later find has a knife fetish... Suddenly, a girl appeared in my field of vision. "Can I share your blanket?" My first response was "Don't you have your own?", but the look on her face told me she wasn't cold. I didn't blame her; the freaky hippie with the knife kind of weirded me out, too. "Yeah, sure," I said, and she snuggled up next to me and pulled her side of the blanket tight around us. I should point out that she WAS maybe thirteen, and that she'd apparently decided that I was one of her Baptist overseers, and that while she might have looked a little closer at someone she was gonna be snuggling with, I certainly intended her no harm nor foul. So we sat there wrapped in my blanket and watched the movie. What? Oh, come on, she was maybe twelve. Get your minds out of the gutter, there's barely enough room in it for mine as it is. I was a reprobate back then, sure, but even I had standards. Worst that I did to her was to let her squeeze my hand into jello during the scary parts. It seemed like a long time, as the story unfolded and the scaaaaary began to settle in, that a boy asked if he could get under the blanket, too. Whatthehell, I thought, and he took a position on my other side. I was glad I'd brought my big blanket. It was after Leatherface made his first appearance that things began to snowball. Three more kids in quick succession found themselves chilly, and sought comfort. I had to get harsh to keep one of them from sitting in my lap. Two more kids later, I was not actually touching any of the blanket; I literally had my own entourage, all wrapped up in the big blanket with me, all staring at the bedsheet screen with eyes as big as eggs. The rest of the movie had few interruptions; I think two more kids eventually showed up, but they wiggled in the back of the blanket, and we all sat there jammed together and clutching each other as Leatherface and his chainsaw roared wetly through the remaining cast members... I remember thinking two things, as I watched the movie: "Wow, this isn't as gory as I would have thought it was, although it's plenty scary and shocking. Is this a cut version?" (No, it wasn't; the original isn't as gory as many movies that followed it. It was the early seventies when it was made after all.) Oh, and the other thing was "Good ghod, what kind of Baptist youth group dumps a buncha tweeners in the middle of the woods, puts on TTCSM, and then LEAVES?" I did not approve of these kids' youth leaders. On the other hand, it was hardly MY problem. And eventually, the movie ended. I'm one of those people who watches the credits, so I sat there while the credits rolled. And then the film ran out and went tic, tic, tic as the reel rotated and white light shone up on the screen. I looked around.The field was empty. There had been thirtysomeodd children there when I'd sneaked over. Now there were nothing but three LARGE lumpy blanket outcroppings. Every single kid in that field had migrated to one of the grownups and slithered under his blankie. At this point, I looked around inside MY blankie. There were nine kids under it WITH me, and they weren't looking at the screen. They were all looking at ME with eyes as big as eggs... and I think a couple of them realized by then that I was a complete stranger, and that they were huddling under a blanket in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night with me. Awkward! Bobo, Troll, and I wound up herding them back to their tents and seeing to it that the boys and girls went to separate areas. I don't know why. We felt kind of responsible for them, I guess. I pulled the plug on the projector, and put the film back in the can. And then we trailed back to our campsite, still wrapped in our blankets, with thirtysomeodd tweeners staring longingly after us. We heard a scream around two a.m., followed by two other screams and a variety of yelps. We did not run to investigate. Our sense of responsibility only ran so far. Come the morning, I rose and poked up the fire, tossed some more wood on, and began a pan of eggs and sausages. Bobo and the Troll rose not long after, and we discussed the movie over breakfast. There was no sound nor activity from the youth camp area. It was close to eight before the van came back with several refreshed looking adults in it, and they set about waking up the kids; apparently, there had been little to no sleep for quite some time after the movie, and the children had slept quite late. And we noticed that the campsite was much quieter that day than it had been the previous one... Let me tell you, the venue where you see a movie matters, it really does.
  24. JDizzO

    03356: Pumpkin Horrors

    Since I just made my October order I figured it would be appropriate to post the mini I got in the goody package last year. Enjoy!
  25. For the month of October I am going to attempt to paint at least 1 hour a day, and only Halloween themed minis. This is my WIP for it. Started a mini last night so I wouldn't have to spend tonight priming. I will not be repainting the same area over and over and over, since that is what makes me get sick of painting a mini and put it on the shame shelf. To start: we have the lovely "Blanche" from Hasslefree, I splurged on the resin master. The base is one of the spooky Halloween ones from Secret Weapon. Primed with nightmare black by reaper, the rest will be Scale75 paints wit nightmare black in shadows. I love nightmare black....