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Found 29 results

  1. These are my players for Chaos, in Blood Bowl. The Minotaur/Ogre and daemonettes, are from GW, and the Warriors are a mix of parts from GW, and Avatars of War.
  2. A little something I picked up from my FLGS's discount bin; this 54mm scale mummified minotaur comes with a choice of horns and pole-cleavers to attach to an otherwise simple assembly. Here are the parts laid out before priming. I still struggle to decide which horns and weapon to build him with. Using one means not using the other, after all, but I figure they'll find another place to go eventually.
  3. Moo.
  4. Ok, here's the latest work I have done. I got the excellent Reaper Bones Minotaur miniature, and it took me a bit of thinking as to how best to paint him up, it's an awesome miniature and I really wanted to do it justice.. Then I watched The Neverending Story, and what caught my attention was Atreyu talking about hunting the purple Buffalo, it gave me the spark of an idea, so I looked on google for images of a purple buffalo for inspiration.. I found the following image, and I was well and truly inspired$1095_fs.jpg Two days later, and I have finished painting the miniature, and here are the pictures! Comments and advice are always welcome! :)
  5. i start from this excellent Minotaur : to get this fighting monster, angry and very furious ! The greeks are Foundry ones : A Spartan at rest (now as a victim of a Minotaur's strong blow), a dead light infantry (crush under the Minotaur's foot) and a light pestast (held by the arm) Hope you'll like this action.
  6. Painted a new trio of Talisman minis today, plus I had one left from a couple weeks ago. The trio are from the Dragon expansion, and I was racing through them so we can use them this weekend. First up is the Fire Wizard: His draconic hide cloak turned out great, though it doesn't look so good in the pics. His fireball looks serviceable, though it could obviously use more work. Next is the Dragon Hunter: I didn't even try to do facial features due to time constraints. I usually struggle with them, especially eyes, and end up redoing them several times. And with these smaller scale, truer scale minis, eyes are really tough for me. I also struggle to get good pictures. I included two shots of his front, the actual mini is somewhere in between, and has better detail on the dragon scales. The back of his trousers are a good example of the oddity of the photography. The seat, thigh and calf are all the same shade, but a trick of the lighting makes it look like the thigh is a much darker shade. Third is the Minotaur: His pictures really don't do him justice, I think he turned out really well. I matched the card art colours quite closely, and he has different coloured straps, loincloth etc. Unfortunately it didn't photograph well at all. His snout doesn't even really look pink. Here is a shot of the trio: Finally the left over Rogue, who I already played in a game last weekend, and even managed to pull out the win: And a comparison shot with her and the little highlander:
  7. I have a lot of minotaurs. I share them with you here. You can share yours too if you like. This one is big, 50mm toe to brow, nearly 100mm total height. Believed to be from Games Workshop in the '90s. Base is hand-built from wood, sand, and acrylic gel. I meant for the color to resemble a black Angus bull, but it turned out more like a gorilla. WIP More angles:
  8. So there's this minotaur, y'see. He's about 50mm tall from toe to brow, 93mm overall without the base. I'm not sure of the figure's origins, but I suspect it's a Games Workshop piece from the chaos arrows on the belt. It came without a base, and the feet were angled out-of-line with eachother, so I constructed one of some thin craft plywood squares and glued sand on top of that. I've been trying to color it as a black Angus bull, but it's really hard to express contour shading on a deep glossy black. Any recommendations?
  9. I got this minotaur from a game a while back... don't know which game, as I got the game when I was 10, and I'm 30 now... But alas - I now have the skill to try to paint the figures. My father (as well as apparently the rest of the world) paints minotaur only one color it seems; brown. Why? He's a cow-man... let's make him... cow-colored! Introducing the Minotaur de Leche! Next, I'll try to paint my other minotaur like a Brahman bull (silvery white with a grey "siamese" style nose). Also; please ignore the "cobblestone" on the base... I attempted to paint it like cobblestone, which is CLEARLY not my strong suit... Next, I'll actually cobble STONE onto the base. Take that, horrible painting skills!
  10. Here is the first of the two minis I entered into the painting contest at gencon This was my first attempt at greenstuffing a base and I'm fairly happy with it. Unfortunately I failed to get all the mold lines off of this guy as I spotted the on the top of his axe too late. I also painted the other minotaur from the set but he didn't get quite finished in time. I'll likely post him soon as he is almost done. Of the two though I like this one the most. Still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures and this guy was being a real elf about it for some reason. Hopefully some of these look ok.
  11. A conversion I whipped up at Reapercon this year. WIP thread is here: This is my first time using GS to actually sculpt something (scales on his left shoulder, beard, and mane/hair) and not just fill gaps. I think it turned out fairly well. Front: Back: Ub3r_Nerd suggesting a purplish glaze along the join of the skin and scales. I think I might have overdone it. Did I? Left: Right: I just noticed that spot of paint on his finger; this is after looking the whole thing over to find anything that needed fixing before I called it 'done'. It's fixed now. Close up: I managed to do some decent looking eyes. I intentionally went for the slightly 'bug-eyed' look on him; I figure he's out of his mind with rage over the changes racking his body. I mean, growing a dragon arm has gotta be painful, right? C&C is always appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I like to paint my minis in batch, so I tackled recently all the "Beast Mode!" section of the Bones 2 Core set. I'm ultimately planning to use them as part of my Beastmen warband for Mordheim. BloodHoof, the Minotaur Barbarian is one of my favorite sculpt among these. Here he just chopped his way through a High Elf. The Beastmen warriors weren't painted that well (and I didn't clean up enough some massive mold lines), so they don't deserve their stand-alone shots. But they look nice coming out of the woods. The Beastman champion is really massive. It looks like he could hack a minotaur in half. BronzeHeart, the Minotaur hero. With his nice fitted armour and pretty axe, he doesn't fit too well with my idea of Minotaurs (blood thirsty savage beasts...). But fun to paint nevertheless. And a little group shot C&C welcome
  13. Sadly no wings. This one's been sitting in my prepped-but-not-painted pile for a while now, for lack of a good metallic bronze to use... what I ended up using was PearlEx Super Bronze, applied with some Future. Snow is a pretty unconventional base for a minotaur, I think, but I had some snow flock sitting around I wanted to try. Crits and comments appreciated!
  14. This has taken me a while to get done as poor Yera had at least one bath in simply green when the skin tone did not turn out like I wanted. So with no fanfare I give you Yera the Water Buffalo Minotaur! Sculpted by Jaso Wiebe I suspect I need another matte coat. Comments / suggestions are welcome. I can always improve with help!
  15. Ax Factions new release in series 3, "The Hunted", the Minotaur! Definitely a different take on the Minotaur with the less bovine face, but it still looks the part. Alternately, I could see one painted up as a devil of some sort... probably smashing my Pathfinder party to death. Probably going on my "get list".
  16. Here's the third mini I painted from my Bones 2 box. I really liked the pose and sculpt of this mini, so that's why I decided to paint him up next. I don't think i'll ever use him in my D&D games, but damn he looks cool.
  17. I will update with better pics later this one is just a junk one quick with my phone. Bones Minotaur and Skeletal Archers for the Resolutionary Challenge Alright some better pics. I say this often but if you are looking for awesome paint job to a professional contest quality don't look here. I love those minis and those painters are awesome but it's not me right now. I haven't upped my game to that level and haven't felt a need to since really all I am going to do is play with my minis in a D&D game anyway (Hopefully if I can find players someday), so I am strictly a tabletop level painter when painting for myself. I don't worry so much about removing mold lines, I'm not awesome at blending but I do try to make it look like a cool fig for the game. Anyway that's my usual disclaimer I may just add it to my sig. lol.
  18. So I keep keep making minis for my players. This one is currently a Level 6 (Champion tier) Minotaur monk in a 13th age game He has died once, lost a finger to frostbite, and seen 0 hp at least 1 in 3 sessions. Two sessions ago he got someone to carve runes of healing in his horns. They seem to be helping. His bracers are magical, and he mentioned he wanted some kind of brass knuckle attachment. Presenting Hal Ford - Priest of Judas. (yes the player is a metalhead) This figure has some wicked mold lines - If I can still see them I may just paint them as scars. unrelated picts of gaming group.
  19. Two nights in so far, from bare unwashed Bones to some base earth colors and inks on some of our barbaric friends; Giants, Bugbears, and Minotaurs (oh my!)
  20. I am working on FOUR minotaurs, two of the normal Crazed Minotaur Cultists, and one of the evil Empire's ancient Beastman/Minotaur champions. This was intended as a quick, tabletop job. I'm happy with him, and he looks good on a table, so I'm calling him done.
  21. Hello all. The mister challenged me to start posting some of the stuff I've painted in show-off, in hopes of getting more feedback and working towards becoming a better painter. This is the bones minotaur, painted recently just as something fun and inbetween some other minis that had to be painted. The white stuff in his mane showed up when I clear coated and I didn't notice it until I took the pictures. I've since gone over that again, not sure if the paint disappeared or if that was some goopy leftover from the clear coat. Anyways, comments and criticism would be much appreciated and thanks!
  22. Yet again, I am never happy with my photography. I don't know why but I no longer seem able to get decent pictures. Not sure if it's the camera, or the operator. As always, have a look, please give feedback, and especially any tips to help me get better. Still here they are. Starting with the grave digger. Cash made this look so easy. Me....I made this look so...something. Next we have Arthrand Nightblade. Elven ranger. I am really happy with this guys paint job, again, not so much with the picture. And with Arthrand, a nice elven hunting cat. Not my best work, but tabletop ready to be certain. And last but certainly not least, especially where size matters, the Bones Minotaur.
  23. HI guys, This is my first post. My name is Greg and I'm from San Diego California. I got into painting miniatures about 6 months ago when I started buying citadel paint for custom Marvel Legends and Dios. I saw so many cool sculptures in the gaming shop, that I couldn't resist. Thanks for looking! Here are my first attempts More Pics here
  24. Started working on two more mini's... Stone worm and Minotaur. Primed and basecoat started
  25. This is an old one I have from Ral Partha. The sword is MIA from the move but I am sure I can find it. I did a fire brand. Iron Wind Metals has the mold now. The beads on the bottom were a suggestion from a player. It represents a magical treasure from within a labyrinth or something. They do have a neat sheen to them. I might go back and add some gold nuggets, etc.