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Found 3 results

  1. SamuraiJack

    The Frost Collection: Version 2.0

    About this project Our goal is to bring a complete range of 28-32 mm scale scatter terrain pieces to the community that fulfills all the needs of the scenarios for the Frozen City and its expansions. No more using toilet rolls for pillars or missing pieces when purchasing dungeon sets not specific to the game or even replacing needed pieces with close likenesses. All our pieces are hand sculpted in fine detail, cast in quality resin and then hand-painted in the theme suited to the frozen city. Despite our pieces' versatility, each piece has been designed to fit a specific goal, yet still have diverse uses. We are thrilled to release The Frost Collection: V2 to the community. With the introduction of the new 'a la carte' option and our continued main sets, we hope that you will find a treasured place for our pieces among your finished collections. The aim of future campaigns like this will be to give us the opportunity to produce for the community quality scatter terrain pieces for those collections of RPG, skirmish and tabletop games so popular today, bringing our backers the sets and pieces they need that are ready out of the box to hit the tabletop running. With our new 'a la carte' pledge level backers are able to create their own special sets. Backers need only add up the total price of the pieces chosen and enter that amount into the 'a la carte' pledge amount. Alternatively they can add that total onto a Set pledge amount total, if interested in both. At the end of the campaign a survey list will be sent out for everyone to verify the pieces chosen and their quantities. In addition, any 'a la carte' pledge amount over $79 AU will open up to the backer any unlocked stretch goals reached.
  2. About Overview Help us launch our first line of plastic miniatures for the tabletop games we all play and love. Role 4 Initiative brings decades of experience in gaming and design. You've seen our Dry-Erase Dungeon Tiles and Polyhedral Dice, now we wish to bring that same quality and value to the game table with 28mm high-detail pre-painted plastic miniatures. Starting off with some of the most common player and monster types (Humans, Orcs, Zombies, and Skeletons), we will be producing all of our minis in sets of 6 or more per category, so you can easily and cheaply outfit your game with the figures you need. Our goal is to bring a very highly detailed set of miniatures, with excellent paint jobs for a reasonable price. We all love gaming, but we're not all great artists. So, we will always provide miniatures that are fully assembled, professionally painted, and ready to use. Our minis are made from a PVC material that provide both durability and flexibility. We also have gone to great lengths to bring as much realism as possible by providing proper anatomical proportions in a 60:1 scale. Mini shown on 1" clear base to see the terrain map below. The Process First, we thought about some of the most memorable encounters of our games, wishing we had some appropriate miniatures to represent the characters and monsters in the story. Then we envisioned what these characters would look like and hired artists to create 3D models, 2D renderings, and background scenery that fit our stories. But made sure they could easily fit your stories too. Finally, we took these models and renderings to our factory to create the plastic injection molds from which we were able to produce the painted samples you see below. The Reward All of the pledges will let you choose from any of the sets below. Unlike many other miniatures that are a packaged in cardboard boxes, all of our minis will be packaged in clear plastic clamshells, so you see exactly what you get -- no more random assorted minis in closed boxes. They will also be available in sets of similar kinds. So if you need a band of Orcs, you can buy just that. Need skeletons? We have 6 to choose from. Each of the prototype miniatures and bases shown below were produced from our plastic injection molds (not 3D printed) and painted in our production factory. Some minor corrections or improvements to the painting schemes are likely in order to improve quality or appearance. (Please note that the 360 degree rotating views may take a few extra seconds to load before the rotating view begins.) Set # 1 Concept Drawing - Humans Set # 1 Prototypes - Human Adventurers
  3. About Ice Caverns are a handmade Dungeon Terrain accessory created using premium materials and then hand finished. I use the highest quality clarity materials that I can get my hands on to make the best tiles I can. Ice Caverns are amazingly clear and wonderfully sculpted. It's time to take your gaming table to the next level. I have so many exciting things to share in the relaunch. Improved tiles, a Base Set Two! New future stretch goals and international shipping! I love Dungeon Terrain. Have been using the stuff for years. From as many different companies as I could get my hands on. I always felt that it enriched my game and brought a different atmosphere to how my games were run without it. My players got to "see" the Temple of Elemental Evil and "feel" the raw emotion of Castle Ravenloft. Dungeon Terrain has always been more than just a backdrop to place my combats on, it sets the stage in a way that no other prop does. It is exciting and connects you to the game on a deeper level. It has enriched my gaming table and thus my life. After purchasing tons of tiles over the years I wanted to build a full-on Ice Cavern. So I started collecting bits here and there. But I was never satisfied with the quality of them. There are more creators making tiles today than ever before, but the market is pushing more towards the cheaper end. And while this is wonderful because it allows more people to own tiles that they never would it also leaves a void for a higher quality of tile made from better materials. And the stuff I was getting was just not what I wanted. I could never quite shake the feeling that the tiles could have an improved clarity to them. In my eyes, Ice was almost always ultra super clear and translucent. I guess I just had this image in my mind of sprawling underground caverns made out of a material that would look and feel like ice. And as great and amazing as the new tiles were I felt like they were a bit lacking. These new tiles were made so that everyone could afford to get huge sets and thus had to be made out of a super cheap plastic affordable material. But what if they weren't? When I started this project a few years ago I wanted to make a tile that would really stand apart from everything else. And to do that, I had to start at the beginning. So I started out doing research. To find out what various different types of ice looked like in the real world. Fantasy best emulates reality when it looks as close to reality as possible. After spending some a fair amount of time in the cold and tons of hours online I knew what I wanted to make. Organic and flowing. Rich and beautiful. Ice is majestic in a way that no other thing on earth can match and I wanted to create that for use at my table. The problem is to get that pure and clear look of ice took materials that are not commonly used for Dungeon Terrain and more commonly used to make Acrylic Sheets. I tried everything on the market and nothing really came out the way I wanted to. So I had no other choice but to work to find a hybrid material solution to get the clarity I wanted. After a few months of trial and error, I came up with a modified formulation that really gave my terrain the pop I was going for! The trick was in taking this And turning it into this! For a complete breakthrough of my creation process, including techniques and build quality and materials used as well as a short Q/A please view this link.