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Found 3 results

  1. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58969-my-custom-mini-from-heroforge/ Basically, this mini I designed to pay a little tribute to Theresa from the videogame series Fable, but a little more action oriented. There were plenty of issues with the Heroforge mini, but all the details are in the WIP. Overall, happy with the service, and I'll check back in a few months to see if they've been able to improve on their material. Still some texture issues with the cloak, but it was a good test piece to show how much work one needs to do to get a HF mini into decent shape.
  2. LittleBluberry

    03073: Sarah the Seeress

    I painted Sarah the Seeress to represent a PC in our Shackled City adventure path. Because I needed to get her done in between sessions I ran out of time and had to call her done. I've been working on improving my table-top level of painting, and while I would have touched up a few things on her face if I'd had more time, the recipient was very excited with her. This sculpt was fun to paint with not a lot of difficult to reach areas, and I think she's a great choice for a generic caster. My main reason for posting her in Show Off is that I really struggled to find any images of her painted up. The PC is a cleric of Nephthys (DM tweak to the setting) and as such her robes are black & red. The city has black stone as it's located in a caldera. Pictures!
  3. A while ago I bought Sarah the Seeress to represent one of the PCs in a D&D game I'm in. So far I've painted minis to represent every other PC in the game and our poor cleric has been using the only unpainted mini. This needs to be rectified. The requirements are that the character is blonde with green eyes, reasonably wealthy and needs to be wearing clerical robes that are red with black accents. I've got a good start on the face & hair and I've base coated the clothing. Now come the tricky elements, in particular how do I make that lace trim look right in black? Normally I'd paint it grey and then highlight it with white to make white lace, but I'm really not sure how to accomplish that with black. I feel like if I painted it a dark black and then tried to highlight with charcoal it would not look quite right. Any suggestions??