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Found 4 results

  1. Some time ago I bought a whole lot of plastic trees from China to make wargaming terrain with. I've finally got around to making a start on basing some of them. The bases are 3mm MDF, the brown forest floor is real dead leaves munched up in a little ten dollar coffee grinder, and the grass is old-school sawdust flock. Lurking in under the trees behind the Lanchester armoured car is a 15mm British wireless operator, but so good is his camouflage that you can't really see him. They're not the most realistic terrain pieces ever made, but considering that the trees cost me about fifteen cents each, and everything else was basically free, I'm pretty happy with the results. This is about a fifth of the whole bunch, so I've still got a bit of work ahead of me.
  2. So as the topic line says, a movie about all things Wargaming: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/954318608/miniature-wargaming-the-movie-0
  3. I'm curious what your favorite failed/less successful games are. We all have them, games that you thought were awesome but which just didn't catch on. For RPG's I love: Dark Ages Fae from White Wolf. I don't care particularly for White Wolf's rules usually but I really love this book, both for its rules implementation of fae and for the setting and fluff stories. This is still the only rpg description of fae that actually both makes sense internally, both in setting and in rules, and still has the anything goes feel of faery myths. And while it kinda-sorta has splats like other White Wolf books, they're implemented in a way that actually works and make sense for the setting without being the straightjacket that their splats usually end up. I re-read this book every year or so but as much as I love it dearly, I've never played it because my group would never go for it and every Changeling group I've ever known doesn't like it. Supercrew by Tobias Radesäter. This is an absolutely brilliant super hero rule set contained in a 32 page comic book. It's very light but very well thought out mechanically. It's intended for four color supers but could be used for just about anything as long as you don't mind not having 'leveling up' rules. I've thought about running everything from Thundarr the Barbarian, to Avengers style games, to Dungeons and Dragons with it. Does require a group willing to be creative in their narration of actions for the game to be fun. For Wargames I love: AT-43 from Rackham. The rules for this were good and had some interesting touches but I'll admit that they had me at Gorillas in Power Armor. I bought a truly ridiculous quantity of them and still use them for 40K. Inquisitor from an imaginary GW that doesn't shoot itself in the foot. I love the art, fluff, and concept of Inquisitor. The actual rule-set and decision to go with a totally different scale than their other games made me grind my teeth. This could have been a great game if they had used the exact same fluff and concept and applied something like the Necromunda rules to it. Or just paid the guys that do In the Emperor's Name to write their rules for them. Anyway, what's yours?
  4. Isle of Blades and Heroes

    So, over in this"]http://www.reapermin...ge__st__75]this thread[/url] I was drawn into a segue about "...schemes (I have) in mind for an island conquest campaign, loosely inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic..." There really wasn't much more to it than that one line, since I haven't even talked my player group into it yet - I picture this as something of a refereed game, where each group starts out as a "nation" shipwrecked on a mysterious island, and must explore and battle each other for dominance. This was pretty much directly inspired by a HoMM campaign I played years ago, and should probably go research before this thread goes much further... ANYWAY. Panzer_Engel jumped in with, "Interesting. . . . How big do you envisage the bands getting, and do you plan any HoMM - style resource gathering/management? Or troop recruitment from settlements in conquered territories?" To which I was forced to actually start putting some of the vague ideas I had into words. "Not sure about the band size, depends on the players and how the game goes. Probably stick around 3 to 500 points. Yes on reinforcements from the cities; having local support would be required, really. Resource gathering would be along the lines as outlined in Gold & Deeds, with other post victory/ territory control bonuses" Him: "Hmm. . . . And fortifying and/or garrisoning your settlements?" Me: "One of my big desires is to see rewards for playing, without the whole process becoming unbalanced by Avid Wargamer Who Always Wins* playing a dozen games when everyone else can only fit in one or two, building an empire and wiping everyone out completely. At the same time, like I said, rewards; I'd like to see everybody's nation-states grow stronger and more awesome. So there'll be some checks and balances involved as far as resource rewards. What I'm thinking right now is that you get a certain amount of points total, and you can assign those around; say 1000 points for your nation, but your maximum roaming war-band can only be 400 (ballpark numbers, bear with me). So, you can have two warbands at 400, or three at 300, and then those leftover points can be troops back at home. Another option would be using the stats for city militia, which are low-grade troops, as a freebie - say, 100 or 200 points of militia guard the cities - and then depending on your last moves, your warband might be home when the enemy comes raiding. Or maybe you can buy garrison options from your resources. All of these are things that can be hashed out, but we should probably start a separate thread for that.." Which brings us here, to a brand spanking new thread. I put it in General Fantasy because, well, it's going to be a fantasy setting; although most of us are previous Warmahordes players, or at least have plenty of Privateer Press made models, so I'm willing to throw in gunpowder, treason, and plot* as needed, and maybe even warjacks if we can find decent enough rules for them.** Thus far this is entirely speculative; I haven't even pitched the idea at my players yet, I'm still trying to woo them into the loving arms of Song of Blades and Heroes. When you add in the fact that we're all pretty distractible, plus I'm a merchant mariner with a habit of leaving the country for months at a time... well, it's all fairly speculative. Still, could be a fun mental exercise if nothing else, and maybe somebody else out there will get some good out of it. So, here we are. *It's Guy Fawkes Day, this was required.