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Index of Painted Reaper Figures

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BON 77008 Male Human Warrior

BON 77010 Kobolds

BON 77016 Rats

BON 77037 Medusa

BON 77041 Harpy

BON 77072 Bailey Silverbell

BON 77077 Finari

BON 77082 Large Fire Elemental

BON 77088 Sweeping Peasant (metal version is in 2825, Townsfolk pack)

BON 77116 Colossal Skeleton

BON 77125 Scorpion

BON 77130 Beetle Swarm

BON 77183 Frost Wyrm

BON 77194 C'Thulhu

BON 77371 Basilisk


BOX 10018 Verocithrax


CAV 7100 Kikyu (x2)


CHR 50001 Sascha DuBois, Time Chaser

CHR 50024 Candy, Anime Heroine


DHL 2106 Hecklemeyer

DHL 2265 William McAndrew

DHL 2371 Nord Kegbreaker

DHL 2457 Amber Dragon

DHL 2633 Vandorendra

DHL 2665 (Not So) Killer Frog

DHL 2681 Tolzar the Righteous, Adventuring Cleric

DHL 2725 Alaine

DHL 2864 Shadow Dragon

DHL 2884 Jester, Mercenary

DHL 3012 Olivia, Female Musketeer

DHL 3017 Charnel Grub

DHL 3026 Dub Bullock

DHL 3107 Fynch Brassfog

DHL 3139 Shaelin

DHL 3141 Sushanthe

DHL 3168 Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

DHL 3211 Goblin Pirate

DHL 3222 Elori Ebonscythe

DHL 3236 Bonagur

DHL 3329 Hannah Blackruby

DHL 3329 Dannin Deepaxe

DHL 3340 Cassie, Female Gnome (bronze medal, Reaper MSP Open 2013, painters category)


PAF 60011 Lem, Halfling Bard


SPE 1415 Celebration Sophie

SPE 1416 Halloween Sophie

SPE 1526 Madame Gorgonzola


SVW 59011 Andrew Lane

SVW 59023 Texas Ranger (female)


WAR 06115 Shieldmaiden

WAR 14093 Finari

WAR 14215 Hound of Judgement

WAR 14324 Herryk

WAR 14371 Saori

WAR 14376 Nalada

WAR 14418 Scragger







Antimatter Games, Anklebiter Barnacles


Chainmail, Centaur


Darksword, Frog Jester (silver medal, Reaper MSP Open 2014, painters category)


Dragonblood, Knight Captain


Fractured Dimensions, Nalfeshnee (Type IV Demon)

Fractured Dimensions, Vrock (Type I Demon)


Games Workshop, Skaven Pack Lord

Games Workshop/Necromunda, Milliasaur


Guild of Harmony, Phoenicia


Oathsworn, Dwarf Cleric: Olka the Blessed

Oathsworn, Dwarf Wizard: Duregar Runestriker (OSL; see WiP for the process) (bronze medal, Reaper MSP Open 2016, painters category)


Privateer Press, Menoth, epic Feora

Privateer Press, Menoth, Paladin of the Wall

Privateer Press, Cryx, Bane Thralls

Privateer Press, Trollbloods, Impaler

Privateer Press, Mercenaries, Reinholdt

Privateer Press, IKRPG, Gamak Redhammer


Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Angelius

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Battlegroup (pLylyth, Shredders)

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Beast Mistress

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Carnivean

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Deathstalker

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, The Forsaken

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Harriers

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Shepherd

Privateer Press, Legion of Everblight, Stingers


Ral Partha, Pattern Spider

Ral Partha, Draconians: Aurak


Rackham, Goblin Prophet


TSR, Rust Monster


Victoria Miniatures, Not a Hobbit


Warcrow, Numa Minotaur


Wyrd, Perdita Ortega

Wyrd, Lady Justice


Self-sculpted, Roper

Edited by Sanael
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Here are my painted REAPER MINIATURES

Razig's Army
02890, Karkarius (converted)

14029, Captain Razig
14084, Soulcannon and Gunner

14218, Baron LeBone

14271, Mister Blood
14272, Sergeant Blackknife
14273, Grim Pete Sergeant
14274, Clarissa Mage Banshee
14275, Jackie Bones
14349, Skeletal Crewman
14392, Chain Ganger
14402, Skeletal Harpooner
14414, Bone Marines
14428, Zombie Recruits
14501, Scuttlebones Undead Crab WIP
14563, Scarvy Dog Undead Werewolf
14566, Salty Saber



14574, Yeti Shaman

14582, Yeti Warrior

14589, Yeti Chieftain



14588, Dhulrekk Thulfinson the Rune Warrior



06134, Wraith Harvester



14292, Reven's Banner



Bonesylvanians class of 2014 group pictures

01532, Esme the Witch

01533, Jack the Pumpkin Head

01534, Patch the Scarecrow

01535, Bart the Zombie

01536, Sandy the Mummy

01537, Gus the Ghost

01538, Lon the Werewolf

01539, Gil aka Tiik the Deep Sea Monster WIP

01540, Morty the Grim Reaper

01541, Drak the Bat

01542, Van the Vampire

01543, Tish the Vampire

Bonesylvanians class of 2015 group pictures

01546, Tut the Pharaoh

01547, Cal the Skeleton

01555, Boris the Frankenstein

01556, Elsa the Bride of Frankenstein

01564, Max the Nosferatu

01565, Barb the Zombie Cheerleader

01566, Jacques the Fly

01567, Mary the Mermaid

01568, Lou the Chulhu

01569, Howie the Sea Monster

01570, Betty the Ghost Bride

01571, Jake the Jason Voorhees

01572, Maddie the Gorgon (Medusa)

01573, Mel the Bathalian (illithid)

01575, Olive the Vampire

01576, Gulp the Deep One


02005, Tox
02013, Skeleton Archer

02014, Skeleton Halberdier
02018, Familiar Pack, Cat
02040, Gargoyle (converted as Diablo)
02043, Undead Rising

02044, Cadwalon
02064, Silverhorn the Unicorn
02102, Plague Zombie

02102, Plague Zombie
02105, Labella Demornay, Lich
02151, Starmane the Unicorn
02157, Undead Awakening
02197, Blood Imps
02213, Skeleton Swordman
02254, Alura Succubus (Nudity)
02282, Ghoul Warrior

02313, 02320 & 02652, Treasure hoards
02386, Boris Mingla aka Bogorislav the Mad
02387, Caveman and Girlfriend (Nudity)
02395, Cavemen with Spear
02417, Giant Spider
02417, Giant Spider
02470, Kobold Raiders
02480, Sabertooth Tiger
02517, Hooked Terror

02529, Brand the Barbarian
02538, Lesser Air Elemental (Dust Devil)
02538, Lesser Earth Elemental (Ice Elemental)
02538, Lesser Fire Elemental
02538, Lesser Water Elemental
02564, Giant Scarab Beetle WIP Diorama 3rd Place in Reaper 2012 Summer of Monsters painting contest
02584A, Beggar (Townsfolk II)

02584C, Blacksmith (Townsfolk II)
02591, Valdarynn the Arch Mage

02596, Schindal the Clay Golem
02619, Cloak Fiend
02631, Cockatrice

02640, Tharn Helmsunder 2nd place Scandinavian Theme Jan-Feb 2014 Contest
02664, Phase Cat
02679, Mushroom Men
02690, Owlbear
02691, Striges

02691, Striges
02695, Fungus Patch
02700, Tox the Wizard

02700, Tox the Wizard
02706, Clay Golem (converted)

02712, Eyebeast (converted) On custom base
02737, Dung Monster

02737, Dung Monster (converted) On custom base
02739, Dire Bat
02744, Cichastus Fly Demon 2nd Place in Reaper Spring 2012 painting contest
02751, Stone Golem
02753, Werebear
02754, Blood Wolf

02756, Familiar Pack IV Imp
02757, Gastaroth the Vampire (converted)
02761, Skrattle the Giant Ratman

02769, Woody the Halfling Ranger
02778, Air Elemental
02779, Fire Elemental
02780, Water Elemental
02788, Leorelex the Dragon Lion WIP
02793, Arianna the Fairy Princess
02799, G'nort the Dire Wereboar

02805, Rowena the Barbarian Shaman 3rd Place You're such a character Challenge category spring 2015

02806, Badger-Wolf
02809, Attercop
02841, Basilisk
02854, Baby Dragons
02857, Gavin Warrior Thief
02863, Female Werewolf
02871, Wererat (white)
02871, Wererat (brown)
02871, Wererats (converted)
02890, Wereshark (converted)
02908, Undead Ooze
02912, Molemen

02935, Snakeman Champion on jungle base 1st Place Decorative Base Category Winter 2013
02938, Boris the Evil Fighter Aka Eusebe the Sturdy
02941, Ghouls & Ghast
02943, Festering Spirit 3rd Place in Reaper Halloween 2012 painting contest
02976, Astral Mauler
03017, Charnel Grub

03394, Rat Swarm

03477, Brain Horror

03483, Slime

03484, Karlov Diedrich the Wizard 1st Place Painting into a picture Challenge Jan-Feb 2014 Contest

03497, Evil Shrine & Pygmy Savages On glowing coals base

03514, Exotic Idol

03529A, Gavin the Mousling Wizard

03529B, Fenimore the Mousling Archer

03529C, Sweeny the Mousling Warrior

03522A, Cayden the Mousling Barbarian

03522B, Flynn the Mousling Pirate

03522C, Eriq the Mousling Duelist

03542A, Ferdinand the Mousling Bard

03542B, Jett the Mousling Thief

03542C, Declan the Mousling Knight

Tonsure the Mousling Monk

03557, Valentines Mousling Valentine's Day Painting Contest 2017 Honourable mention

03650, Fire Elemental (medium)

03716, Ghouls + Rafm Ghoul Warlock

03762, Shaern Female Antipaladin; 4th Place in the 4th Quarterly Facebook Group Painting Contest

03815, Skeletal Halfling

03816, Skeletal Elf

03817, Skeletal Dwarf

03820, Skeletal Minotaur



07001, Rictus the Undying



50204, Frank Buck the Adventurer

50278, Rach Soldier

50317, Zombie Miners



77015, Bugbear Warrior

77016, Rats

77025, Giant Spider

77043, Eyebeast

77096, Labella DeMornay tranlucent Banshee

77126, Vermin Spiders

77127, Vermin Beetles

77154 Lizardman Spearman
77155 Lizardman Warrior

77178, Fire Giant Warrior

77198, Barrow Rats

77202, Warg

77231, Rugg Bugbear Leader

77232, Mogg Bugbear Warrior

77233, Kegg Bugbear Hunter

77247, Pillar of Evil

77290, Mousling Beekeeper

77293, Wererat Berserker

77306, Translucent Slimes

77310, Water Weird

77342, Zombies

77355, Count Lorenth

77364, Angel of Shadows

77369, Shadow

77425 Lizardman Archer
77426 Lizardman with Club and Shield

77427, Vermin Centipede

77428, Vermin Tick

77434, Yeti Chieftain

77437, Winter Wolf

77521, Gravewailer

77559, Undying Minotaur

77636, Death Shroud

80072, Antarctic Explorer


Special Editions

01432, Easter Mousling

01436, Holiday Mouslings 1st Place Winter Wonderland Themed Category 2013


Boxed Sets

10012, Kaladrax the Dire Drake

     Honorable mention in the Paint Your Dragon - Reaper Group Painting Contest

     Kaladrax and the wand of death diorama

10014, Cinder WIP Throne Base WIP
10020, Marthrangul WIP Joint 1st Place in the 2nd Creative Event of the 2012 Newbold Challenge

10021, Viridius the green dragon and Viridius WIP

10033, Mousling Heroes Group picture

10034, Mousling Tavern Group picture

Martin and Lewis the Mousling Drinking Friends

Gus the Mousling Bartender

Norton the Mousling Beer Lover

Rosie the Mousling Beer Waitress

Clardy the Mousling Flutist

Earnest the Singing Mousling

Degan the Mousling Accordionist

Wendell the Cheering Mousling

Mikhail the Dancing Mousling



Chimeric Aberration (WIP)

Epic Dung (WIP)

5 headed Dragon converted from Sandra Garrity's Hydra (WIP)


Ral Partha

10-451, Bridge of Sorrow

10-460, Black Dragon of Fire and Darkness

10-461, Fearless Frost Dragon

10-464, Niddhogg the Wyrm

10-465, Durin's Doom - The Price of Greed

10-512, Goblin 1

10-512, Goblin 2

10-512, Orc 1

10-512, Orc 2

10-512, Wolf


Leading Edge Games

20300, Alien Warrior Boxed Set #1


Dark Sword Miniatures

Fox Critter group pictures

Fox Critter group on interchangeable base

Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP

Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama

DSM7969, Black Cat Avenging Thief

DSM7970, Fox Bard

DSM7971, Ali Sparrow the Female Cat Pirate

DSM7981, Robin Hood the Fox

DSM7986, Augustus the Emperor Cat

DSM7989, Maid Marian the Fox

DSM7999, King Richard the Lion

DSM8006, Scottish Wildcat Warrior

DSM8012, Female Fox Rogue

DSM8013, Fox Dual Wield Warrior

DSM8014, Fox Male Rogue

DSM8017, Victorian Female Cat

DSM8020, Female Fox Mage

DSM8021, Fox Cleric with Mace

DSM8023, Fox Mage

DSM8024, Fox Knight

DSM8025, Hamster Thief

DSM8033, Fox Shaman with Staff and Wand

DSM8035, Hamster Knight with Spear

DSM8036, Hamster Mage with Staff

DSM8045, Hamster Bard with Harp

DSM8046, Hamster Cleric with Mace

DSM8047, Hamster Swashbuckler

DSM8077, Ella the Cat Rogue

DSM8078, Archer the Grumpy Cat Warlock

DSM8111, Birman Cat Bard with Ale and Lute

DSM8112, Persian Cat dual wield Warrior

DSM8114, Asha the Cat Rogue

DSM8116, Sphynx Cat Druid with Staff


Citadel Miniaturres

FTD-12 Dwarf Children (girl)


Wizards of the Coast

WOC40047, Grick

WOC40052, Troll

WOC88361 Ogre Trooper



Bear Rider Command (Bear only)

Edited by Metalchaos
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Welcome to Thrym's Show Off List
Listed by Reaper Miniature Line with SKUs.

Dark Heaven Legends




P-65 Heavy Metal

Edited by Thrym
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77016: Giant Rats

77031: Cassie, Gnome Wizard

77102: Ebonwrath (Dragon)

77106: Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl

77107: Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess

77108: Shadow Dragon

77109: Fire Dragon

77110: Deathsleet (Dragon)

77131: Finaela, Female Elf Pirate (as a Drow)

77132: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain

77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate (as a Duergar)

77134: Hajad, Pirate

77135: Mariel Twinspar, Pirate

77144: Mummies

77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire

77164: Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

77165: Hellakin Gorecutter, Male Halfling

77166: Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard

77167: Ingrid, Female Gnome

77176: Wolf (from a set of familiars)

77178: Sharkman

77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness

77181: Arachnid Warriors

77182: Arachnid Archers

77183: Frost Wyrm

77186: Tiik Warriors

77187: Tiik Champion

77188: Sea Lion

77212: Tiik Baron

77215: Eregris Darkfathom, Evil Fish Priest

77267: Kallaguk, Troll King

77268: Squog Warriors

77269: Mudcroak, Squog Shaman

77270: Spikeshell Warriors

77275: Kelpies

77276: Sea Hag, Razig

77277: Mab Grindylow, Sea Hag

77282: Vampire

77283: Necromancer

77287: Mousling Assassin

77287: Mousling Thief

77289: Mousling Yeoman (Archer "Robin Hood")

77289: Mousling Ranger (Female Archer)

77290: Mousling Hunter with Bee

77290: Mousling Druid

77291: Kraken

77351: Cultists

80003: Ellen Stone (As a Githyanki)

80023: Horace "Action" Jackson

80026: Agatha Fox, Spy

80031: Decker Lugstampf

89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

91001: Stone (As a Githyanki)

92903: Scottish Woman Warrior



24576: Ripper



50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser

50052: Professor Laura Pringle (and skeleton)

50065: Rex, Dark Future Hero

50088: Sheila Valentine, Archeologist

50134: Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer

50157: Townsfolk: Ladies of the Night (one, painted as a vampire)

50189: Abraham Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter

50287: Caine, Cyber-Troll

50305: Benedict Baker


Dark Heaven Legends

02042: Merith of the Flame

02058: Elia Shadowfeet, Halfling Rogue

02075: Katarina the Invoker

02100: Trissa Cloverhill, Female Halfling

02110: Darby Darkleaf, Female Halfling

02115: Mishka the Mystic

02480 Sabertooth Tiger

02551: Monique DeNoir

02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant

02676: Elia Shadowfeet, Female Halfling Thief

02765: Astral Reavers

02769: Woody, Halfling Ranger

02830: Wolf Pack (3)

02831: Olivia, Halfling

02863: Female Werewolf (x2)

02867: Matthias the Twisted

02975: Verana, Bard

03019: Lathula, Female Half-Orc Barbarian

03042: Morrdha, Vampire Noble

03061: Anushka, Fighter

03135: B'thul, Bathalian Pirate

03155: Vandora Waverunner, Pirate

03234: Melantha, Female Halfling

03277: Hyena Pack (2)

03383: Vampire Spawn

03540: Elnith, Astral Reaver Monk

03566: Valloa, Elf Thief

03681: Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire



62102: Numenera: Jack



60052: Almah, Merchant Princess

60079: Lyrie Akenja

60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain

60164: Vampire Hunter

60184: Meyanda, Android Priestess



14143: Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Hero

14181: Osric, Necropolis Hero

14184: Bloodseeker Vampire, Necropolis Solo

14528: Rageclaw Slayer

14532: Aislinn Shadow Tracker








Edited by Pingo
moar stuff!
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