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Index of Painted Reaper Figures

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i think I did not post in this forum before, but maybe someone saw of my miniatures on the inspiration gallery

Here you can find a little selection of reaper miniatures I painted



60203: The Red Raven

60139: Aravashniel, Elf Wizard

60196: Mavaro, Iconic Occultist

60134: Isabella Locke

60002: Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard

60047: Balazar, Iconic Summoner

60135: Arcanamirim Wizard

60198: Estra, Iconic Spiritualist

60202: Rivani, Iconic Psychic

60201: Erasmus, Iconic Medium

60016: Sajan, Iconic Monk

60022: Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

60132: Cleric of Mammon

60019: Seelah, Iconic Female Paladin

60129: Chelaxian Infernal Binder

60192: Salim Ghadafar

60015: Kyra, Female Iconic Cleric

60013: Merisiel, Iconic Elf Rogue

60054: Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf

60143: Oriana, Grey Maiden

60103: Anti Paladin

60063: Mystic Theurge

60072: Chivane, Red Mantis Assassin

60176: Quinn, Iconic Investigator

60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain

60031: Queen Ileosa of Korvosa

60149: Winter Witch

60043: Alahazra, Iconic Oracle

60044: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist

60081: Runelord Alaznist

60062: Low Templar

60104: Battle Herald

60136: Aglanda, Herald of Razmir

60034: Seoni, Original Version

60071: Eccardian Drovenge

60174: Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler

60187: Koya Mvashti

60171: Irabeth Tirabade

60162: Nolevniss Azrinae

60177: Crowe, Iconic Bloodrager

60020: Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid and Droogami, Snow Leopard

60111: Holy Vindicator

60123: Hellknight, Order of the Nail

60065: Ailyn Ghontasavos

60048: Feiya, Iconic Witch & Fox Familiar



50305: Benedict Baker

50283: Evie, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine

50260: Xiufang, Femme Fatale

50228: Whitney, Anime Heroine

50149: Natalia, Female Secret Agent

50134: Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer

50154: Nightslip, Pulp Era Heroine

50051: Max Decker, Private Eye

550204: Frank Buck, Adventurer

50226: Ivanetta Kozlov, Russian Sniper

50118: Gretchen, Oktoberfest Fraulein

50033: Horace "Action" Jackson


Dark Heaven legends

03507: Collin Coalshadow, Thief

03095: Damar, Adventuring Mage

03724: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

03788: Trista, the White Wolf

03794: Siobhana, Vampiress

03785: Jakob Knochengard

03765: Highlander Heroine

03767: Nemesra, Dancing Girl

03201: Damian Helthorne, Bandit

02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

03548: Twyla, Female Hellborn Warrior

03735: Lanelle, Female Rogue

03000: Kyra & Lavarath

03666: Elizabeth, Female Pirate Captain

03665: Ostarzha, Female Elf Cleric

02884: Lord Jester, Mercenary

02834: Deladrin, Assassin

03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen

03415: Lanura WIndsong, Elf Wizard

03213: Ramelle, Female Thief

03445: Drunken Pirate

02859: Melisande Wavecutter

03372: Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior

02655: Townsfolk III

03292: Almaran the Gold, Paladin With Flaming Sword

03246: Chained Succubus

03682: Willow Greenivy, Witch

03329: Hannah Blackruby, Female Wizard

03026: Dub Bullock, Rogue

03524: Masaki, Ronin

03258: Taladar Gomaris, Grand Wizard

02934: Wood Elf King



14055: Marcus Gideon, Crusaders Hero

14022: Lysette, Elven Mage

14551: Vale Ranger Sergeant

14214: Ian,Crusaders Mage

14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

14542: Nasithe, Darkspawn

14217: Meridh, Elven Sergeant

14371: Saori, Shadow Sister

14020: Lola, Overlords Hero

14631: Evshyvandra Duskwidow, Dark Elf Warrior

14645: Bladesinger Sister

14328: Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric

14434: Darkspawn Succubus



77086: Townsfolk: Strumpet

77036: Devona, Female Wizard

77206: Friar Stone



And there are more at my webpage, and of course Although Reaper miniatures  is one of the brands that I like more you can find hundreds of photos of other brands :)




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