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M. Salava

Judas Bloodspire

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This miniature was my entry for Sotavasara.net (finnish miniature forum) painting-competiton. I'm very satisfied, because there was many great pieces, and still this got 3rd place in single fantasy-category.


Well so... Usually I ask constructive criticism only from other finnish painters, but because I think that many countries may have own "minipainting culture", I thought it would be interesting to get criticism also from other people. ::):



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Very nice! You have very good contrast in values, and colors. I would like to see this mini in person because no photo can show everything you would want to see ::D:

I personally think there are merrits to both metalics, and non-metalic paints, and each can be used effectively on the right minis. His sword looks great, I like the fade from dark to light, are those metalics mixed with non- metalics? (i.e. demi metalics?) I like the effect a lot. The gold looks a little flat, though, compared to the rest of your mini. It's very small detail, so it's hard to get high contrast with metalics on such small surfaces. Maybe some bronze colored metalics on the bottom edges of the trim? Or to use non-metalic paints could maybe have gotten higher contrast with more ease.

I'm saying this because you asked for feedback, that's about all I can see after scrutinizing it. Overall, a VERY lovely mini, and congradulations on a well-deserved prize!

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