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Hi all.


All Topics Dating back to the beginning of May have been moved into their designated areas.


All Beta Testing Discussion will now be taking place in the CAV Rules Discussion section. Please use the "Topic Description" Field to label Beta Test topics as such. For Example:


Topic Title: Dropship Model Stats

Topic Description: Beta Test


For now, general discussion about factions should be taking place in the

Factions and Tactics section, but if you have a Beta Test question or concern about Faction Special Abilities or Models, please post your topic in the rules discussion thread and label it appropriately.


If there's a specific topic you can't find, send me a PM and I'll do my best to track it down for you. Most of the posts are still in the main CAV section, not one of the subsections, and can be found by changing the time frame for showing posts to something greater than 30 days (or whatever you currently have your options set to show.


Hopefully, our moderating duties here will be limited to the occasional moving of topics from one section to another and sticky-ing threads from time to time.

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