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I know somethings behind me!

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Hey all! As I try to get better skills with a camera and understanding the medium of it, I'll be posting more and more here.


For my first though is the set of eyes that ended up on my Alaine, Female Paladin (Reaper# 2725).




Now, before anyone asks, this is a COMPLETE accident. Originally I started on the right eye. I had the white done and was adding the green. I can honestly say I don't spend nearly enough time on my minis (working on that one), and when I went to put the green on the right eye, my hand was a wee bit shaky. Well, the green ended up where it did, but I managed to stay inside the lines enough that I loved the look of it, so with more precision I tried on the left and success! Then it was just a matter of the pupil, which was also a great success! So my end result is a very suspicious Paladin :lol:


And in case you're wondering, here's the finished mini (don't look too close, just the eyes :ph34r: )









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