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Deathriders are the cream of the crop, I agree. But I'll simply choose to disagree that the 2 Lancer models are in line with the Onyx Chevy, +2 DV +2 MAV, +2 Mov on a two track model is more than enough to push beyond the 11 point gap, let alone Ranger.


Reapers points generation system, while fairly effective does create a number of anomolies in my opinion where some similar units are far more cost effective than others. No mattter how much tweaking a point generation system is, it will always have flaws, that sort of system should be used to get a rough idea of a units effectiveness, and ultimately the actual points value should come from a great deal of playtesting.


I know there is playtesting going on, but do you guys get a say in what you deem the actual points value to be, or do you just pass on information about how you think a unit should be tweaked stats wise?

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