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Infantry question

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Ok i played my first real game the other day. I played 3k ritterlich and my two buddies played 3k of rach mini's. I used two assault sections and a flight section. My buddies had an assault section a mechanized assault and a flight of tsuiseki's. This was very much a learning game for them both and me as well. My question with the infantry was i had 6 stand of rifle infantry on hedgehogs for them and he had an incredible problem getting the squishies close enough to actually cc me.


His squishies had satchel charge and shock upgrades on them. But once dismounted i kept getting lucky and burying his initiative card and getting to activate his target section ahead of him. I eventually let him cc me just to see how it actually played out and i promptly lost my rhino even under an ecm umbrella from a panther. By 6 or maybe 7 turns in most of his assault section was dead and his flight was gone from concentrated fire from my wolverine sabre section and duo kharl's. The sabretooth did some decent damage as well which i was quite pleased with.


So considering the rifle sections painfully slow move and my ritterlich abilty to bury cards.....how would the enemy actually get to use those awesome cc skills the squishies have? Would it better to use multiple stands and trap the enemy on the field? Or maybe use the hitch a ride optional ability?


To give a better idea we played on a 5 ft long and just over 3ft wide table with minimal terrain pcs to block los. I used a rhino panther wolverine tiger section. A sabretooth wolverine x3 and sabre section and two kharls. They used a emperor falcon panther 70 tater 60 tater 70 tater section. 6 stands rifle section with above mentioned upgrades with hedgehog x2 support. Also then two tsuisekis.


After about 8 rds we called it. He had lost all but 2 stand of infantry two hedgehogs a panther and badly damaged 70 tater. I lost one kharl the rhino and was charging in with the rest. So if you were the rach player how would you have done it different? How do you get your squishies close enough to be effective? The rest of his army i delt with fine even the mechanized assault wasn't bad given decent luck with the cards. And some very lucky dice rolls. I ended up taking the emperor in one round from short range wolverine fire. Even my double crit on one of his tsuiseki's was awesome.


Bottom line here is i now have two buddies very interested in spending some money on the game. And as they get better with tactics and model selection how do i beat that scary extra damage infantry cc thing? Thanks any and all suggestions welcome.



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Well, if you kept burying his initiative card that does make it more difficult. Did the infantry ever get back on the transports? Shock makes both dismounting *and* mounting the transports a free action. Infantry not in transports are very easy to outmanuever with even the slowest of vehicles. Also, ECM Pods and jamming don't affect Close Combat.

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I am a big fan of infantry and well played they will eat CAV for lunch. Just follow these simple rules for some Close Combat goodness.


Excerpt from Maxwell's rules for proper Infantry use:


1. Rifle teams are mostly a waste, mechanized sections or specialist sections are the way to go.


2. Airborne is very nice but Shock is mandatory. Free mount/dismount. The secret is tio have transports in the same section as the infantry so they don't have to wait before they go. Move the transports up. Dismount, close combat the target, remount. You can mix in a special action like airstrike in if you like.


3. FiST is necessary and take at least 4 smoke strikes. Use them to screen the transports on approach. If you can't reach the target. Move transport, free dismount a few stands, call in Arty or airstrikes on the target then a final smoke strike to block LOS, free remount. You can also shoot any weapon your infantry have for more fun.


4. Satchel charges are a must. At least 1 per stands in the section. I prefer to buy 1.5 or 2 per stand for the entire section.


5. Airstrikes are your friend. No scatter on the target point roll. Attack value of 4 with no ECM or cover bonus. Arty is good for the first turn or two as you approach. but stick with airstrikes in close.


6. Take at least one section of recon gunships or vehicles. More Fist is more strikes and burying a deployment card is useful.


7. Don't forget to use JAM on the transport on the apoproach.


8. Heavily armored transports are best with lots of structural points. The guns on the transports are secondary to their purpose of tropping your infantry on the enemy, but don't forget to use them after you drop the infantry into CC. You don't want a luck defensive fire shot taking your ride out before you get to the party. The faction Gunship/Transports are usually preferrable to OEM or open if you have the points.


9. Take support units that will be tasked with killing units with high avenger or shreadder. Flamers are a must kill target. Don't worry about taking out his superiority CAV. Just hide from them as much as you can until the bad boys in the fancy ride get through with them. Smoke strikes are very good for protecting your support units too.


10. Dont worry if you have more transport space than you need in your sections, having redundant capacity can help you recover from lucky shots.


Maxwell's Renegade Legion.

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