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Warlord and dark heaven model scales

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This topic seems to keep surfacing so I am reposting posts from other threads here to help answer the questions concerning the scale used for the DHL and Warlord lines.


Below is a link to a picture Ivy created to show there is no difference in the sizes between the two lines or even as the DHL line has evolved.


Pictured are DHL release ranging from 2008 (part of the first DHL release in 1996) up to 2645 released earlier this year. Interlaced among them are Warlord models.


The DHL models have been placed in our 1"x1" square bases and the Warlord models are mounted on their normal bases.






This is from a post I made last year.


What is 25mm "Heroic Scale" and what does it mean?


The answer goes back to the mid 90's when we launched the DHL line. While attending a trade show in New Orleans, retail stores owners that came by would ask the scale of the new line. I would reply "28-30mm". Their reply would be to tell me that they do not have the space or the desire to support a new "scale" in their store and would stick with the 25mm currently on the market. Realizing they did not understand how the scale was applied or what it meant, but at the same time not wanting to lie to them, I started using the phrase "Heroic Scale 25mm" They then loved it and started buying.


The term "28mm" comes from the difference between the way European and US companies measure the scale. US companies at the time measured the 25mm scale from the bottom of the base to the top of the head. Euro companies measured the 25mm scale from the bottom of the feet to the model's eyes. When a Euro model was measured using the US standard it came in at 28mm.


This scale measurement is still not standardized today and is applied in all sorts of manners.


Since you can look around and see that the people/races/genders of the real world are not all the exact same height, we in turn applied this reality to the scale as well. 6-8 foot tall heroes etc. Larger than life monsters etc.


Hope this helps.

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