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Adding variety

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#1 Joe Kutz

Joe Kutz


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Posted 25 October 2007 - 02:33 PM

I am getting ready to do up an couple armies of mixed figures (around 200 in total) for a game planned for the end of November. Both armies share a number of grunts - and those grunts have 8 different poses/minis that are being used.

Anywho - in order to make the army look more rag-tag, I've divided the minis up into groups of 8 (one of each mini) and mounted them to the paint sticks (I like to use the stir sticks you get from paint stores). This lets you paint each group with your selected colors, and keeps things moving faster than painting each mini one at a time.

Basically if you are working with red at the time you may paint one mini's hat red; another's jacket red; and another one's arm bands red. Once you have that done, on to the next color you have chosen. Each time I switch to a new stick...I also switch to a different shade of the base color too in order to break things up even more.

Obviously it isn't something that you would want to do for a traditional uniformed army, but for this game it works well since everyone is effectively irregular.

#2 joshuaslater



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Posted 25 October 2007 - 02:49 PM

Sounds good for an irregular army. I'm painting up (not as many as you!) about 15 Darkthrall Cultists for Warlord. To add some variety I'm doing a few weapon swaps. As it stands, I lopped off one guys hand/dagger for a conversion on another mini, leaving me to add another bit to make'em whole again. Now I've decided to convert a couple more, just for variety sake.

'Sounds like you've enough poses already, so the color idea is great. When you don't have enough poses, say two, then a few weapon/head swaps can really make a unit shine.

You've got a lot of models to paint!! Are you going to be able to identify which unit is which? I'm guessing that's the whole point of your color scheme. Good luck with all those, and remember to breathe, play some music, and keep your eye on the prize of puttin'em all down on the table to crush your opponent!!!

#3 Joe Kutz

Joe Kutz


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Posted 26 October 2007 - 12:43 AM

Painting big lots of minis is nothing new here - it is for an anniversary game of sorts with the local gaming group. But anywho...

Weapons are another great way of adding some spice too. There are a lot of weapon packs you can purchase (Reaper has several for fantasy minis, Hasslefree and others have an assortment of Sci-Fi, I think Iron Winds has a selection of rifles and what not...plenty of choices out there) plus, weapons are one of the easiest things to make your own of.

About half of these have gotten new weapons, others have had heads changed around. I want these to look more rag-tag than normal, in order to fit the scenario. However, I still need to be able to identify which are which...so they are colored to fit with a unique color for each grouping (although there are 2 sides...each side is split up into several sub groups for each player). The identifying color will be visible...but hopefully not distracting.

No opponents for me unfortunately. On the initial go around of this, I'll be handling certain things in the game...but mostly just watching the carnage. The game is kind of a street violence with a zombie bash twist (I've got the zombies already from a Halloween game I ran a few years back).

#4 Castlebuilder


    The Dungeon Builder

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Posted 26 October 2007 - 06:31 PM

When it's possible, I'll clip one leg free and bend it at the knee. Even twisting it around a bit so a different angle of the mini is facing the front helps break up the uniform poses.

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