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Wow the things we say

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Things said durring this game...


"So you split up the party, at night, in the graveyard, after you find out there's a demon cult on the loose?" -GM


"I think you're right about the virgins." -Branjon


"I'm thinking I'm up for a little grave robbin'." -Alton


"I need to do something with my skillz, while I'm young?" -Branjon (who recently became younger -middle age now-)


"I goto a Brothel." -Machelle


"And I was paranoid before, now, um, wow." -Sen


Branjon-Halfling Bard

Alton-Half-elf Rogue



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From a D&D game I observe:


"You enter the spooky woods..." -- the DM

"Aren't all woods spooky?" -- Dan

"No, only the ones that are story significant" -- the DM

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