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Reptus Glyphs

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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone knows and/or has resources for Reptus-flavored iconography/glyphs?


Pictures, miniature bits, etc would all be welcome and useful. I imagine the Reptus would have a theme something akin to Aztec/Mayan in nature... I know GW has glyphs for their lizardmen range, but I think you have to buy quite a few extra bits on a sprue to get the good bits (gods know I could be wrong - my search skills are not all they could be). Here's a general idea (Warning: If you click the link it may resize your window.. might want to right click and open in new window.), I don't want to buy the whole sprue just for the two snake totems in the center...


I am attempting to sculpt the bits I need, so reference pictures would be a great boon, but I am also willing to buy any pieces that may fit the bill (currently I couldn't sculpt my way out of a cracked green-stuff blister...).


Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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Well, I did get a personal response for which I am very grateful!


In case there is anyone else out there looking for imagery, I did find a couple of things:




This site is for the Aztec calendar, clicking on any of the links under a category that starts with NR will show some simple glyphs:




Hopefully these will be useful to someone.




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Last time I needed this stuff done, I had them laser etched. All things considered...it was well worth the extra cost.


With the laser etching, you give them grey scale images and they use a laser to carve them out of a plastic or wood (normally I use acrylic of styrene plastic depending on my exact needs). The last ones I had done were for some sci-fi bits (radar type screens as well as holographic projections and what not). Cost me $38 for a 12" x 12" piece of acrylic that was pretty much etched across it's entire surface. The exact cost will vary depending on the details you want cut (vector engraving is cheaper, but more limited - while raster engraving works great for pretty much anything - though it's nature is more time consuming on the machine, therefor more costly).


I've used this company the past few times:



They have a number of different tools to help you figure out what the cost might end up being. An important idea to keep in mind with these - although it might seem limited to just doing one sided objects, you can have two sides cut separately and then glue them together to form a full 3D shape (no under cuts though). The resolution is great on them. For a project I did two years ago, I had them cut the Aztec calender shown above on a piece of plastic the size of a quarter.


For ideas on the graphics, Ayutthaya is probably the best known set of ruins (used in movies and what not for the prototypical jungle ruins quite often). The downside is that they incorporate people (most often Buddha) in most their carvings...something that would look out of place for Reptus.

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Maybe it would be easier to provide reference photos if we knew what you needed the bits for? Standards? Terrain decoration?


Games Workshop Lizardmen = Aztec, South American Jungles (Maya, Inca, Toltec, Olmec, etc.)

Reaper Reptus = Siam (Thai), South-East Asian Jungles (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, India, etc.)


Thai Alphabet


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Whoof! Had my region all wrong huh? Well, this is extremely helpful.


I actually plan on using the imagery for everything from clothing patterns to floor tiles (basing) and just about anything in between (to include terrain and display sets).


Joe, I will check out that company, thank you for the idea and the info!


Thanks to everyone!

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.. hmm. That doesn't narrow it down much. Ok.














Structural Embellishments/Structures








Note Roof



Iconic Animals/Mythological Creatures


Payanak and Naga









Hanuman (Thai variant, not Indian)










Ogres (Yak)





Thai Weaponry (useful in decorations for standards and flags)












As Sculpture



Northern Thai Metalwork (repousse, using the french word for it)


http://www.geocities.com/~johni32/Wan2.JPG (man's face in the moon)


Religious scene http://www.geocities.com/~johni32/Wan1.JPG


Urn http://www.chiangmai-chiangrai.com/images/asilver1.jpg


Bowl http://www.chiangmai-chiangrai.com/images/asilver3.jpg





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Akela, I stand in amazement!


Holy cow (uhm... no pun intended), that is a lot of links. I shall look at them all (I've already checked out about a third) and save them as references. Thank you very much!!

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Well, you have to know the secret that Akela is none other than Matt Ragan who is one of the people that helped in the development of Warlord and the Reptus to begin with.


Speaking of, Matt. I wanted to help write some fiction on the Reptus but was waiting to see what you came up with in the Kruger Journal (assuming here that it would be you to write the first editions of the reptus history for the game). Are you said person? And if so, care to share any tidbits?

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I'd love to help and answer any questions you might have from a "what was originally intended" point of view, but as for the Kruger journal, I have had zero to do with it. I wasn't asked, and even if I had been... this past year or so I haven't had time to do much writing. :down:


Funny enough, "Lizardmen" were originally not intended for Warlord. I vowed that I wouldn't put in any army that I myself couldn't find something "cool" about... and the lizards just didn't do it for me, that was until we decided to use the SE Asian jungles as the home culture and theme for it. It happened during an art room brainstorming session between me, Ivy and Tim (Talin). We needed a 9th army and these new guys we just came up with seemed pretty darn cool. Ivy provided the name "Reptus" and they found their way into the book. Chaz did the first sculpts from the artwork Tim created using all the pages of notes and images from Thailand I provided... the rest is history as they say.

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