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Kitbashed Armadillo for CAV

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Here is the second model in the works for Castlebuilder and Origins, my version of the Armadillo (for Ritterlich). I did this one with the vehicle commander standing out of the hatch ready to manually take control of the FA-45 MGs.




This one requires more effort/work than the Rudegern does to kitbash together. But it was definitely fun to do. :lol:


*Rudegern: basic/beginner kitbash

*Armadillo: moderate kitbash

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Wolf tracks and Centipede body?


Yes. Here is a pre-primed pic. Greenstuff was used on each side in area shown in picture (to fill in gap between wheel wells/track). I cut off the tabs on the Wolf tracks, and while not 'required', I also cut off half of each of the tires on the Centipede to make it look better from front/rear views.




Parts are Wolf tracks, Centipede chassis, two of the FA-45s from the Nomad turrets, and greenstuff. The crew member is optional. :lol:

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