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So far what does this look like to you?

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After over three months of tinkering with this off and on, and spending at least $50+ on it so far (I have made many mistakes. :rolleyes: ) I decided to post this here to see if it is turning out the way I intended. I still need to slap another layer of plaster on it before sanding it again, though. Then comes the dreaded painting...


All opinions, thoughts, ideas, suggestion, etc either good or bad are welcome guys.



Thanks in advance for your replies!

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just out of curiosity what products did you use to make it that cost over $50 to make?



One can assume that the $50 does not include only what you see, but also mistakes that had to be thrown away, start-overs, learning experiences, etc., all over the course of the mentioned three months. One can assume that and then move on to things more constructive than taunting. After all, none of us leaped from the womb with perfect knowledge of all hobby arts preinstalled.



Personally, I think it's cute. I hate to use the C-word, but it just is. It's cute. There's nothing wrong with that.


Depending on your fantasy-to-realness level, I might have flanged the stalk at the bottom just a bit. All that weight would tip over pretty easily without a stiffer, more broad base. Also, mushrooms texture sort of like an umbrella under the head, with straight ridges out to center. But that's just me. If you want a very fantastic look, I guess smooth is better.


I actually like the gouges and imperfections it has now. You're going to want that kind of texture to allow the dark colors to sink and the highlights to be high.

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i apologize if i came across as taunting but i meant no such harm. I hadn't thought of mistakes and redo's. I had took it as $50+ all put into that one piece. I was thinking that it had a base of fiberglass and then smoothed over with plaster.

overall i do think it really is a neat piece. It has inspired me to do something similar.


at first i thought it was made out of that foam/clay stuff crayola makes that looks just like that when it dries.


i would suggest maybe a little chimney and a window in the cap, maybe?

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