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Price Increase

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Greetings to all from Reaper HQ!


Today I am tasked with the delivery of news that Reaper Miniatures will have to raise the price of several models. Call it what you like, price adjustment, price hike or just plain ugly, it was something we held off from doing as long as we could. On a small, but brighter note, a large group of models had no price increase and a few even saw their price decrease. In any case, this price increase has been posted and is effective immediately.


Long story short here, speculators in the tin market and Indonesia's unwillingness to play nice with the rest of the planet have forced the price of tin to a record high of $25,000 per tonne. Sadly, just in the seven weeks since April 1st of this year tin has gone up $5,000 per tonne. For us, this tin price increase is further aggravated with the falling US Dollar, as almost all Tin consumed in the USA is imported. Add to this equation a serious increase in our freight and supply costs from fuel surcharges you have one big squeeze.


Currently we are exploring several options at this time to supply you hobby products at a much more reasonable cost. I will say that the option of simply dumping lead into our pots to reduce the cost is not viable. However, we are testing new metal mixes and pricing for production of unpainted versions of the Legendary Encounters models has been requested.


For all of us, as with you, our hobby is a form of entertainment that we enjoy. All of us here at Reaper do sincerely hope that this price increase does not put a huge burden on your entertainment dollar and hope you still continue to enjoy your hobby. We thank you for your support.

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