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Ok so I'm not sure how useful this  will be but here goes.


I've always thought it was sort of annoying to go searching around the internet, or even CMON for tutorials. About anything- from basing the feathering, blending the painting fleshtones. So here's what I have, and have organized into a hopefully useful resource. Feedback would really be appreciated!



Raiding the spice rack

Desert bases for dummies

Lava Bases

Basing 101

Urban Bases

Industrial Bases

Snow Bases

Bridge Base


Bubbling Lava

Basic Basing

Large Bases

Snow Bases 2

Snow bases 3

Water Bases


Rock Base

Normal Bases

Basing with clay

Magnetic Bases

9 tutorials

Normal Bases 2

Lava 2

Great tutorial

Now I by no means have put up all of the tutorials, but these are the ones I could find. Ple

ase feel free to add. Of note, I find the leaves and vegetation tut to be a very


good advanced article. So... more in my next post.

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Conversions etc


Joint Pinning

WIP Mounts

Making a titan


Basic Conversions


Scratchbuilt wings



Pinning 2





Ok for ease, there are more on sculpting on CMON, but those are already well organized, so just go to the bottom of the page for several more articles. Next: Flesh.



Fleshtones etc





Lighting and flesh


Night gobbos

Vampire hunter

Goblins 2

Ethnic Tones


5oclock shadow

Faces w/ expressions 1

Faces w/ expressions 2


Faces over black

Painting skin

Flesh 1

Flesh 2

African Flesh

Female faces





That's  all I got. Enjoy! More later.

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I should have been more clear. This is mainly meant for beginners who don't really know what's what and where's where. I know when I started out I'd have loved a big, categorically organized, page of tuts. If I want to quickly scan through tutorials, I can just go to a page like this and without opening several tabs of different sites, just browse with ease.

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There's an excellent basing tutorial I had found and bookmarked, only to have windows re-installed on me.


I believe it was on a Lord of the Rings forum, and he explained how to create basing items from ordinary household items, like foam and soap brushes.

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Topic pinned. Requests for pinning and unhelpful commentary have been removed.

Since this topic is now pinned, please make sure your posts to it contain useful content.

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I generally just go here when I'm looking for a tutorial.




Generic tutorial for beginners: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Miniatures/tuto...ing_guide.shtml


Photography: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Tips/PhotoTips.shtml


Flaming base: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Miniatures/tuto..._tutorial.shtml


Swamp bases: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Miniatures/tuto..._tutorial.shtml


Semi-metallics: http://www.hacklopedia.com/Miniatures/tuto..._tutorial.shtml


FYI these sites are gone.

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I would like to use some glow in the dark spray to accent some stencils, I have found a few different brands online, has any one here used glow in the dark before/ If so how did it work for you? What brands worked best?

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