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I've decided to take the bull buy the horns and post a public service anouncement of sorts.

Ever see a modual that looked oh so cool and wonder if you have the mini's you need to repersent the critters your players will face? Then this thread is for you. But first a warning...




If you are not a Gmae Master intending to run these games then I suggest you do not read any further. You may want to dirrect your GM's attention to this thread though for his and ultamately your benefit. To continue...


I plan to use this thread to come up with the best possible maches for published adventures useing Reaper Miniatures. People reading the thread can suggest alternatives and perhaps write there own best matches for other games.


Since it's 4E I'm planing to run right now, the first adventures I will tackle are for that line.


I will post my first Best Maches soon.

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I just checked the board rules. I'm not sure if I can do what I plan.


You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.


Thats going to suck. I have a nice little list of critters from Kobald Hall and I was planing to post links to the gallery and everything but now I'm not so sure if I would be breaking a rule.

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I really don't see an issue if you are just listing a module name and then what minis are associated to a given NPC. It's not like you will be posting the published module here. If it's out of line then the forum mods will delete it =P


Could also restrict it to free modules / adventures. I'll start with a free published module.



A Dark and Stormy Knight


Hobgoblins: I used a mix of DDMs and Reapers

- 03040: Hobgoblins (3)

- DDM Hobgoblin Marshal - Night Below

- DDM Hobgoblin Archer - War Drums

- DDM Hobgoblin Warrior - Dragoneye



- 03055: Giant Spiders(2)



- 02353: Rat Swarm



- DDM vargouille - (not sure which set)


Bugbear Zombie:

- 03245: Korgug, Bugbear Bully

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As it turns out I put this in the wronge forum. I guess I thought I had put it in a Dark Haven Legonds forum. This should have been under fantasy.


I still like my idea though. I may follow your advise and plug on through and see what happens. But I think I will re-post under fantasy, general, or some where more apropiate. Not that I would not like to see all of what I post made into Legondary Encounters. :)

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