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Current Listing of Conversion Packs

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Dark Heaven Legends:

03032: Musical Instruments (NICed - Not In Catalog)

03076: Chain Weapons

03181: Angelic Wings

03182: Demonic Wings

03202: Hats and Helmets

03334: Creature Components


Weapons Packs

Dark Heaven Legends:

02189: Weapons Pack 1

02202: Weapons Pack 2

02209: Weapons Pack 3

02455: Weapons Pack 4



14056: Weapons Pack 1 (NICed)

14261: Crusader Weapons Pack

14262: Elf Weapons Pack

14263: Dwarf Weapons Pack

14293: Reven Weapons Pack

14294: Nefsokar Weapons Pack

14295: Necropolis Weapons Pack

14448: Ovrelord Weapons Pack

14449: Reptus Weapons Pack

14472: Razig’s Revenge Weapons Pack

14477: Darkspawn Weapons Pack

14522: Mercenary Weapons Pack (Coming Soon)



50025: Futuristic Weapons (Coming Soon)

50026: Modern Weapons (Coming Soon)

50030: 20th Century Weapons (Coming Soon)



07030: Weapons Pack 1

07031: Weapons Pack 2

07066 Weapons Pack 3

Other Accessories Packs

Dark Heaven Legends

02638: Adventuring Accessories 1

02963: Adventuring Accessories 2

03284: Adventuring Accessories 3 (Magic Items)

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03486 Fairy Wings is a favorite of mine. They have been a major component of my Faerie Goblins.

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