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As long as we are waiting...

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I decided to do some side by side comparisons for the minis that I had in metal and in plastic. I have also included some modifications that I did to the minis. I really like these minis because cutting them is so much easier. I liked the white plastic of the first release better though, because it cut cleaner, but I understand with plastics, this can be a difficult factor to control.


Brainslayer comparison:



Zombie comparison:



Troll comparison:



Troll mod (way too easy):



Ogre comparison with mod on far left:



Skeleton mods w/original on right:






Skeleton mods:







Let me know what you think.




Edit - I swear photobucket makes the resolution worse.

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Love the conversions. Where did you nab those weapons and shields from?



Looks to me like there is at least one pre-painted minotaur running around without right now.


These are fun!

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