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Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

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#1351 redambrosia


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Posted 22 March 2015 - 09:07 AM

Love the idea of expanding the Western themed minis. Would add Mexicans to that list, as well as Asians, because those groups had a significant presence in that area.



A few pueblo style Kachina dancers
Great White Buffalo

You'd have to be careful about that. You'd want to make sure the Native Americans were accurately and not exploitatively represented. And I'm not sure that the Hopi are thrilled about the wide dissemination of Kachinas. I know for sure the Iroquois false face masks being displayed are a big no-no, but I'm not up on everyone's mythology and sensitive areas.

American buffalo / bison would be great, though. They would be awesome!


Consulting with an informed expert would yield information of which types of kachinas are considered sacred and should probably be avoided. But the kachina dancers are not unique to the Hopi. Many of the Pueblo indian cultures have masked dancers which play an important role in their religious ceremonies.


Yes! Steampunk contraptions!

Mighty Mouse ( or am I so old nobody knows who that was??)


There was a Mighty Mouse revival in the 1980s. It was genius. But televangelists shut it down for being too subversive for children. Ah, the 'eighties.


I had no idea Mighty Mouse was subversive. I just thought it was awesome...


But yes, super hero mousling.  ^_^

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Posted 22 March 2015 - 09:44 AM

Yeah, I said pueblo Kachina to distinguish a generic type vs Hopi, Zuni, Taos, Navaho etc.... Reaper could even design their own if they wanted, or attach them to a defunct group like the Anasazi or Hopewell.


Mexicans and Asians would be cool too, as well as a Mighty Mousling.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:44 AM

Something I think would make a great addition to the line is prisoners, i.e. people in shackles, chains or handcuffs.  I would like to see some generic prisoners, that could be used as slaves or captives, wearing simple pants or clothes, that could be used in any number of genres or settings.  Maybe the stereotypical old man with wild hair and beard, shackled and foot, waiting to be discovered in any number of prison or dungeons settings and deliver valuable exposition.


Also, prisoners in modern prison uniforms would be nice.  I would suggest making their hands a separate piece, so that you could build them with shackles on, or, put a weapon in their hands instead if you want to build prison rioters.  Finally, a prisoner in full-on Lector gear, hands and feet shackles, headgear and collar would be an interesting piece to add to the mix.  These kinds of minis would be great for modern action adventure, science fiction, or superhero games.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:51 AM

That could be an interesting idea.

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